Yellow Fevers ...

Day's doings 'tis !!

Here's what happened today at the office... A new session on the ROCK sleeve was well overdue!
So we spent the day finishing up the room (bottom half part) but avoiding the album covers to save them for another day ... Well I kind of cheated and couldn't resist a few ... Here it is at the end of the day!

Then the Doc dropped by to show how well his thinking hat had healed up ... Here's the day's shot!

Well ... Really wish I had just a bit of extra time to Plog some more but I just don't so ... Hopefully soon!

Take care and have fun out there ... Tomorrow's a special day!!


Right back at the office

That's right!

After landing last night and a good night's sleep ... Back at the office today to get back on track! It was nice to hang back in France for christmas for a few days but my dates are very strict and my calendar very tight so no time to fart around ...

Here's the day's doings of the day!!

Blue flower part two (with maintenance crew) aka part 2.2 aka the final session! As usual these shots are not always the best pictures of the said pieces but the best I can manage at the end of the day... Have a look!

Most probably more Ploggings tomorrow with some news and stuff too! Until then ....

... Here's your Studio Treat christmas treat of the day >>>> Just can't get enough of these !!!



In the spirit of things ...

Hope everyone got all the presents they deserved and/or wanted specially the really big and expensive ones!!

On my way back out again tomorrow from my Capital and all the way back to the Viking countryside and back at the office for a last run of office work before I skip town, Europe all together for a while!!

Dates are not a 100% yet but should be leaving KBH around the 24th of january and Europe around the 26th!

Until then ... Much work is still left for me so you can expect a good last batch of tattoo madness before I take my yearly few months break again!

Until then ... I've managed to close the ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX again! Should re-open as soon as I get back to wonderful Hong Kong and find a few things to put on it around April!

I've also managed to find just enough time to post 3 new delicious picture posts on the ever so awesome ANCOM! If you're into Ireland and analog positive slide photography ... Go have a look or two!

Plog ya right back from the other side!!
Take it light!


Above and beyond.

Here you are ... Was looking for ya!

Forgive the last few days' Ploglessness but as you might have guessed, I been busy! A full load of work multiplied by this holiday season is more things than I've had time for for these last few days! I'm just fresh off the plane and right in time for some well deserved week off time!

Here's where one might find me for the next few days >>>>

In Christmawhat holiday land, that's where!!

Plog ya right back with some more Christmawhat news in the days to come!



You're first or you're last!

A few more seconds for ya!

Here's the day's doings for ya ... -Wh wh what? On a Saturday??? One might say! How very un-Danish of me!!! Well true that!

Another glorious "one-shot" is born!! The idea was a robot skull so I did an owl!! Check it out! He's an owl and a robot (therefore a mecha-owl, an owl-oid or maybe even an auto-mecha-owl-oid?) but he also happens to be more productive at drawing and painting at night (thereby directly relating to the "owlness" of the said subject!) Get it? Cool!

Anywho... Here's what it looked like at the office today!

Red/Black ... Everybody's pretty much got it by now but just for Allan who needs a bit more time to understand things sometimes ... Red is for me, Allan ... Black is for the Customer! Ask me again tomorrow if you still need help understanding it and I'll give you a powerpoint presentation about it!

And a few hours later >>>>

I'll say it again ... Purple & Orange is the new Bluegrey!!!!!

Good job Zak! Thanks for coming down from Stockholmtown again and it looks like you did get a full sleeve from me after all!

Tomorrow's a special day at the shop! Indeed 'tis*. But it also means I might be so lucky to finally find the well needed time to sit down and go through my last mission pictures and get to post a few new glorious shots on the ever so awesome ANALOG COMMANDO !! Hurra!

*More about that tomorrow!!

Stay original!


Bye Sheila !!!

ZZZzzzzzapp !

Quick extra express post with yesterday's day's doings aka "The Unleashed Power of Rock" sleeve session 3! A few more of these power colour sessions to come on this one before I vanish again from Europe and it's apocalyptic climate !!!

Got to run again ... More day's doings tonight or tomorrow!!
Stay warm !!


Carol Brown just took a bus outta town...

Took a little break from work to make time for more work! But here are the day's news anyways...

-Few shots in the last "Tattoo Energy" with this time the proper credits! Thanks guys!

-A few pages in the last "SKIN DEEP" too ... Old shots though ... Check it out if you can!

-And a sweet page about me and the family here in the KBH on NEEDLESANDSINS ... Check it out live!!!

Back on the daily doings tomorrow fosho!!
Ride steady !


The Smith account

Here we go for yet another express post of the day's doings!!

Wish I had more time to write more but I'm afraid I'm in a hurry again... So with no further delay... Here's the day's doings! Is he falling? Is he flying?? Did he just notice that the banking corporation he works for has been taking in bad loans on purpose to boost their quarters outlook and then completely crashed when these bad loans started knocking back plunging the said banking corporation into bankruptcy needing government bailout money from tax payers to not collapse and then used that money to give big ass bonuses to their board of directors ?? Who knows but he looks happy so whatever he's up to ... He looks like he's doing good!

