So like, yeah... Cuz, ya know... 97-99

It's RED BOX day again!!!!

Damn right!!
So like yeah... Thought I could get you guys 5 pages today but hit a bump with the dialogue and well... I got to think this thing through for the next day or so... Just wanna make sure I don't contradict earlier statements and such! It's getting more and more complex in there! So yeah, the clock was running out and I decided to post these 3 and make you wait a bit for the few extra pages! But if everything goes well... That might mean you get a lot more pages next week! Anyways... Here's your weekly Red Box session!!




So yeah!!! This Mossman dude is very shifty indeed! But not a very good liar, it turns out!!
Next week... A few more answers including one very very important one about something that is so very important for the whole story!!! What is this "Hydra" they keep talking about??? See it next week only on the Red Box!

As usual... Start this whole epic story from scratch HERE!

Also in the news....

I don't know if you caught that but I reopened the ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX with some awesome new prints! All fancy schmancy beautiful Giclée prints on some awesome paper... Anyways... There's a RED BOX section in the shop... Yup! So from now on you can get a print of your favourite page(s) and that's pretty sweet!!

Got a bunch of inquiries already so here are a few answers:

-All the pages are available as prints (beautiful Giclée (can't say that word enough, sorry) on fine art archival paper).

-Each page is limited to a run of 100/ hand signed and numbered.

-Each single page is 25x 25 cm (10"x 10") and can be yours for 300HKD.

-Doubles are just about twice the size and go for pretty much twice the price (600HKD).

-The best place to shop for pages is truly the RED BOX tab on this blog.

-I ship worldwide just like all the other prints and originals I sell.

-They look absolutely epic.

-300 HKD = 30 Euros/ 38 USD/ 25 Pounds/ 230 Dkk.

Ok got to go but let me know if you have any questions about this!!
As usual: pick@electricpick.com

You rock!



And today is… ???

… AJ's birthday, that's what!!

Happy birthday buddy!! Hope you're having an awesome day in as many shades of black as you can imagine!!!

Now back to work for me... Got a bunch of pages to finish for Wednesday's Red Box!! Mhm!!




What a day… 

So here's the news of the day… I finally managed to re-open the EPTB!! It took me all day but starting from… Now! It's open!

 So I changed a lot of things around… Made it my doodle spot! From originals to a new personal print revolution… So if you like my doodles, that's the place to go! Not yet finished but most of the important stuff is up and running!!!

 I really don't understand, looking back, how it took me so long to do this but better late then never, right? After a few years of searching for a local Gicleé printer… I can happily say I found one last week! I tested them and the result is absolutely mind blowing!! I've honestly never seen this good of a quality anywhere else (Gicleé or not)! Some of the tests I got them to print came out almost better than the originals at sometimes twice the size as the originals! So... Yeah!!! Pretty epic! So this is now my new addiction and if you want to participate, go check the PRINT section on the EPTB!! 

It is, of course, more expensive than an offset run or a high-res digital but way cheaper than an original and the quality… Oh the quality… Unbelievable!

So yeah… I got prints again! I started with 9 and will add more as the months go by!

Now I'm exhausted so if you don't mind I'm outta here!

Let me know what ya think of the new ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX!!!!!



And today is... ???

... Yellow Pants' birthday, that's right!!!

The very bestest most awesomest day for ya, YP!!!!!

I hope Zorghon (the magnificent) grants you all your wishes today!

For those of you who are confused and desperately looking for this week's Red Box... Look no further, this amazing blog of mine stores posts one on top of the other... Check down here!


POOONG! 92-96

Oh yeah...

It's Red Box Wednesday, today!!!

I managed 5 new pages to get you started on chapter 6, today! 5 new very mysterious pages indeed!

So... Just so you know... I will eventually find the time to write all about this in detail but just to quickly inform you guys... This is chapter 6, and this season of the Red Box (RB1) will have a total of 9 chapters... So yeah, including this one, there are 4 more chapters to go!!! Thought I'd let you know... Ok here's your weekly dose!!






What was that??? Some sort of tracking, beeping, bliping device?? What for? Who is that guy anyways??? What kind of name is that????

Oh! So many questions!!!

