Harrison and the Nexus-6

More of these day's doings catching ups for you...

Today... An awesome new "one-shot" but also... My ultimate homage to this classic of all films!! Check this one out!!!! My latest pride and joy... For all the geeks and lovers of awesomeness out there... Here's my Blade runner piece >>>>

I've done many BR inspired pieces over the years but never an actual real Blade Runner one!! Wrapped around in just a few hours! The iconic Pris, complete with the Blade Runner himself, Flying radio cars and as much of this future LA as I could fit!!! This piece completes the arm from last year's Mutant attack piece!!! What a lower sleeve!!!!

Ok ok... Got to run already!

More tomorrow!!

Beware of Replicants!!


When the commies come to town!

Back on the roll...

Here's what happened a few days ago!! The commies came to town and they sent Comrade Irina Onatopp to lead the assault!!

Lock your doors and duck for cover!!!

P.s. Yep... She's totally into rubber and other shiny related wearings!

More tomorrow! YEP!


Y to the ellow to the P to the ants!!

(that's for "Yellow Pants")

So... I'm sorry but I have no other choice, none other than to interrupt your regular day's doings catching up posts with this special day's doings event!!! You guys are a few days late, you see, and I've been struggling to get you back up to date! Today, however I bump this one in line! Cuz here's what happened today >>>>

I finally got to scar Yellow Pants more for real! Not that the last time was not for real, this time was just more for real!!! We'd been talking about this piece for a few years now too so it's pretty damn nice to get to see it all done and pretty!!! We doodled, and doodled again... We even yoga-doodled and managed to fill the spot perfectly! Then while some (I won't give any names here) were best friends with the Bactine bottle, others managed a pretty damn sweet "one-shot" if I may say so myself!! A first in many ways too!!!! First "indian" chick (I am surprised) but also first dream catcher too! Check it out... She's fishing for dreams... Get it???

Complete with original Yellow Pants, freckles, spirit animal and reference specific designer heals!!!

What more could ya ask for!?!?

More tomorrow!! - What? Still more tomorrow??? You're completely crazy Nick!!!! -Yep! That's why they call me loco!!! You know what that means?? I'll tell you next time!!

Stay awesome out there!


Space Legs to her Space Neck...

... Aka the Space Skank continuum continuation...

Here's your intergalactic dooms day's doings post of the day!! This giant Zorghon hottie is about to claim the Earth and there's absolutely nothing we can do to stop her!! Not even Obama!!! Here's the "one-shot" lower arm! Apart from that flag that will one fine day be all red... Everything else got covered!! Take a look at the top half finished last year here!

Here she is!!!

Yes yes!! She's an ass-tronaut!!

Ok got to run!! More tomorrow!!


The path we choose...

M M More of the latest tat-doings!!!

An original fairy tale for you today... The not often told yet very true story of the Purple riding hood!! Also known as the 6 hour half-sleeve!!

More tomorrow!!! Got to run!


Family bidness

Back with some of these day's doings you guys seem to like!!

Barely have a few minutes to post these so it'll be quick I'm afraid!! Here we go...

Last Sunday was family day for me! yep!! So my father, my aunt and my sister flew in all the way from France to get some sweet new ink!! Yep! Family tat-day! So under the watchful eye of the patriarch, here's what I did...

On my sister's back cuz she likes horses...

And then on my Aunt's back cuz she likes Dragons!

Yes yes... The second dragon in my career and right on time for the new year!!
I believe I only have one last family member left that still remains unscarred... I believe it's my Mum's turn, next! There's just no other way really!! Let's see how that goes! Until then, that's it for today! Would love to stay a bit longer and write about all this but I really have to run... Again...

I have so much to Plog about but so little time... I guess you know how it goes by now! But I am looking forward to some more in dept blogging as soon as I get back to my beloved home!!

Until then... Tats and more tats...

10 days left!


Stretching it 18-19

Hey! Wut-up!?

Missed a few days have we? It was bound to happen with this insane schedule of mine!! Had some family and friends over for the last few days too so it got pretty impossible to post! But there was no way I would skip on the RED BOX!!! So I'm back with a bunch of stuff to post and your weekly RED BOX pages! The last ones of this first chapter too! Enjoy >>>



Next week... A new chapter begins!!! How exciting!!!!
Until then... Back on the tat-post starting tomorrow!!

Stay awesome!



Happy new year!!!!!
Double happiness all around!!!!!


The Alche-cat

Day's doings for you...

... Once again with the worse possible pictures humanly possible! This piece is so much nicer in real life... No really!!! Anyways... Here's the Alche-cat >>>

Also included in this Blog post: Today's Copenhagentown weather report!!

