My City Leaves…

The epic city sleeve is done!! Well… Last Monday, that is! But still… It's never too late to show one of these! Really like this mega city piece!! And that giant face!! I need to do more "BIG" stuff in my pieces!! Anyways… Here's the finished product for your viewing pleasures!!


More Ploggables tomorrow!! Yep!

Until then…

If you're in Hong Kong this week… Check this crazy shit out!!! Ashley Wood is in HK to promote something something… The more interesting thing here is that he brought a ton of brand new awesome amazing originals with him and showing them with a bunch of toys at his 3A gig here in town! Just came back from it and straight to the art supply shop for the biggest canvases they had!!!! Absolutely worth the trip! Even in this "early summer" heat and sweat!!

Ok got to run… Got to go help my friend Sarah BB get that giant suitcase full of Hong Kong crap she bought down into her cab outta town! Was great having her over!! Her overflowing constantly positive energy will be missed!!

Ok got to go!

Stay happy out there!


Project Mayhem !!

Be there or be square!! If you're in the hood, that is!!

More tomorrow!!

Got to run!!


The poop of the cat 60-61

Wow! Almost didn't make it this time!!!

But I did! Hah! Here's your Wednesday Red Box session... Just two pages sadly... There was just no other way I could do anymore this week! Should have more time next week!



I don't know... That roasted cat with radish and pepper ramen sounds pretty good actually! I think our friend, Goodluck is a bit difficult!

Check all this nonsense from the first page HERE!

More awesomeness in the days to come!! Yeah! A lot of awesomeness too!

Now if you don't mind... My pillow is screaming my name... Good night!


Toot Toot!!

All aboard the Star-ferry Dragon-turtle express!!

OMG! It's been a hectic last few days, let me tell ya! Can't get a second to take a break and there's so much more to do!!! There aren't enough hours in one day!

Anyways… I managed to take a minute to post this for ya! Last Friday's day's doings indeed! Buddy Mossman came by for his monthly session! We tried, once again to finish his Fu-Bus half-sleeve but just couldn't… But here's what we managed anyways… The infamous Star-ferry Dragon-turtle! If you live in Hong Kong then you've most definitely seen this guy around the harbour, if not however… Here's what he looks like! Forgive the unfinishedness and the leftover scratches… This whole piece is getting done done next time for sure!!!!!!!!

Also in the news….

1) Last call for Copenhagen deposits…. One last day for the last deposits or I'll have no other choice but to give these spots up!

2) I've also had to add a few more days to that Copenhagen trip so incase the people waiting for people to not pay their deposits to get a spot got tired of waiting… I should still have a few spots left! Let me know…. pick@electricpick.com

3) I am a bit late on my Ploggings (as those of you on Instagram might know) but I should catch up on all my doings and update them here before the end of the week!!! Promise promise!

Ok got to run... More stuff tomorrow!!!!


Deux sur dix

Dans cette tempête de médiocritée politique, je souhaite bonne chance a tous mes compatriotes, prisonniers géographique de la République!


About to be Z Z Zombified...

Yup! Last Sunday's day's doings for ya!

The RJB leg got finished and one last session in about a month to see if it all healed well is left! And for me to take my final shots of this epic leg piece!!! This thing is extra bright indeed!!! Yellow background is my new crack!!

Check it out!

More Ploggables asap!!


N N Noodles 56-59

Yesssssssssss !! Red Box Wednesday here we go!!!

Here are a few pages for your weekly session (4) one of which is a double... I just wanted to start this new chapter (chapter 5) with a big and fully painted double page!! I think it's my best looking Red Box page so far that's for sure! Anyways... Here we go for this new chapter which will be full of excitement, I do promise!!! Back in the bus and onwards to the city!!!

PAGE 56-57



Delicious!!!! I was hoping for a mega update this Wednesday but sadly I gravely underestimated the time it took to paint these 3! But I'm back at it for next week! This chapter will be full of cool shit and will help understand a lot more what is going on around here so stay tuned for more Red Box, as usual, next Wednesday!

Ok got to run but let me know what you think!!!

You rock!!

Tats tomorrow or Friday!!!


The investors were pleased...

Indeed... After a long leave of absence, buddy Godwin got right back into the chair and this is what we did... We wrapped up the "Riding the market" lower arm piece from last year! That was last Saturday, by the way... Just in case you're not on the Instagrams yet and haven't followed the process live (@ephk)... So yeah! Last Saturday's day's doings for ya!

The 3D rabbit's 3rd quarter shareholder's meeting went rather well! Everyone was pleased with the projected profit outcome for Q4 (see Power point presentation with pie charts and graphs) and the crustless carrot sandwiches at the lunch buffet were a huge hit!

More tats tomorrow!!! That's right, and If you follow me on the "Instagrams", you most probably know already which piece I'm showing... VIP!!!

Ok ok got to go but before I run...

I still have a few spots available for my AUGUST trip to COPENHAGEN!! Let me know!


