Spirit of ecstasy ...

Live >>>> From the Pancake street in the R'dam ...

Today ... Some tattoo action was in order !! Yeah ... I know I know ... It had been a while !! I told Hans before we started that I hadn't tattooed in a month and didn't really remember how it all worked anymore ! But still , he smiled in confidence !! So here's how it all went down today !! Now ... I was a bit out of practice so I ... I forgot to take a shot of the marker sketch-up !! Sorry ! But everything else went perfectly ... Guess it is just like riding a bike !! Today's special >>> My version of the flying lady a.k.a. the spirit of ecstasy (official name) a.k.a. the fancy thing that sticks out in front of a Rolls Royce !! Here's what it looked like all done and shinny after 4 hours !!

Now ... Just so you know ... This is the first part of a two shot piece !! A super dark , cityscape at night with shiny city lights in motion will be added next time I drop by in the R'dam !!

Stay cool and Plog ya sooner than later !! More exciting adventures to come !! What ?? More adventures ?? How's it even possible ?? -One might ask ... Well hang around and find out !! In the mean time ... I'm off to the Tiki bar tonight !! Got to practice and make my liver push-ups before Craig gets here on Wednesday !!! Gonna be a bender I fear !!



Anvers et contre tous ...

Rock on !! Am very glad to be back home in my beautiful union , however , Am still on the road ... Yep ... mhm !

Nowadays ... In Rotterdam ! Home to the biggest harbour in Europe and the very best Broodje Kroket in the Netherlands !! True story ! Don't argue with me ... I know my fast food !!! Just got here yesterday and after a full day of doodling with my buddy Slick Nick ... Will be doing that tattoo thing I do once in a while again tomorrow on Pancake street , live , in the R'dam !! However ... Let's not skip important steps here !! Here are a few doodles from my last few days in Antwerp !! So ... Last time , on the Electric Plog ... I was in Antwerp , Belgium >>>>

Here's what I might have been caught drawing there !!

Right on !! From skipper street to the Mekanik gallery !!

Antwerp rocked !! I will def. be back there very soon !!!

Tomorrow ... Tat action reaction ... Yeah , I know ... It's been a while !!


Safe passage !

Absolutely !!

Now I had almost forgotten ... But before I left the ship , I gave the guys this piece ! The 2nd mate gave me a bunch of their old obsolete navigation maps (I love drawing on stuff) and I left one behind for the ship !! Was pretty happy to see they all got stoked on it and it got framed up and put at the best spot on a ship in a few minutes ( between the Poop deck (Yes ... Poop) and the A deck) !!! Rock !!! T'was much better than the washed-out sunset at sea poster that was there before , they all agreed !!

She's bringing the ship safely home , in Antwerp ... Not kidnaping it !!

So yeah !! Now ... If you don't mind , I'm checking out of Antwerp and off to the Rotterdam ! I'll Plog ya some of the pages I doodled here in Belgium when I get to the shop on pancake street !! Until then ... Stay safe !

And yes indeed >>>> !! 100 !! You guys ROCK !!! One day ... One day , I'll beat Ashley Wood's follower count !! One day !!


Tales from the high seas ... [chapter deux] !

Fish women and friends ...

Now I had it all planned out , you see !! Organization is key !! Had the current sketchbook finish right in time , at the end of the NAmerican part of the trip !! Was all planned out perfectly from the beginning ... So that a new sketchbook would start from the very first day of this ocean adventure !! So ... In other words ... An illustrated travel log ! Kinda like the Captain's log only with doodles and ... Well ... I'm not really a Captain !! For those of you who know about my sketchbooks ... Kinda the same , only dedicated to this trip ! With no further delay ... Here are a few random pages !!

Lovely !!

Hope ya like ... More more more doodles to come , as I just started a new sketchbook here in Antwerp for the months to come !!

P.s. Looks like the funny mouth phase from last month is slowly going away ... At least for now !!


Tales from the high seas ... [chapter one] !!

From the NAtlantic with love >>>>

Now I'll spare you guys the thousands and thousands of shots I took with the digital camera and just give ya a few random shots to look at ! I will however , in a few weeks , post some of the glorious 35mm and 120mm shots I took as soon as I get them developed ... You won't be able to escape that !! Now now ... Don't be afraid ! I only took about 12 rolls on this trip (NAmerica included) so it won't be as intense as my last time in Hong Kong !! Promise !! But for now , in no particular order ... Here's a quick look at a few shots of what it looks like in the middle of nowhere !!

Enjoy !

The biggest sky in the world !!

Needless to say this was a hell of an awesome super trip !! Am pretty happy I not once got seasick even though the rough season had just begun (the sea did get a bit aggressive after day 5) but fantastic all the way through and many new stories to add to my collection !!

Now if you'll excuse me ... I have a few pints to go and drink with my new sailor friends at the Seamen's mission , here in Antwerp ! Ahoy mates !! Doon't bother with them glasses ... Just poor me beer right in a jaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!

A few doodles coming up !!


A pirate's life for me !

Fresh off the boat ...

... Made it in one piece !!

The sirens and the sea zombies were no match for me ! HAh !!

More stories very soon , as I get back to a more reasonable Plogging schedule !

Glad to be back !


Ahoy !!

