VRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmm . . .

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I'll get straight to the point:

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There are a few options and stuff so if you feel crazy you can also get a $120 kit but if you don't feel crazy then just get the $25 one! This book rocks harder than... Than a lot of things!!!



Bat Face


I forgot to post this one from my last Berlin trip!! A few more sessions left on this sleeve but this last one was fun!!!  



- "Darling... It's about the reaping."


Here's my latest zzzzzappings on my bud Good Nic from Durban! Not the best pictures but that's because I forgot my camera on the tattoo day and then I decided I really wanted a picture of this and then I went to see him the next day and then it had already started healing and looking weird from the healing so yeah...

You get the idea!

Ok ciao!

More tomorrow... I just found stuff I never posted!!!