Testing ... Testing ...

... Just testing my new baby !!

More about that tomorrow !!!
Until then ... Stay focussed , stay fresh and avoid , if you can , having a cruise to close to Israel's territorial waters !!


this is how we do it !

YZ's welcoming and farewell hotpot party !!

More to come !


Where the music comes from ...

Another tattoo post for yall ! that's right , nothing's too good for you !! This one on miss Suki who I believe , likes to play the piano !! She stood like a champ for 4 hours and gave me another "one shot" to show in my 2010 collection !

I was asked for a girl playing the piano ... Not a sad girl but definitely playing something sad-ish ! Something serious ... Oh and something 70's-ish too ! So here it is ... Yesterday's tattoo session ! After 4 hours of lower back grinding ...
<<< Red for me/Black for miss Suki !

And all done and done >>>

Love the tones !! love that wallpaper !!!

More to come , however a bit of a tattoo break in the days to come ... Back to book making for me , I'm afraid !!

Keep it solid !


Mong Kok dreams !

Dear Plog followers of the World Wide Webs ... Here's yesterday's tat-action tattoos doings , for your viewing pleasures !!!

First I'd like to say -"AWESOME!!" I finally got to tattoo one of my MK scenes of awesomeness !!! The first session of this piece happened yesterday and am totally stoked about the end result ... Coming soon (about 3 weeks from now) !!! With no further delay ... Here's what it all looked like !

Red for me / Black for Ben >>>>

And after 3 and a half hours of lines and black >>>>

Please forgive the bloody picture but for some reason , some pieces are super easy to take a shot of ... Others are almost impossible to shoot !!

Hope ya like ... I know I can't wait to fill this one in !!
More tadoings tomorrow ... Yep , absolutely !!!!

+ In other related news ....

It seems indeed , to be article season for me , lately ! After a sweet article about me in last March's T├Ątovier Magazine , I now apparently have a new sweet article in the latest issue of Tattoo Master (a UK trade publication from the fine people at Skin Deep) ! As if that wasn't enough ... I just finished answering questions for a new article about me again for Tattoo Fest , a Polish publication to come out some time soon too !! This last one , depending on how it gets edited , I'm happy to say , should have some very interesting new facts !! If you can read Polish , you might be able to read a more personal article !! After 3 requests in a row ... I felt obligated to ask for some less common questions ! Nothing wrong with wanting to know how I started in the busyness and who are my main inspirations but just wanted to see some new questions !!! I'm happy to say I got my wish !! So check 'em all out !!!! Most of these magazines don't have enough room in them to show all the pictures I sent their way so they should all have a bunch of different one's to check out !!!

Stay fresh !!! Stay awesome !!! And thanks so much for all the awesome support !!!

You guys is da shizzzzznit !!!!


Miss Sammi and the Noodle Bunny !

Is the bunny eatable ?

The day's noodle doodle !! Another page in the sketchbook ! Did some more sweet doodles but am gonna keep those for later !! Tomorrow's a tattoo day so ... If I don't come home too late from the Dive session after a full day at the office ... You'll be able to see what's what tomorrow night !!

Stay cool !

Blue kids !

Here's some commissioned work I just got done ! Thought it be nice to have a bit of illustration work over here ! Been a while ! Tomorrow's a doodle day too ! I decided to force myself to take a break from the book making business for a day and doodle some stuff , just like in them good old days ! Let's see what I come up with tomorrow night !

Now off to bed !!


Space wave ...

Yesterday's doings at the I.H.K.M.F.C.T.H. (International Hong Kong Minty Fresh Center for Tattooing and Hanging out) !!

Allen dropped by for a second and almost final round on his surfing space chick ! Here's how it all looked like after 2 and a half hours worth of just that ! >>>>

A few more pieces planned for the week to come ! Now , however , if you don't mind , I have an article to answer for a Polish magazine ! Article season continues ... More on that later !

Stay stoked !


Infiltrated spy rabbit ... In 3D !!

That's right ... Our man is in position and relaying vital 3D information as we speak !!! Enemies of the 3D , beware !!

That and I suck at google Pacman !!

>>> Lots more tomorrow !! I promise promise !!


Purple skies ...

Hard at work !! Never doubt it !

Just a quick post to say that I've been hard at work (book making again) and wanted to share a bit of the excitement with yall !! This project is becoming something completely crazy (in a good way) !! It has however , prevented me from doing anything else lately , apart from some tattoos here and there when I get hungry !

I have just under a month left on this thing and I won't quit till it's done and done ! Fear not however , Tattooings have been scheduled in !! A bunch of cool projects are on the way , some in the days to come !!

Apart from that ... I haven't drawn in a month and I think it's the first time ever in my life , ever , that I haven't doodled for so long !! Freaky if ya ask me ! And it's not because I don't have any ideas !! Just too damn busy making a book !!