However, for those of you out there who have feelings involved in this story, who are hooked and maybe worried... I will not answer all (need to keep you hooked) but I do promise a responsible end to this whole season with at the very least a lot of answers... Promise promise!!

But for now... There are still a few more months to go!!

As usual... HERE's where you can catch the whole thing from scratch!!


The Beijing Baker...

Aaaaand... Here's my last day's doings up north for the Electric Beijing Show!!!

Part 1... sadly Part 2 will have to wait till I get back up there in a few months!

So much to do, so little time... I'm starting to forget about stuff like all the time now! I mean I might have too much going on or something... But I'm definitely not planning on slowing down anytime soon... Been working on the Red Box everyday now since I got back from Beijing and it's taking all my time! Loving every minute of it but can't wait to be finished with this season and have my time back to doodle other things!! I've been delaying posting many important news and I think it's time for me to post these here very soon!!! So as soon as I manage a few minutes break in the days to come (let's say in the week to come), keep an eye out for some long promised news posts!

- I'll be explaining how I'll be changing my tattoo rules and regulations for next year.

- I really need to post all this Red Box news post asap. Some interesting details about this project you might be interested in.

- I'll be posting a calendar up too. There are a bunch of travels planned in the not so distant future and well, you might wanna know about them!

- I'll be fixing up the ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX and I think some of you might be interested in what I'm gonna do with it! I don't know why I've waited so long to do this but better late than never, right? You have no idea what I'm talking about... Let's just say I'm planning a print orgy! Gimme a week and it'll be up and running!!!!

- And finally, I've been seriously thinking (in my long time drive to do less tattooing) to start taking illustration submissions again! Let's see...

So yeah... I'll try my best to wrap all these above mentioned subjects, between the next two Red Box Wednesdays!!!

Ok got to run...

What are we today? Monday? Ok... I guess my next post is gonna be Wednesday for the start of Chapter 6!!!

Take it light and stay real!


No No and the pig monsters...

Wait a minute... I wasn't done just yet with that Electric Beijing Show...

Here's Part 5, enjoy!!

First one of the day...

Second one!!

ROCK!! Ok got to run... More tomorrow!


P.s. As for tomorrow's Greek rat race/contemporary political tragedy... May the as horrible as all the others yet slightly more responsible one win!! The world is watching! Whoever you end up with it'll suck, just some much more than others! Best of luck!!!!


THUMP 88-91

So yeah...

It's Wednesday!!!! Red Box day!!!

Before you read this week's 4 new pages... You have to know... It was actually pretty hard for me to draw these pages! Yup! But I stuck to the plan and managed... It's all part of the plan!!! These few pages are the incredibly dramatic end to chapter 5... I'm expecting a bit of hate mail from these... But I want you all to know... Well... I can't say really... Don't wanna spoil it... Ok enough suspense... Here's your incredibly dramatic weekly Red Box update... The last pages of chapter 5!





Yeah! I know!!! Pretty fuckin' dramatic, right!!

Next week is the beginning of chapter 6... Don't miss it!

As usual, HERE is the whole thing from the start!

Ok got to run!


Part 4...

So yeah... Where was I? Oh yeah... Part 4 of the Electric Beijing Show!!!

Here's what happened on that day!!

So yeah... Sorry I don't have much more to write about this... I got to finish some stuff on tomorrow's Red Box pages... I don't know if I've mentioned this previously but tomorrow's Wednesday Red Box pages (4 of them) are the incredibly dramatic last pages in chapter 5!!! That's right... I bet you're all pretty intrigued!! Come right back here tomorrow to see what that's all aboot!

Ok got to run!

Catch ya tomorrow!


The Panda, the Monkey and the Legs!


... Completely missed yesterday!! Just passed right through the day thinking I had done all I needed to do and then I hadn't!! Oh well... Here's Part 3 of the Electric Beijing Tattoo show just for you!!

This is one of them two parts days...

Part 1...

Part 2...

More tomorrow... I Promise promise (that's double the promise!!!)

Also in the news... As soon as I'm done with these daily tattoo posts I have a few news posts ready to go... One about how I am about to change my tattoo and tattoo submission rules, One about my new calendar and plans for the near future and one all about the Red Box... So stay tuned for those in about a week if you're interested in any of the above subjects!!