From my cabin this morning >>>

Just made it onboard my beautiful new temporary headquarters and all is good !! However , I have some sad news for you all ... Plog followers of the world !! The Captain has just informed me that there would be ...... No internet during this trip !! And by No internet ... He actually meant ... None at all what so ever (just like in medieval times) !! Apparently the satellite thing-a-ma-jig is for positioning and in special cases , e-mails (2 hours per mail) so yeah ! I'm very sorry to have to say that our next Plog-appointment will have to be around the 25/26th of August , once I'm back home in Europe !!!

Take care out there and I'll Plog ya when I hit the solid ground again with most probably a hella-of-a-lot of stuff !!!!

Beware pirates >>> Here I come !!! AAAAaaaaarrrrrrrrrr !



That's it ... I'm off ! Was good fun , here in NAmerica , once again and will be missing it for the next few years before I'm back around this part of the world again !! Take care out there my new and old NAmerican friends and stay fresh !!

Now's the time to get outta here ! A full day of flying all the way to the other coast to Wilmington North Carolina for one short night !! "But Nick !!!!! That makes no sense !!!!! Wilmington North Carolina for one night ? What in the world are you going there for ???" -One might say ! Well I'm not quite sure I've previously blogged about this but I'm going back home to Europe the long way !! Taking a big bubba of a ride home ... "A freighter or Cargo ship" I believe is the correct term ! And her wonderfully fitting name happens to be the "MV Independent Pursuit" !! Will be on it from the 13th till the 26th AAAaaaaallll the way across the Atlantic to Antwerp in Belgium ! Now ... Here's the thing ... The ship , apparently does have "satellite" internet but I have no idea what to expect ... If I can use it as much as I want , if it is painfully slow or if it works at all !! So ... I'll do my best to Plog on the way but there is a very real risk of Ploglessness !! Worst comes to worst ... Check once in a while but I'll be officially back on a regular blog posting schedule around the 26th ish when I dock back on the other side !!

Here she is ... What a beaut !

Wish me luck !

Dive hopping !

Another page from the SF sketchbook !!

Time has come again ... Am starting to get into travel mode , once again !! Got quite a ride back !! So ... After this little post is posted ... A very intense packing session awaits me !! A few more good foods and drinks tonight and then , off in the morning !
Here are a few shots I managed of yesterday's dive-o-rama-pub-hopping action !! Amanda's a bit shy ... She realizes how impressive the sheer number of people who read this Plog on a daily basis is overwhelming !!!! Tim's just always so happy and always on the lookout for a new pen-pal !! And me in the corner ... me in the spotlight ... Losing my religion !

Also in the news >>>> Everyone finally got their replies !! Wooohooo ! Managed to get back on top of my inbox !!! I'm sorry it took me so long to figure out a spot for everyone this time around but it was truly a tough few months to book !! Done !!

And finally ... A last SF postcard shot !!

Plog ya later !



Chinatown-town !

Here's my rendition of one of my new favourite delivery trucks ...

A few days left to go , here in San Francisco and then I'm outta here !! On the road again ! I will have a last few days of picture taking and most likely bar hopping and then a heavy packing session ... Am bringing back way more then I came with !! I will miss this town ... But I'll be back one day fo sho !!

Also in the news lately >>>> I would like to apologize to all the people who have written to me in the last few days ... It is indeed taking me forever to answer and find spots for all yall ! However , fear not !! Your answer is in process !! True story !


Coffee and sketchbooks !

Doodle-o-matic action !!

Some of the last few days's SF doodle action !! >>>>

Here are a few of the last few days doodles ... Been busy as you can see !! Lots more to show but I figured I should save some for the next few posts ... Just too much for you guys to handle ... Yeah ! mhm ... !

Lots of houses , pretty San Francisco houses and ... And some chicks !! What do you know !?!? Chicks in my sketchbook ?? That'll be a first !! Why not ... Right ! Enjoy >>>>

More soon !!
Tonight ? ... Hang out at pubs night with miss Amanda and some other dudes !! That's another good thing about NAmerica ... Most good bars (the bars I like = dives) have Guinness !!



The hill of doooommm ... !

A Thursday in San Francisco !!

Last Thursday was the tourist day !! Damn right ! My first time ever here and I intended on getting my "tourist points" worth !!
My good buddy , the lovely miss Amanda came AAaaaaalllll the way from Philly just to hang-out with me and she had an agenda (+10 tourist points) ! So we followed the notes and instructions previously prepared by the said young lady ... Spent the whole day walking up and down the hills (some of which should have def. been flattened when they started this town !! No joke ! Bad urban planning ... I mean the view is breathtaking but no where near as much as climbing them !!) ... So after loosing a lung (watch your step around Lombard and Larkin st.) a few shots of the Golden Gate bridge (from far ... Close-ups to come) and a lot of picture taking action through Chinatown , downtown and other in between spots ! (K K Ka-ching !! +100 tourist points)

More pictures to come ... I just started a collection of pictures of Chinatown delivery trucks !! They rock !! All tagged up as if they paid kids to do it ! All of them !! I have 5 different ones up to know and I am willing to trade if you have a good one !! I might even share my collection with you guys and post some here one day !

So ... A full day of touristy stuff was fun !! After the day was all over and done and our legs could barely take us anywhere ... Me , miss Amanda and her trusted note book of notes ended up at The Bar down in the Mission , to spend our well earned "tourist points" !!

M m more tomorrow ... Some doodles perhaps ! I've got about 10 new pages done since I last posted any ... Might as well share some with you !

Until then ... Don't spend all your tourist points in the same pub !!