So fear not ... I still doodle and will be back at the grinding in the days to come ! Until then ... You might have to deal with some AWESOME pictures !!

Stay vigilant !!
Now back to work !


Lovemore Christmas and the Chung King mansion crew !

Ladies and gentlemen ... I know , I know ... Am a bit late with the Ploggings but these last few days have been proper hectic !! True story ! Lots to do and not much time to do it all !! When lots of friends come over to hang out and get tattooed and you still have a lot of work to get done ... Well ... It doesn't leave you with a lot of time to Plog !!

However , just managed to find a bit of time for a bit of catching up !! Here's the last chapter in last week's tattoo sessions ... Aka last Thursday's tadoings !

My buddy Mix Master Craig (Pronounced Creygh for some weird reason) has been enjoying the sights , sounds and smells of Mong Kok and it's surrounding areas for the last week ! Not just to visit me ... But also to get a good session done ! 7 hours , to be precise !!! Damn these traveling folk know how to last !!!! I won't do the "Trooper" speech since Craig (Creygh) is no stranger to the said tittle ! But here's what his apocalyptic , man's doom , wasteland of pollution sleeve looked like when we was done !!! We re-nipped and continued and almost finished the bottom half !! Here's what it looks like >>>>>

That's right folks !!! That there is a real life reflection of our main victim's buddy , reaching out , seen through his cracked mask's glass !! The real deal !!

More stuff to come ... Until then , if you happen to be flying home from Hong Kong today ... Don't ask the driver to open the door ! Just a free bit of advice there !!

Stay classy !!!



Master Frank Frazetta , 1928 – 2010



That's right folks !! I'm a bit late on the postings but it's just been crazy hectic down here for the last week !! So here's as previously promised , Chapter 3 in last weekend's Aussie tattoo marathon ... Archie's second day at the office !! This all happened last Monday !

This side of the "accountant's doom leg" is all about when the said number crunchers get told "Time's up ... Now you come with me" ! Follow the saga in visual mode right down here !! Sadly I completely forgot to take the marker shots ... So you just get the finished line work !

This one front piece will be all wrapped up , finished and matched with the other side of the leg (Archie's day one) in about a month and a half when these crazy Australians come back for more HK inking !! Until then ... I hope they stay away from the sun out there !!!

Stay tuned for more ! As soon as I get more than one minute of free time in the days to come ... I will be posting about such things as ... Doodle action (been a while) ... Magazine articles (that's right , it seems to be article season for me these days) ... Future plans calendar (for precise dates of my adventures near you) and some book making updates too !!

Stay AAAaaaawesome !



The saga continues !! Haven't had time to Post anything for the last few days but have been working lots , none the less !!! Here's part two of this Aussie tattoo weekend marathon !!

Buddy Archie asked for something heavy ! Something evil !! Something that just says DOOM to ya !!! So here it is ... Day two ... My version of what happens to accountants and tax collectors (specially the one's who work for the Danish Post office) when the clock strikes it's last hour !! Their very own judgement day ! "Time's up suckers !! Time to pay for your sins !!" With no jury , their souls get gambled away and used as chips at the eternally grim and darkest poker game the underworld knows ... The game never ends ... Death usually always wins !!

With no further delay >>>> Here we go ;
Red for me ... B B Black for Archie !

7 and a half hours later (that's right ... 30 minutes short of a "SUPER TROOPER" - These Aussies are machines , I tell ya !!!)

Stay tuned for "Archie's day two" tomorrow night ... At the same Plog time ... At the same Plog place !!! Until then ... I got 3 Aussies and my buddy Mix Master Craig in town and they aren't gonna get drunk by themselves !! Time for a session of "God's tears" I believe !!

Stay rockin' !!


A Jedi Knight walks among us

You know ... You make up a system and it works perfectly ! For years it just works ! And then someone comes along and resets the standard ! Someone comes along and just raises the bar for all of us ! And that's exactly what happened yesterday ! To all of you who are human and can feel pain out there here is a new challenge , a new standard to live by ... Now that you know that a Jedi Knight walks among us !! Thats right ! That's the new title out there ... Get your note pads , write this down for future reference !

We all know by now that 6 hours will get you the "TROOPER" title !! Not many make it but a few none the less ! Then there is the "SUPER TROOPER" title , achieved after 8 hours ! Even fewer make it , 3 up to now to be exact ! And then since yesterday ... There is the official new and well deserved super-human title of "JEDI KNIGHT" !! That's right !! You can get this title after lasting 11 hours and 15 minutes !!! No kidding ! From now on , my good buddy Luke (how fitting) from Australia , will be known in the underground Electric Pick tattoo community and in other secret tattoo circles also adopting the EP Trooper system as "JEDI KNIGHT LUKE" !! Let it be known !!

