Well wadaya know...

So like yeah... Sorry for the recycling (this doodle from late 2009...) but got a lot on my plate these days with very little time for doodles!! I however found it to be most fitting for the occasion... Cake rocks and well... So do most of you!!!

Hope you all had an awesome Christmas and are about to have an awesome time crossing into the future at some time tonight!!

2012 was outstanding for me for one reason... I managed this Red Box thing which means so much to me! An epic life accomplishment for me and well... Quite literally, impossible without you guys!! So... Thank you so much to all of you for all the interest and the support for my crazy projects of this last year and making 2012 an amazing year for me!!!

I promise many many new unbelievably epic and most full of awesome new projects for 2013 for me and for you!!!!!



EPIC MEGA NEWS UPDATE... Read all about it...

Mhm... Yup! Here's an epic mega news update!!

I've been so damn busy with everything... You know how it goes... Haven't been able to manage any time for this fine Plog of mine!! So things I need to blog keep piling up and piling up... One fine day, I'll manage to be back on a more regular blogging schedule... One fine day!! I got so much cool shit coming up!! Until then, here's a news update of a bunch of stuff you might be interested in!!

News update Index... Organization is key!!




Here we go...


I am absolutely still tattooing in Hong Kong and have added a bunch of extra available tattoo days in the coming month to catch up for the last few months! So if you're one of these interested people... Get in touch with me!!

Also, as soon as I get back to Hong Kong after my next Euro trip (eta: end of February/early March) I plan on raising my hourly prices! Yup! See the thing is there is just not enough consistent work for me here in HK and I just keep getting quicker and quicker and well... It's time to update (been 4 years since I last updated my prices)! So this will only affect all new pieces started after I get back in March! I'm not quite sure what the new hourly price will be just yet (1800 to 2000 HKD/hour) but I will let you know in detail how it all works soon! Just wanted to give everyone a head's up!

My prices in other countries shouldn't be affected!

Ask away.... pick@electricpick.com


Because of the very little interest (read, zero interest) I've received from my next Cape Town tattoo trip, I've decided to cut my loses and drop doing the convention! So yeah... I'm not doing the show!! Too broke to burn dough right now! But I will still be going and will still have a few available spots for tattooing in Cape Town at a guest spot following the show instead! So if anyone out there wants something from me while I'm there... I'll most probably be able to hook them up! If not, then I'll be at the Dubliner on Long street killing 27 rand pints of Castle Milk Stout for a week!!!



Added a few more dates for Berlin! The thing is I keep adding days for people who write to me about it but then figured it wasn't fair for those of you who follow the rules! So I'm making it official to everyone now... If you wanna come down to Berlin at the end of February for some tat action... I added a few days worth!

Let me know... pick@electricpick.com


Hell yeah!!! The Clandestine Republic distribution network is growing!! Now it might not look like much right now but we're pretty new so... I think it's starting to look good! Our first objective was to, apart from Hong Kong, have at least a few boxes in the US and Europe before Christmas!! We're constantly expanding it too so keep an eye out for new spots that we will do our best to list on the web-site as regularly as possible!!

Have a look!


Although your Red Boxes ordered since this last week will most probably not make it on time for Christmas, we're still shipping Red Boxes almost every day everywhere!! To all of you who have ordered the Red Box, thanks so much for the support! I'm sure now that you can hold it in your hands that you can see how epic of a project that was to make and I hope you love your Red Boxes as much as I loved making them!!!

To all of you who are thinking of getting one... I promise your Red Box will bring you eternal happiness... Yeah you bet!!




The PRINT shop is back up!! Haven't had time to add anything new since the two epic Chinese Vampire chick one's but I now have time (for the next month) to take care of all your fancy print needs!!

Let me know!


Aha! Yessss!! Finally managed to put a few originals up for sale on the EPTB!! Go check it out and let me know what you think!!


And finally... The EPTB is open till the 20th of January! About a month! I'll be on the road again and will be unable to take care of it until I get back at the end of February/start of March.

For any questions about mostly anything, don't hesitate to let me know!!




Holy M M M Mountains...

Yeah for sure... Here's a bit more of that day's doings stuff and stuff!!

This time we finished that Holy Mountain piece!!

Still in love with those yellow backgrounds... If you happen to hate and despise yellow backgrounds, stay away from me for a while longer... I... I... I just can't help it!!

Ok more stuff and stuff and news asap!!

Got to run to that other job of mine... No not the spy one... Yeah the book publishing one!!

You guys rock!


Floating... Floating...

Back on that day's doings thing I do...

Yeah... I know... It's been a while!! I got a few more of these coming soon... Trying to catch up for the last few month's non tattooingness... 

Check out this 4 and a half hour half sleeve!! Still in love with yellow backgrounds!!!! So epic!!!

More to come!!

Stay real!!

Ok got to run! Buy my book if you still haven't!! It'll rock your socks way off, I promise!!!



... True that!!

Here are the last run dates from the Hong Kong post office to guarantee a Red Box under your tree this year... I just picked the countries I ship the most Red Boxes to but please check the link bellow if you're not on the list! Also... All of these, -1 day to give us time to go to the postoffice!!

SINGAPORE : 10/12/12
JAPAN : 08/12/12
TAIWAN : 07/12/12

US : 07/12/12
CANADA : 04/12/12

GERMANY : 28/11/12
FRANCE : 05/12/12
UK : 29/11/12
NETHERLANDS : 04/12/12

SPAIN : 03/12/12
SWEDEN : 29/11/12
NORWAY : 06/12/12
DENMARK : 05/12/12               
SOUTH AFRICA : 04/12/12

MAKOKO : 14/12/12

Now I've been told that Red Boxes shipped after these dates might still make it and that these dates are the last ones the HK Post "guarantees" before christmas deliveries!!

Let us know!!!!

HK Postoffice Christmas 2012 Last Run Dates

Ok got to run... To the postoffice!!

Thanks to everyone who have/will order one of these!!!! So happy to read all your comments about them when you get them!! Thanks so much for the interest!!!!!!