Oot n' aboot

That's it that's all ... I's outta here!
Destination 1: Antwerpen...

Catch ya on the other side!

OMG like !

So yeah!

Thought I was done with this tattooing thing for a while but guess what!? I wasn't actually !!! But wait ... There's more!!
Today was a very interesting day to say the least !! A great last day spent hanging with my BFF home-crew at the shop but with a little extra!!

I finally got my awesome Dansk tattoo!!! Something to mark and remember my time here from and well, I have spent quite a bit of time up here so ... More like an homage to the Danish part of my life if you will! A little something for me from Copenhagen! And well ... I'm not too proud to say it but it's true ... I hadn't been tattooed for 7 years!! W W What? Yep! So here's my latest sweet tat ... After 7 years of abstinence ...

From the Uncle man >>>

No matter how long it takes ... He will wait for it!

-Awesome! But then there's more! Since the needles were out (and also since we've been talking about this for like forever) we all went ahead and got ourselves some sweet crew tats too!!!

WOTW For Life !!!

Not only is this sweet design (yes my design) worth writing home about, since we were all trippin' and stuff ... I went crazy (loco) and used a stencil for both these little dudes!! That's right! It had been 12 years since I last touched the purple paper but nothing's too good for these two (and we wanted all the same since the design was so freakin' sweet)!!!
So yeah

-Pew pew pew!!!

More news about me leaving the rainy island kingdom of Denmarkia tomorrow!! Until then ... Go check out the factual facts of this Conspiracy day*

*All factual facts, yes, except for that video!!! Taken completely out of context!!! Don't believe it!!!!! Don't !!!!


How refreshing

Getting ready...

After 6 months in Copenhagentown, I'm slowly but surely getting ready to get back on the road again! Monday to be precise! But I must tell you now, dearest Plog followers of the interwebs, that this won't be a direct Copenhagen/Hong Kong flight! No sir (and/or mam)! My super secret, man of mystery, awesome spymaster skills are once again needed! I'm afraid that I will have to make a little detour for the sake of the free world and be going back to Hong Kong the long way! This mission impossible has been planned for a while now but just recently got the go ahead so ... If you like adventure ... Exotic locations ... Action packed and terribly intriguing situations, Check back here soon for more exciting details!! All I can say for now is that my next stop out of Denmark will be Antwerp! Diamond capital of the world! OOooooooo ... How terribly exciting!! Well ... Not yet ... Antwerp is not that exciting actually ... More soon!

Until then ... I still got loads of stuff to do before I leave so might not be super regular here for the next few days!! However, a few well deserved real days off will be enjoyed once in Belgium and that means that I might finally be able to get back into this doodle thing I do!! Can't wait!!

Here are a few cold hard facts:

-Copenhagen till Monday -FACT

-Antwerp till next Saturday -FACT

-My trip to Hong Kong might take me a few months -FACT

-No Mum, I do not actually really have Ebola or any such horrid diseases, I assure you! -FACT

-Don't ever slap a Tunisian fruit vender!! The consequences are cataclysmic!! -FACT

-The Danish Customs/Post office services are run by despicable individuals, undead carcasses in suits, animated by forces beyond our understanding of the despicable whose deranged and absolutely soulless actions, dictated inevitably by none other than Satan himself, have no other purpose than to create hate and misery! Minions of the dark forces indeed! The kind that would steal 25% of a starving Ethiopian child's monthly meal with no remorse, push a granny down the stairs for a laugh, kill a baby whale for entertainment! It's true! If you know one of them, hit them! If you don't know why, they will! -FACT*

*Yes those are all facts! I also heard of a rumour that their insides where made of sand but although very plosible, I can't write anything down that has not officially been confirmed and completely factual!

Stay safe


You can't fight in here!! This is the War room!

And finally ... I give you ... Part 3 ... The final European session/"One-shot" , day's doings session of the year!!!

After the blast!!

-As the people around us started disappearing, the mutants started to get more and more numerous. In huge numbers, they roamed the streets in search of the non-inffected, in search of us! Like a plague, their numbers quickly overtook us and before we knew it we were doomed! The suits that had survived the initial blasts from the doomsday machine could say what they wanted, the truth is that they had no idea what they had just done, what they had just unleashed upon the world! Left to ourselves, it quickly became everyone for themselves and our daily survival quickly became a constant struggle! Very few where going to make it another day! Only the toughest had a chance!!


The final shots!

Awesome!! I hope you guys out there are all ready for when the time comes!!

In other news, stop crying ... I just caught Ebola yesterday from Yellow Pants and I'm not crying, now am I! No I'm not! Well just a bit ... Blood actually... But that's the Ebola not cuz I'm sad!! So stop crying!!

More Ploggables tomorrow!! But if you're one of those who only want to see tattoos here ... I'm afraid you won't find any on this fine Plog until April!!

Stay free !!!


We are the sex B-Bombs and we're here to make you think about death and get you all sad and stuff !!

Part 2... As previously promised on these fine e-pages...

Last Friday's day's doings!!