Ok ciao!


Copenhagen calling...

Ok you, tattoo peoples of the Europes… Here's some calendar news update for 2012!!

I've planned and planned and planned away and with one major thought in mind (that of never wanting to be in Northern Europe in Winter again) I've managed to secure a spot for all you Europeans that might want to get zzzzapped by me this year!

I'll be coming over in August (from the the 4th till the 20th) I've got 10 days open for bookings and starting to book them tomorrow at 0:00 CET (midnight tonight Central European Time)! First come first served and "One-shots" only (4 to 8 hours) unless you can promise a second sitting in Hong Kong in the following months!!!

To apply please send me a mail with:

Your rough idea/estimated size and placement!

Contact me directly with any questions and to set up dates/deposits at: pick@electricpick.com

Ok got to go... Looking forward to see what you guys come up with this time!!

P.s. I do believe these Copenhagen dates are going to go fast since there's only 10 spots so… Don't hesitate if you're interested!!



Hellz yeah, Red Box day!!

Once again, I make it on time… And with the promised amount of pages too!! Eventually I'll be writing a post about the Red Box and stuff but I never get a second… So until I do find a second… You can keep reading it here and expect new pages every week!! With no further delay… Your weekly Wednesday RB pages… These 3 pages down here are the last from chapter 4.




The what now??? The "HYDRA"??? What the hell is all that about… Holly smokes this whole thing is outta control, I tell ya!

Expect a new awesome chapter to start next week!!

Check it out from the start here!

And once again, I can't begin to tell you how happy it makes me to get all these super positive and interested e-mails about this comic! It's super geeky but I just love what this thing's become and the fact that a bunch of you also do, makes me happy! Ok enough… I'll have some more very interesting new in the next two days!! Interesting if you like tattoos, that is!

Ok got to run! Stay awesome!!!!



As seen on the "Instagram" machine… @EPHK

Sometimes you chase something cuz you want it.. You can't quite get it so you keep on chasing it… And before you know it it's already been forever and you're still chasing it!! Words of wisdom…

My latest doodle >>>>>

... I don't actually know what way it looks best... You tell me!!

Also… It seems I'm really changing a lot of stuff and well the whole concept of the Electric Pick Ture Box so it might take a while actually!!! So if while I'm doing these changes you win the lottery and run out of ideas of what to use all that money for and then suddenly remember that everything I paint, if it's not in my sketchbook, is most definitely for sale… Just write to me with your questions about any piece you see here on the Plog!!

Ok… Got to keep on chasing…

Catch ya later!


Cheatin' death...

So my two new friends Pow and Noodles dropped by today to get started on a new piece!

This is what Pow ended up with after 3hours worth!

Next session in 4 weeks! Some colour, for sure... And maybe we even finish it! Oh and Noodles promised she would come over wearing her "space noodle" leggings too so you can definitely expect shots of that too, next month!! All of these wonderful things, only on the Electric Plog!!!

More Ploggables asap!!!

In progress shots and random other workings seem to be regularly updated on this new crazy thing called... "The Instagrams" check it out if you're game: @ephk

It's been real!


the Octo-mason's garden...

What up??

So yeah... It seems you might have missed a few of my latest day's doings... Sorry! Just really damn busy and sometimes... Well sometimes I just forget! I do my best to try not too forget too often since I know you guys like to see these tats but sometimes well... I just skip one or two! Eventually however, you do get to see them all! Anyways... Here's my latest session on the Yellow Submarine half-sleeve... We did a few hours in the pit and one last session should get this sweet piece completed completely!! Have a look for yourselves... Sorry for the not so awesome shots but yeah... You know how that goes...

There should be gradually more and more tattoo shots back on the Plog in the weeks to come as I am starting to book up my calendar!

In other news... If you happen to be in the general Taiwan area... Here's the latest issue of TATTOO BURST TAIWAN with a few pages about me! I suspect it to be the same as the Japanese Burst issue simply translated in Mandarin!

And finally... There's this brand new thing around! You most probably have never heard of this since it's only 2 days old and was completely unheard of before since it didn't exist until 2 days ago... It's called the "Instagram"... Yep! Just came out a few days ago and it's pretty cool! And well if you're down with brand new tech-shit that didn't exist before 2 days ago and have A) an awesome deal on your phone data plan, B) a battery that lasts forever and C) nothing better to do... Go check it out it's pretty cool and I'm on it... Until I get sick of it in the not so distant future!!


Later skaters!!!


Van Der Merwe 48-52

RED BOX day!!! Hurra!!

5 pages as promised!!






50 pages already...
More unbelievably awesome awesomeness next week!!!! Yep! I promise!!!!

Ok got to run!
More news tomorrow!!


0 days left...

Plog ya right back tomorrow for RB day! I should have the 5 promised pages ready for ya!!
Stay awesome!!


3 days left!!

3 days left to get your hands on some sweet space noodles!!!

Check a check a
check em out yo!