Ok got to run... Stay classy!


The movie crew…

Part 2 of the Electric Beijing Show!!!!

Just one piece was done on that day but the tattooing got a bit more serious on that day… Not that the tattooing wasn't serious on the first day… Let's just say this is the day that people who had actually looked at my previous work started coming in!!

So this guy does movies… He also likes robots, chick, his dog and well, himself… So this is what he got!

Also, if I might ad… I don't think I've previously explained this… But this Beijing spot was a first for me… You'll understand when you see all the work I got to do, that week. But yeah… It was the first time I had ever done this… Me and YZ previously agreed, it was going to be a blind guest spot!! I liked the idea and definitely the challenge and well I needed to tattoo after 3 months in Hong Kong of barely tattooing at all… But yeah so it was a blind guest spot and as much as I survived it and was a lot of fun… I think it's the last time I'm working that much in a row not knowing what anyone will want to get until they're in front of me!! I'm gonna need to know what people want before they show up for my next trip up there, that's for sure… But it was, indeed, a lot of fun!!!

Ok got to run...

Catch ya tomorrow for m m more!!!


The Electric Beijing Show Part 1

After being a vampire, last year... Siu Q is now a Ninja!!! Why not!?

So yeah... I made it back from China!!! Ended up being way busier than I thought on the day's doings front... Like way way busier!! So that was cool but then I guess I only had late nights to go out and check other stuff out! Still I found Beijing to be quite different from my last trip back in 2005! I guess a bit more open? It's so hard to say... But definitely different!! Beijing is a weird mix of awesome and depressing!! It's a weird place! I love it, I really do, but it's hard to feel at home if you're a foreigner, that's for sure!! That air pollution really gets to you too... I guess you get used to it after a while but if you're just there for a week... It just fuckin' sucks! And that damn internet censorship!!!! Holy shit is that ever annoying!!! It really made me realize how important it is for everyone on this side of the free internet to keep it that way and to fight anyone trying to change it! I'm talking about all these laws the US is trying to pass (or should I say, that some people are trying to get through in the US)!! They cannot succeed!! We've all learnt to depend on the internet so much and going to China really makes you not want to take that for granted!!! I mean I know what they're trying to do... China would collapse in a fortnight if people from any given town who were thinking of fighting whatever cause with the local government found out that everyone from every other town is also thinking about the same!! There is one riot a day somewhere in China every year! I guess revolutions are counter revolutionary... Anyways... Don't take your internet for granted!!! And fight these people who want to make crazy restrictive legislation to change it!!!!

Ok ok... This post is not about any of that... It's about the first day's doings I brought back from Beijing!!!

Here's day 1's worth!! It starts small but it'll get more interesting in the next few days!!!

Quickie number 1...

Quickie number 2...

More tomorrow... Oh yeah!

Take it light out there!!



And another 4 page Red Box Wednesday for you!!

Wow! This whole immigration process is getting intense!!! What could possibly happen next for our two friends??





Woooo… I did not expect that! That's pretty hard core, like!
Next Wednesday will be the last few pages (4 I think) of this chapter! Make sure you don't miss it!!!

Check the whole thing from the beginning HERE!

Starting from this Friday I will be posting, every day, all the shots I brought back from Beijing… Yup! So you might have seen all the sneak peeks on my instagram (@ephk) but the real shots are much better… Fosho! So keep an eye out for that too!!

Ok got to run… Again!



23 consecutive years of denial and counting...

I just landed this morning straight from Beijing and made damn sure I was back home in Hong Kong for tonight!

If you're in Hong Kong on this very special night, whether you're just visiting our little part of the world or live here permanently, whether you're a local or an immigrant to this town, don't be a tourist tonight, come out and be counted! Whether to listen and stay the night with the thousands of other Hong Kongers or just to do your quick round, come out and be a part of what makes Hong Kong not just another city in China! Making sure, year after year, that the numbers of people who care never dwindle too low and that there is one place in China where people remember and still demand that those who commit horrible crimes against their people must be held accountable! The victims of the Tiananmen square protest 23 years ago today, in Beijing, are not forgotten!!!

Victoria park in Causeway Bay from 8 till late!!

P.s. If you live here and don't show up tonight... You can't really complain about people not caring!





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