We done finished the circus sleeve but it was truly impossible to take a good shot of it so ... Since we had just added this little bit, you get the last session! A patch inside the arm! The green moth to be exact! Here's what it looked like at the end of the day!

Insects are fun to tattoo! Might do more in the future!!

Stay tuned for the final day's doings of the last 6 months, tomorrow! Another glorious "one-shot" and a great one at it too!

Until then ... Here are a bit more Ploggings >>>>

Now, everyday, everyone complains and are all like -"Oh Nick ... Stop hurting me already!" and now that I'm done and ready to move out of town, everyone is complaining and all like -"Oh Nick ... When will you hurt me again??"

Yesterday was my last day at the Conspiracy inc. it's true! Until I left for Hong Kong, last year, I had been "living" here for 3 years! The longest I have been permanently based anywhere since I left to go at it on my own! I have been coming back and forth to Copenhagen for far longer than that actually! I first landed in Copenhagen in 2002! Was just passing through, back then, but I guess I ended up coming back again... And again... And again!

I have many not so flattering things to say about the rainy island kingdom of Denmarkia after so long but many great things too, I have to admit! One of which, the most important actually, is that over the years I have spent here I have made some truly amazing friends here! The kind that are forever! The kind that even if they give you Ebola, you have to forgive because you've been through a lot over many years and you just know that no matter how far you end up... You'll always have them! That's what I leave Denmark with, that what my bounty truly is! A big pile of awesome people that will always be a part of my life wherever I end up! So if I've managed to learn anything ever in this whole living life thing, it's that it's things like that and nothing else that truly matter! So even if I now find myself in love with another city, another world that I just need to be a part of! My past, my adventures and above everything, my friends are things I'll never turn my back on and give back the world to! So if one thing is for sure it's that I'll always be back to Copenhagen, every year in fact! And like I told the immigration & customs department when I first landed here in 2002 "Dude you're gonna have a hard time getting rid of me! No really" !

So good people of Copenhagentown ... Expect to always have me be a part of this corner of the world! I'll always be back! I'll always be a part of it! Yesterday was not my last day at the Conspiracy, it was my last day this year! I'll never have a last day at the Conspiracy inc. in Copenhagen Denmark! Let it be known!

So don't be sad... I'll be back before you know it to hurt you some more and then, sooner than you'd thought you'll be all like -"Oh Nick ... Stop hurting me already!"

Stay fresh!
Much more to Plog in the days to come before I'm out a town on Monday!


Der 3D Hase und die Jägerin

As promised ... Ladies and gentlemen ... Part 1 of 3 of this day's doings catch-up Plog party !!

Last Thursday's workings, another wonderful "one-shot"! All the way from the black forest she came, she sat and she conquered the pain of my evil torturing devices ... Here's what it all looked like>>>

Red/Black ... Not forgotten this time!

And the final!

After a lifetime dedicated to hunting the most dangerous of preys, from the Kilimanjaro saber tooth monkeys of Tanzania to the laser eyed elephant sharks of the sub Antarctic continent, this veteran hunter had decided to risk it all, go for the ultimate thrill and engage in the most dangerous of hunts (more than humans, yes) ... The hunt for the 3D rabbit!!

We all wish her the very best even though we very well know that the odds are sadly pitched against her!

Good luck young Jägerin !!

More awesomeness tomorrow!


And ... DONE!

... Well almost!

Haven't forgotten about ya! Just very little time to post lately!! But here's a quick tease...

Been busy for the last tree days with some pretty wicked day's doings, that's for sure! But I still don't have time to post any just yet so here's a tease and I promise I'll start posting the last days worth starting tomorrow! Promise promise!!

Tomorrow is finally my final final day of work at the office... Just two quick touch-up sittings so ample amount of time to start blogging the last few days! I said I promised !!!

Take care out there and stay busy!!



Back again from the dead for a quick tat-a-matic tattoo post of the day's doings >>>

The day's doings of the day, happens to be a glorious "one-shot" and that's always a great day at the shop!! Absolutely! Nothing like starting from scratch and finishing a piece in one day!! Here's what the latest mermaid looks like!

Did not forget about the Red/Black shots this time!

The final, 4 hours later!

More more more news and day's doings again tomorrow!!

Until then, stay safe out there yall!


Drumroll ...

... Tada !! Here I am!

Sorry for the Ploglessness of the last few days but yeah ... You've guessed it! No time for anything in these last days of mental meltdown tattoo madness!

Here's, for your visual pleasure, a quick recap of the last few days' day's doings >>>>

Friday's day's doings ... Finished the Kitchen sleeve! Not the best pictures since it's all half fresh and half healed but I'm quite sure you get the main idea!!

Saturday's day's doings ... Finished the Rapunzel sleeve! Same same with the not perfect shots ...

And Sunday's day's doings ... Finished the top part of the circus freak sleeve with the crowd and all ...

More of these next week all week and I'll do my very best to try to have these pieces come up regularly too ... Promise promise!!