With a steady "always in your face" strong horizontal wind and the usual midday dark grey setting, winter has just stepped it up a notch and decided to take the piss today! It's been raining a even mix of wet snow, freezing rain and diarrhea... You heard me! It's pretty gross actually! I saw it with my own eyes... Children covered in liquid poop, crying and running for cover! This place is damned!!! Damned I tell you!!!

Hopefully this shit storm won't last till the end of the month... Hopefully!

More tomorrow!


Electric times

The day's doings for you...

Now please accept my most sincere apologies but my real difgi-camera has been fuckin' up again lately so I am left with none other than my little S95 to take pictures of the day's doings! A great little gadget that's great for taking pictures of anything except tattoos! It truly sucks for tattoos! In fact if you are a tattoo artist out there and you're thinking of getting one of these compact little marvels in the hopes of taking easy tat-shots with it, DON'T!!!

I can not stress enough the fact that this piece looked so much much much better than these shitty pictures try to show! I'm just bummed cuz I'll most probably never see this piece again and those are the best shots I could get of this epic "one-shot" !!!

No seriously!!! This piece is epic in real life!!

Anyways... Forgive my ranting and have a look for yourselves, just keep in mind this is but a very pale copy!

More tomorrow!!!!

Not forgotten

For Niels.


Good luck and Goodluck 16+/17

It's that time of the week again...

I can't wait to see the stats this week after last week's mega record busting!!
I also don't really know how I managed to pump out these two pages in time... But I did! It is so much work doing this and very hard to keep up with the weekly deadline but I've managed alright so far!

Here's your weekly dose of The RED BOX >>>

PAGE 16+


More still more of my days doings again tomorrow!!! Incredible!


Ok ok 7:30...

Your scheduled day's doings >>>

The purple gummy maker, why not! She uses her ability to communicate with the cosmos and turn space into matter to make... Gummies... Sure! WHy not!



In other non-related news... I am very sorry but if you're waiting for an answer to your last mail it might take me a while longer! I barely have time to eat and sleep so I have been accumulating e-mails and have had no time to answer! I will answer, just gimme a few more days to catch my breath!

More tomorrow!!


A very long day...

... It's been a very long day indeed!

Woke up at 7 in Hamburg this morning... Caught the train to Copenhagentown... Made it back just in time to run to the shop and start working... Just finished at midnight! I am busted let me tell ya! I don't even really know how I'm managing to post this!

But enough ranting... Here's some of those day's doings for ya...

More tomorrow...
Now if you'll excuse me... I have an hour of walking to make it to my couch ahead of me and I should really try to find something to eat too! Not eating is not good!!!

EPHK >>>>> Out!



Postcard from Sankt Pauli!


I will hunt you down...

Got to run got to run... So so busy up here!!!! Too much to do... Not enough time to do it all in...

Here's your day's doings!!! Yellow backgrounds is the new gold!!!

Just one robot... Minding his own busyness!!!

Ok sorry I have no time to write more for today... Got to go and catch a train now!
Catch ya later!!!



3 things for you today!!

1- I have taken for granted the fact that everyone knows this but I've realized I do have a few new customers this time around so... For those concerned:

Show up for your session at 2PM (unless specially arranged in advance cuz you're traveling from far away)

The shop is located at:

Conspiracy Inc.
Schleppegrellsgade 7
2200 KĂžbenhavn N

Phone: (+45) 33 36 22 77

And if you need any other info about anything Conspiracy related check this out!

2- I did bring a few prints with me to Denmarkia! So if any of you who got a spot or didn't were interested in any such framables... Don't hesitate to ask!

I have a few Mandy Mohawk prints in both A2 and A3 and also a few A3s from my last 2009 batch too!

3-And finally, your tat-doing visuals of the day!

This sleeve had been started about 4 to 5 years ago and we just got it done this week! So it's on oldie but at the same time a definite classic!!! When such an epic sleeve is finally completed after such a long time, it's always nice to sit back and just look at it for a while! One more for the collection!

So here's what it looked like after a few hours of touch-ups here and there and some missing bit there too!

Oh and before I forget...

I can not express how happy I am to see that the RED BOX posts are getting so much traffic! Yesterday's broke a never before seen record!! And here I was thinking all you cared about was this tattoo thing!!

You rock!

Plog ya again tomorrow!


The Inter City 21... 13-15+

It's that time of the week again... Yep! The time when all your RED BOX related desires are fully embraced!

Well that, or you just got bored on the web and stumbled on this page... Either way, you'll be happy to know I'm still honouring my comic engagement and have once again managed a few pages for your RED BOX reading needs!! Also I'm introducing double pages this week! I'm thinking if I ever print this, they'd just flip out! So yeah the next page after page 15 will also be a double! Anyways... I'm also gonna work on a new system to get to start from Page 1 without having to find the others and such! As soon as I get a second I'll be figuring out something for that!!