For those of you who want to know what a real life JEDI KNIGHT looks like , Here ya go >>>>>

And now for those of you who , like Mr. Michael Brito can't wait to see more tattooings of mine ... Today's one of your lucky days ! First in a weekly tattoo-marathon ... Here's what happened yesterday for almost 12 hours >>>>>

Red for me /Black for luke ....

We continued buddy Luke's Dutch-o-rama sleeve !! After the drunk sailor and mermaid in the A'dam's red light ... And the Window lovers ... Here's a gigantic windmill roboto , commanded , obviously by a bunch of my beloved 3D rabbits ! Not yet finished but almost ! Here's yesterday's day's doings at my Hong Kong office of pain ...

All will be tide up , finished and touched up this Christmas back in Copenhagen so keep an eye out for a complete awesome series of this beautiful sleeve to come !!

Check out in the day's to come what you actually get from me (apart from a nearly finished half sleeve) when you last that long and make it to the new industry super human standard of "JEDI KNIGHT" !!

Post ya back tonight or tomorrow with some more of this extreme tattoo action !!!

The force is strong in Hong Kong !!


Station Update ...

Just checked my calendar ... And well ... I'm starting to be able to see , in the corner of my eye , the big red dot on my calendar that mean's I'm outta here soon ! True story !! Have also noticed that I wasn't as fully booked up as I thought I was until I leave so ... Any of you guys out here in Hong Kong have a secret master tattoo plan you think I could help you out with ... Now's the time ! Let me know , I might have time for it !

Apart from that ... Get ready for an extreme tattoo-a-thon , starting tomorrow !!!

Enquire for available dates at: pick@electricpick.com


Bangkok Pit stop !

First of all ! Yeah ... Lots of book making lately ! I'll spare you the endless usual details but yeah ... That's my Ploglessness excuse !! Book making has taken all of my time ... ALL OF IT !! No doodle time , no photo time and no hang out time either (or at least very little) but I'm so close !!! So very close !!!

But yeah ... That's my story of the day ! Book Vs Everything else !!

However , to keep up with the last photo posting master plan and to give you guys something to look at ... Here's a short version of chapter two "Bangkok Pit Stop" from my last clandestine adventure from last month ! All of which is from one of LOMO's 200 slide film and yes , once again cross processed !!

From the main train station to Bangkok's Chinatown >>>>

I've got lot's more shots coming up , including the last batch I have just received from my film wizard , here in Hong Kong !! This last batch I happen to be very happy about !! 4 rolls dedicated to the deep deep jungle , all slide films but this time not cross processed !! That's right ... Developed as they were meant to be ... As positives !!!! Can't wait to Plog them up !! For all of you out there who'd rather see some tattooing over here ... Soon enough ... Soon enough !!!!!

Stay bright !


Shadows of Macau !

Aka Macau madness ... Aka the ultimate Macau collection ... Aka the one Macau photo Post to rule them all !

Thing is , I got a LOT of shots from my last trip , you see ! And a LOT of these shots are pretty damn awesome , if ya ask me ! Didn't really know how to post them , like all at once or sorted by location or even by film !! So ... After carefully checking my options , I've decided to post them in order ... But since I do have a lot of films , I'll post them by location/in chronological order - with a minimum selection of each film per location ! Keep in mind , however , that this is indeed a minimum selection and have not posted a LOT of awesome one's !! That's right ... Ok ... Good ! I'm glad we all agree !

So here's the first chapter , recap of last month's clandestine endeavour's analog photographic bounty !!

Chapter one >>>>> In the Shadows of Macau ! >>>>>Part uno !

Me and my HK spy partner , tailing our mark through the old alleys of the city !
KONICA-MINOLTA Chrome R100 / cross processed and most of which taken at pretty high speeds ! (top shot also)

Part zwei !

The old city is alive ... The trail almost got cool a few times but we managed to stick like glue to mr.X without ever getting noticed , from the gritty tight maze of side streets to the more glamourous center ... The Lisboas crossroads ! Until a pit stop at one of the most beautiful casinos in the world was in order !

LOMO's 200 slide film / cross processed and not too grainy to my surprise !

Part trois !

After half a day of martinis and bow ties at the Lisboa , a quick exit and a meeting with our local contact (Madame Li) back in the shadows of the island's streets ! The night usually shows Macau's true colours !
FUJI's PROVIA 400X / cross processed again and absolutely delightful !!!

Keep it fresh Plog followers of the interwebs !! Lots of book making these days ... Past , present and future !! so ... Not much doodlings as you might have noticed ! But rest assured ... A power week of tattooing action in the days to come !! That's right ... Mhmm !