Last week of tattoo madness, ladies and gentlemen of the Plog !!!!! Can't wait for this very long overdue mega tattoo break, let me tell ya !!!!!

Still bored ? Still got time to lose on this internet thing ?? Go check out the ANCOM in a few minutes!! Just found a few minutes to post a new series from Scotland this time! BLOOD FOREST !!! Not for the faint hearted !

Later skippers !


And again and again and ...

Again ...

Here's the day's doings for ya!
The tree from beyond sleeve is complete! Started in 2008, we can finally say it's done done done! Another one in the bank! The bank of finished sleeves, that is! Have a look >>>

More tomorrow! That's right! Doing my best to keep the doings daily ...

Stay punctual !


Almost there...

Here are, for you, the last few days' days' doings...

First off, the blue sleeve (from 2007) got an elevator and some well needed spot finishing!! And secondly, the Hawaii beach party 3/4 sleeve (from 2008) got done done done! That's right!! Done done and touched-up and all!!! Have a look >>>

Bluegrey from back in the day ...

Hawaii beach party colour explosion ...

More to come, fear not my friends!! About a week's worth left!
Until then ... I'll be using every free minute going through the last shots I took back up in Scotland to post them up on the ANCOM and getting ready to skip town!

Can't wait to get back to normal (drawing everyday) life!

Stay focused !


Starting to get ready

Here are a few quick facts...

- 11 days left of work.

- 21 days left in Denmark.

- 24 days left in Europe.


Sunday Tattoo Rumble >>> What-up !!!

Hey what-up? Yep!! I'm still here!

Let's skip the part where I rant in length about my way too crazy busy times and lack of mental breathing space and let's just cut to the chase and get right to the point ... Right!

So ... The day's doings has unfortunately become a weekly rumble and in the last few days I've been finishing lots of older stuff! 3 sleeves and a bunch of "half-sleeves" too! Some people came in for touch-ups, some people came in to get their last sitting and a few came in for some sweet sweet "one-shots" !!! Not all are pictured here for un-photoableness reasons! Some shots are pretty glary and so on ... But I'm sure you'll figure it all out! So here's the week's tattoo rumble galore !!

Second and final sitting on this piece from early 2009 >>>

Bacon love "one-shot" >>>

Collect them all! 1100 points and about to hit a bonus round!! This intense 3D video game is not for the soft >>>

And today's session .... The last session on this one before I leave, sadly not the final session just yet though ... The power of ROCK >>>

Hope you like!!
More P P Postings tomorrow!!

Got to run again for my time here is running out quickly and alas, lots still needs be done!



But of course

What up?!?

Been a long day ... A long few days actually but today's all about only today, right? Good! So yeah ... Zzzzzaaapping them down one by one until exhaustion! Today's a double sleeve day and unlike the last few days, I've managed to take a picture or two for you guys!! Now you might have seen these before here on the Plog, they're both a few years old and as much as they are both absolutely done done ... These aren't the final shots, I'm afraid! This is just the best I could do at the end of both sessions and well ... It'll have to do! So if you can forgive the half healed half fresh bloody glary shots, Here's what it all looked like today!

Hollywood sleeve

Materialist sleeve

Double waaaaaammo !

More tomorrow absolutely !!

Until then ... Here's a super flick my homegirl, the very very talented miss Jo Tam from the HK just made and decided to share with me this morning!! Check it out she rocks >>>>>



The Bank Lobster and the eve of battle!

On the year of our lord 2011...

Firstly ... The day's doings, behold!
Now I've had a few photo-less workings and busy un-posted days since I've been back from the motherland... Just not enough time and so on! But here I am today with a few extra minutes to post the day's doings, the year's first!! A lobster (why not) but not just any lobster you see... A corporate investment and financial solutions banker lobster, absolutely (small claws to count the pennies cuz it's with pennies that you make pounds and well, if it don't make dollars... It don't make cents!)!!


A few hours later >>>

Deep investment is a punctual business you should know and tea time is the only break time!
More of these day's tat-doings AAAaaaallllllll week ! True story!

-However ... Also in the news of the day ...

Today, our friend, our brother in arms, our house German has left us for a very specific quest!

For our beloved friend has departed from the Denmarkian kingdom, on this very day, for the barren tundra gripped desolated lands of northern Sweden. His most honourable of quests, to free the good people of the forgotten hamlet of Luleå from the iron and morbid grip of the Cyclops king of Swedonia, dark lord of the sub-arctic underworlds and subject only to Satan himself!

We, here at the Conspiracy inc, his customers and friends, his loved ones and family, wish him all nothing but success (anything else would simply be unacceptable) in his most honourable yet unthinkable of quests.

Eckel benefits from:

20 Endurance
20 Strength
20 Speed

He also however benefits from:
a +10 Speed bonus from his fixie steed
and a +20 Health bonus for being a vegan ...

Godspeed young Eckel... Godspeed!


Drum roll ...

Welcome to the future!!!

Damn right -It's now officially 2011 aka the future!!!

The very best and happiest times ahead to all yall for this brand spanking new year!!