Also... I've been doing my very best to keep the story open but I can't lie... I'm starting to see where this can possibly go! I'll see how the story tells itself slowly but there are definitely some very interesting developments coming your way and I am ready to bet you'll all get hooked by the end of this month!!! Yep!!! Anyways... here's this week's daily dose of the RED BOX >>>



PAGE 15+

For now... To start from PAGE 1, look for the before last widget on the left side bar and follow the posts!!

Ok got to go... M M More still more tomorrow!!!!


On the lookout...

Day 6's day's doings... For your viewing pleasures!!

I hope you are enjoying this regularness of the tattoo Plogging type!!

Here's a 3D falcon (of the Peregrine family) busy on the lookout... 2 hours worth >>>

Stay tuned for m m more tomorrow... Oh wait! Tomorrow is RED BOX day... Start getting excited!!

Until then... Here are more birds... In the personal collection of mister Jens (above tattooed), framed in all their golden glory!! Nothing beats a framed piece!!

Ok got to run... More work needs be done!
Catch ya tomorrow!!


The Rock Monster

Day 5's day's doings...

Here's the inside of the ROCK sleeve from last year!! One more shot on this epic rockin' madness in about a week and it should be all done done!!! Here's a minor demon of bass and bat friends...

Got to go... But stay tuned for more epic tat-doings!!!

Stay epic!


The kingdom of the Opto-Octopus

More day's doings!!!

Nothing's too good for you!!
Here's day 4's Opto-Octopus >>>

Red & Black...


More of this and that and also some of both of these and then some, tomorrow!!
Soak it in while you can!


The princess and the Fish people...

Only got a sec here so ... Here's your daily day 3's day's doings!!!

Finally some more colour on this epic sleeve from last year!!! We plan on finishing the whole thing before I leave so expect more Pirate-fairy Vs Fish-men action in the weeks to come!!!

M M More tomorrow!!!
Got to run...It's epic lasagna time!



Gummies in space?

... Why not?

Here's day two's day's doings!!

Completing the forearm from last year's gummy piece!! More going up on this arm in a few weeks!!!

Also in the news...

Just got to check this one out!! Britain's Tattoo Revolution zine from last November with some me time in it!! Makes me sound a bit more like a douche than I actually am but I'm totally fine with that and if you don't have the internet... They got some of my very last pieces from the Hong Kong!!

I'll also be in the next Tattoo Burst Japan and Tattoo burst Taiwan so check those out if you're in those respective hoods!!!

Ok got to go... Catch ya on the flip side (tomorrow)!


Olaf Olafsen and the undead gang bangers!

So yeah…
I made it to Copenhagentown in one piece and have been keeping busy ever since! Pretty crazy busy actually and there is lots more to be done before I can find even just a few minutes to breath for a sec!

All this work and barely any sleep reminds me of a slightly grim yet very true, famous Scandinavian folk tale… The one of Olaf Olafsen aka Olaf the bloodthirsty! It is told that during the long arctic Viking nights, this unholy little demon would come and eat the feet of little Viking boys and girls that didn't do they're Math homework and didn't properly keep they're toys in properly labeled boxes on carefully labeled shelves! He would chew they're little feet right off and then vomit the half digested body parts back into the children's mouths as they were sleeping, causing them to inevitably choke… Pretty shitty right! What? No of course this is true!! Who could come up with something like that?? Anyways… Here's an old historical factual illustration of the said Olaf Olafsen!

See??? This is obviously a fact!!! Anyways…

... Also in the day's news… Here's the first post in a long and steady stream of posts about that tattoo thing I sometimes do!!! I'll be trying to keep posting these regularly but if things keep being so hectic, there is the slight possibility of some possible blog schedule irregularities! Let's see how it goes! So with no further delay… As previously promised… The first day's doings of operation "35 Days of Nights", my good Copenhagentown buddy Commando Mitch's very own… I give you… Da Cholo Zombie crew! Yep… You bet!! Not the best shot ever since I had to re-shoot it the next day but you'll get the idea!!!

More more more to come and hopefully as soon as tomorrow!!

Stay street!


An epic sky 10-12

Ola !

Just got off the plain and right back to work!! Finished an epic brand new "one-shot" late last night and was gonna start this marathon of tattoo awesomeness posting today but it seems something between my digi-camera and my memory card has decided otherwise! Terribly bad timing if my camera just died, that's for sure!! I'll need some further investigation in the hours to come!

I was just on my way back to the shop for another tat-a-magic day but before I leave... Here is your long awaited weekly dose of the [RED BOX] !!




Apart from that... It's cold, raining and windy but it's nice to see my crew again!!!

Keep it real out there and if you happen to be in the general Copenhagen area during the next 5 weeks... Drop by with some coffee* for a chat!!

*Double espresso black/black thanks!


Happy FUTURE!!!!