La Familia...

His... Not mine!!

M M More tomorrow!!
OOOoooooo... I think tomorrow's the last one from this epic month catch-up tattoo marathon... Don't miss it!!!


Flu Devil...

Yeah... This devil skank almost killed me (thanks for the flu, Stefan!)... 

... But I survived... And this is what buddy Stefan's last tattoo ever (his words, not mine) looked like when we got done!!

R R Rock!!!
Back to work!
More tomorrow!!



Mhm... Yup... I skipped a few again!!

Sorry about that but yeah... New projects are starting to materialize and need more and more of my time!! I'm not supposed to talk about all of this just yet but I'll cheat and say that... Lots of epic-awesome amazing crazy cool shit is happening at the office these days (the book office, that is) and you're all about to get your socks knocked off this summer!!! Ok ok ok... Enough said... Here's some February tattoo catch-up action for ya...

The skank vamp with a thing for cans...


More tomorrow! No I promise... Cuz like I'm posting it now but for tomorrow... So yeah, no sweat!! More tomorrow promise!!

You ROCK!!


Just riding along...

Aaaaaaa... Sorry... I missed a few days again... Doing my best out here, guys!!

Here's the next in line and a great example of what happens when you ask for "whatever you wanna do, dude... Anything..." So yeah... That's what you get...

BFF's riding around town...

Ok so yeah... Got to run again!
Will do my best to keep this regularness going!!



Ummm not quite sure what to call this one...

Aaaand then this happened... Chick on a bull! Sure... Why not!!

Ok more tomorrow... Still so many more pieces to post! Hope you're enjoying this tattoo a day marathon!!



Space Cadet Squad Two

Aaaaaaand here's day 2 of the Space Cadet Squad Vs Robotrontronic sleeve!!!

BAM! Space skank galore... More on this sleeve some time this summer!!

Ok gotto run... So much awesome stuff happening in the book world these days...
Take care out there and I'll post you right back tomorrow!!


Space Cadet Squad One

Oh snap!! I may have skipped a few days... Doing my best out here but my schedule is starting to get crazy again...

So... Next in line were two days of space cadet mega battle madness... Here is the outcome of day 1:

Day 2 tomorrow!!!

Ok gotto run!
Stay street!!!


Ghost of 2006...

And then... This happened...

My buddy Giovanni from Montreal (Town on the eastern side of Canada) decided he was ready and came to Berlin to get this epic cover-up done!!! Yeah... I'm still waiting for the shots of what was under there but I remember it was pretty messy! We first decided to do all the black (this was in 2006 the end of my cover-up days...) and then we decided to let the ink settle in for 7 years... This is what it looked like before we started last month in Berlin...

And then... We did this!! So happy it worked out even better than I expected (yeah I can totally say that now that it's over, right!?) So yeah... Covered!!

But then... I don't know if you can see it straight away but if you focus on that last picture and pay attention for a few minutes you might be able to see Allan's face in there... Weird right! I can't really explain this phenomena but I guess it might have something to do with a glitch with my camera or something! Can you see it? Weird right!?

Ok so... Back to work!!!

More tomorrow!


The Cake Maker...


So then this happened... That mad kitchen sleeve from a few year's back got completed... I guest a master desert maker was all we were missing!!

Cake love!!!!

More tomorrow!!!

Ok back to work!


The People's Panda...

Yup... The title says it all...

My buddy Duncan (who's in the movies and who happens to be working on Wes Anderson's new epic movie right now) flew back over from London to finish this little rib comrade...

M M M M More tomorrow... Still a bunch to go!!!!



So then... There was more tattooings... Pretty much every day... Pretty much, yeah...

And then that Simon guy from Switzerland came back for a new piece... And then this is the first session we got busy doing all day... This guy's like an intergalactic adventurer hunter dude... Yup!

(Don't worry Simon, it won't be all red!! I promise!!)

M M More tomorrow... You sick of it yet??? 