Glorious "one-shot" if ya ask me !!

More day's doings tomorrow... Until then, if you're falling, even if you can't afford a golden parachute, you can still get a normal parachute... They work just fine!!



The day's doings!!

Ladies and gentlemen... Another work week at the office has just started and here's the week's first!

Red/Black ...

And 3 hours later ...

This here piece was just to make sure that nobody got jealous after last year's dedication tattoo session! Now finally ... Everybody will be happy!

More to do ... So little time!! Got to run again so catch ya tomorrow for some more D D Daily day's doings Plog action!




Just just uploaded two new filmalicious posts on the ANCOM!

Much more to come as soon as I find a little bit more time! Still have a lot of rolls from my last super secret spy mission operation over in Ireland/England/Scotland just waiting to get blogged!

Catch ya later!


Last Friday's doings ...

A little late but I'll spare you my ramblings of how busy I am these days... You get the picture!!

Here's what I was busy working on last Friday! Another session on the crazy kitchen! One last session in about a month and this sleeve will be done done!! Here's a quick shot of what was done! Not the best pictures but I just wanted to show it anyways!

More daily ploggings in the day's to come...

The clock is ticking ...
Time's running out!
Enjoy the tat-shot orgy while it lasts!!

P.s. 261 !!!! Awesome!


Through any wall

Congratulations and much respect on this, your special day, mister Liu Xiaobo!!
The world is paying attention!

With all my hopes that your jailers will realize very soon that even the walls of the darkest corners of the darkest prisons, over time, are no match for the power of free expression!


Sweet cheeks

Today's day's doings ... Aka, More butt tattoos!

Nothing wrong with that! Nothing at all!! Here's what happened today at the office...
Another delightful "one-shot" was in order! Awesome ... Have I previously mentioned how much I love "one-shots"? Well I do!! But enough about that and more about this! This panty-less young lady just happened to be riding her can-a-tron 2000 around and couldn't help but try the awesome can-a-gun she had just installed !! Complete with custom paint mixing devices and rapid can fire action! Check it out! P.s. The background is actually flat bright yellow ... Not bloody orange!


And once again ... 5 hours later!

Awesome-o ! I got to get me one of them Can-o-trons !!!

Stay tuned for more day's doings action tomorrow and well... Who knows ... Maybe some more butt tattoos!! Who couldn't agree with that?! Right !? Ok ... Glad we're all on the same page with that!

Later pervs !

Sugar buns

Some people really like chocolate, some people really like crack and this young lady just really likes Jellyfish ... Who are we to judge!?

Here's the day's doings! In an continuous attempt to keep this daily thing going ... I bring you the day's "one-shot" jelly love masterpiece of the day!

Red/Black ...

And 5 hours later!

Absolutely awesome!!! I think I need to do more jellyfish soon!! Just love these colours too!

More "one-shots" tomorrow ... Stay tuned!

Ok ... Got to run again!
Keep on loving whatever it is you like loving!



These things happen sometimes ... It just sucks to get a no-show on a schedule as tight as mine right now!!! So shame on you, No-show of today!! Shame on you!!

In other news... I finally did it! I finally got rid of my Myspace space!! Final-fuckin-ly !
So from now on... You won't be able to find me there anymore ever again ever! I said farewell to my very close and personal 3000+ friends and shut the damn thing down! I haven't replaced it by a Facebook either so ... If you wanna e-network with me, find out what I'm up to and all that stuff, from now on, it'll be here!! On the ELECTRIC PLOG, On the ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX and on the ANCOM!

Feels great! You should try it too!

Some sweet doings of the day tomorrow for I doubt I will get two No-Shows in a row!!
Stay present!



Mr. Zombie Smarty-Pants !

I know I know I know ... But there's just not enough hours in one day to Plog regularly lately, you know?!

But here I am with the week's first day's doings ... Mister Zombie smarty-pants here found a better way than his Zombie friends to get to Miss Rapunzel's floor! Check it out!

Today we did this guy and a bunch of other bits all over the arm... One last shot in two weeks and this sweet sleeve is d d done !!

Catch yall tomorrow for some more day's doings!! Until then ... Do what you have to!


“Stalin’s ghost haunts the Metro”

Wow! look at me -I just got an entire hour to myself! I know exactly what I'll do with it... That's right ... I'll Plog!

Welcome to the week's doings! Just haven't had a second to post the day's doings daily this past week so this catch-up post of the week's daily doings should more than compensate I believe!!

So here it is ... The week's doings!

Older pieces mostly, some continued some touched-up and then some not so old pieces also touched up... Most of them all finished some of them almost finished... Some impossible to take a picture of ... Here's the rumble ... You'll figure it all out I'm sure!

Now much more needs be done... Got to run!

Stay colourful out there!


We can do it by ourselves !

Here's yesterday's doings at the office !!

An old classic continued and almost done!

Sorry but I gotta run again ... Too much to do ... Not enough time to do it in!

Post ya later!