The Noodle ribs and some spring cleaning...

Aaaaaaand then I got to Berlin... Mhm... And here's the first of a long tat-a-matic tattoo marathon!

Tofu noodle love... 


More tomorrow!!


It seems I've kinda had a spontaneous original's sale on Instagram last night... So just to be fair for the few of you who aren't following me on Instagram... I need more room/I'm tired of seeing all these old piles of originals all over the place!!! Need room for piles of new originals!! So go check the originals on the Electric Pick Ture Box (HERE) for some info on a bunch of these... I'm taking 25 to 30% off all originals and will take care of shipping if they aren't framed too!! I try to update the inventory as often as I can!!

But there are a bunch also for sale that I just don't have time to find, crop and post so if you remember one you can't find, don't hesitate to ask!!!

Let me know!!!



Spirit of Pancake street...

And then... And then... And then I got to Rotterdam...

Had one day for the Dutch and this is what we got busy doing... The RR Spirit of Ecstasy from a few years back got a background...

Mhm... Ok... Back to work!!

More tomorrow!!!


Last Day in Beijing...

Aaaaaaand here's a quickie from my last day back in Beijing last January!!!
Please forgive the not so awesome shot... For some reason this one was pretty hard to shoot!!

(What happens when a whale and a goldfish decide to go at it!!!)

More tomorrow... This time from Rotterdam...

Ok back to work!!!


Pop Who?

The man the legend...


More tomorrow... What? Yeah you bet!!!


Monkey The MAN...

Next in line... 

These two homies decided to stick it to the MAN and take off with the loot from the People's Bank of China...

M M More tomorrow!!!


That There Concept...

So like... Day two from Beijing's day's doings...

Ok back to work... More tomorrow... Stay street!!



Some more day's doings... Yeah you bet!!!

Here's my first piece from my first day up in Beijing last January...

Don't mess with Sgt. Chang and his battle pooch:

Right on!!! Back to work... More tomorrow!!!


Catchin' up day 1

   So like yeah... Got lots going on since I got back so might be brief but as previously promised... Here's some way back but not yet posted tattooing-action you might have missed!!

First... This is from before I left for China... Don't think you've seen this yet...

Family first/session 1:

Stay street... More tomorrow!!



   I'm back!! Back from China, back from Europe... Back from bloglessness... And I have a whole lot of those tattooings you've been deprived of for so long and sending me hate mails about... Yup... Well, nice hate mails... Not like "AAAAA I HATE YOU! I'M GONNA KILL YOU NO I'M SORRY JUST GIMME SOME FUCKIN' TATTOOS TO LOOK AT AAAAAAARGH I'LL KILL YOU!!!"  Nope... Nothing like that, rest assured. But I did get the sense of deprivation some of you might have felt after the 20th e-mail asking me when I would be posting again! Specifically tattoo pictures, I'm not that concerned with... But the fact that people are still interested in this corner, my little corner of the interwebnetworks, well... Is very flattering and I can't thank you enough for it!! So... First I'd like to say, Hi! I'm back with lots to show... 

   But today's not the day... Sadly I'm still mourning one of my idols, one of my true hero's tragic passing... I'm really having a hard time with this and am pretty damn bummed out about it! I won't go out in lengths about it... Totally could though, just so you know... But I'll save that huge chunk of text for another time! I'll just post my "Angry Hugo" I doodled last night... Stickin' it to the MAN like no-one else, anywhere else for longer than anyone else... 

Legends never die!!

   So if you happen to be on the opposite side of the ideological spectrum, that's cool, totally, just be respectful and keep it to yourself for the next few days! I'll truly appreciate it! If however you can't and have to voice your opinion, make damn sure you know what the facts are and what you're talking about because I do!

   Tomorrow I start posting, day to day, tat-a-matic action pics of aaaaaaaaall my last day's doings!! Be ready!!!


Ok enough with these ramblings already... Ciao all! You rock!! Post ya tomorrow!