Neck thursday !

That's what yesterday was !

Me , the Jesse and the Allan ... All working in the back !! Was a bit tight but we managed !!

This what I done did !! Not the kind of stuff I usually do ( roses or necks ) But more then happy to put my lines on the eternal classic !! Here's what a rose on a neck looks like when I do it !!!

Luv it !

And here's a shot without Allan in it !!

Also in the news !!!!! My buddy IGL has finally managed to update his Igl Blox !!!! Hurra !!! The Chines Astroboter on top of the page will be missed !! Have a look at what a bunch of tourists look like !

Tomorrow ?? Yep !! You guessed it ! Still more of that sick tatzapping action !!


More more and more !!

Merry-go-round !!

A bit more tat-action from the Electric Pick side of planet Conspiracy !! This one done a few days ago !! Kinda looks all orange now but I'll get some new shots when it heals for your exclusive viewing pleasure !! That's how I roll !!

Tomorrow ??? More of that sick tat-action !!!


The Batleg !

After many attempts ... I finally managed to get a good enough shot of this super tat ! Have finished this one a while ago but for some reason it was shy ! Here it is !! I just luv it ! Enjoy !

Back at work tomorrow ... Till Sunday ! So if ya wanted to drop by with some coffee ... Any day's good this week !!

Later !


Were-havn !

That's right ladies and gentlemen !!

Behold !! The Nyhavn werewolf !! The full scene !! With werewolf in action , foggy docks of Nyhavn , damsel in distress and unsuspecting drunk sailor witness !! ( True story !! ) 'tis what's been done yesterday !! A full set of lines for mister Werewolf Tobias !! More on this sweet piece in early January !!

P.s. Don't think she'll make it ! Sorry ... Wish it could be otherwise !! Truly do ... But ... Some stories ... Some times have to have a sad ending !

More tattoos to post ... No time to post them in !! So keep an eye on this here Plog in the next few days cuz lots more tattoos to be posted !! Including a final shot of the Batman leg masterpiece !! Finally managed a sweet shot of this awesome super piece !! Yep ... Mhm !

Later , Plog huffers !


Plogiversary !!

That's right !!

Today is nothing less than the one year anniversary of the Electric Plog !!!! Hurra !!!! Just quickly went through all the posts since the first one , last 27th of October and am quite happy about how it all turned out !! Hope ya guys like it too !! Let me know , if you get a second , what you think of this whole blog thing !! Would love to hear some comments about the whole thing !!

Well ... Apart from realizing I post more than once every two days on average ( sounds like I have no life !! I do !! I do !! I'm just blog addicted !!! ) I also realized I got much more to Plog about !! So if you like this Plog ... Keep keeping an eye on this little part of the World Wide Webs !!

In other news ... December is booked , and I've done did some sweet tats to show today but no time to post it tonight so ... It'll have to wait till tomorrow !!

Sweet dreams , all ya Plog followers out there and don't let the bed bugs bite !!


Back at the beginning ...

Just got back and emptied the bags !! Nice to be back on the rainy island again !

Here are a few unfinished sketches I started last week and just managed to scan ! Nothing finished but thought that some illustration was long overdue on this here Plog !! Welcome to what goes on in my head !! Will most probably paint a bit on them too !! This is my brand new sketchbook thing I just started ... Square pages that I fill with random stuff until the pages are full !! Only a few pages were done but as usual ... More to come !

Also in the news !! Am currently answering the December booking requests !! If you haven't written me yet ... Do it soon !! And for everybody else that remembered to write ... Be patient !! A reply is coming !!

And of course ... Will be back behind my grinding desk tomorrow and except for wednesday , will be there everyday until Sunday the second ! Come and drop by the shop with some coffee ( Double espresso black for me thanks ) and hang out for a few minutes if you're in the hood ... My buddy Jesse's also in town and will answer all your questions about life , the universe and everything else ... But he doesn't drink coffee ! I know ... Weird !!!

Tomorrow ... A special day !! Will post about it tomorrow night !! So long head bangers and mash !!


CH and back !

More shots of this little paradise !

The hang out on top and a day in lausanne ...

More shots and maybe even some artsy stuff later !

Take care out there and beware of the mountain people !!

Just chilling !!

More shots tomorrow !!


Conventionings ...

Last time , on the Electric Plog ...

There was a convention ! Mhm ... That's right ! Now ... Most of you tattoo artists out there are used to these and probably even like doing them ! Which is totally fine , I just , personally , don't ! Maybe cuz I'm too antisocial or cuz I prefer working in the comfort of a shop but I just don't really like these shows that much ! So ... For the last few years I've been doing one a year and every time I'm done with one , I still think that was one too many that year ! Don't get me wrong they can be a lot of fun for many things ... Just don't enjoy actually working at them ! I was thinking of writing all about all the little things I don't like about them ... But after a little conversation with my buddy Jesse ( sitting right next to me right now ) I've decided to spare you the ranting ! I've , however , just decided that this was my last "working" convention ! Just really got sick of hearing myself rant about it really !!! All this said ... This last Evian show was a very nice , well organized convention and if you happen to like conventions ... This is a very nice local show !! True story !!

>>>>> Rant over !

Now here are some shots !

Day one ... A few hours on the pink cat factory and some random sketching ...

Day two ... A flying bear ! Or is it ?? 5 hours of lines on a one year old piece ! Happy all the lines are done now !! More of this hopefully before an other year passes !!

Hurra !!

More of this picture show later !!! Now we eat !


Yep ! True story !!

Just changed towns and landed down here , after the convention and it's rock'n !! Little place called Yvoire on the French side of Lac Leman , opposite Switzerland ! Beautiful little part of our planet to hang out with friends for the next 5 days !! Here's a quick shot but more will fallow !!

Also coming soon .... A quick recap ( with photos ) of the EVIAN show !! Continued a few pieces and hung out a bit and will be post posting as soon as I get a minute !! So keep an eye out for that as well !

Oh and yeah ! Also just turned 30 today !

Post ya later !!


On the French side of the Alps ...

Just landed at noon in this little fairy tale land !!

Not much shots taken today ... But here are two from my hotel window , I just opened ! Sweet little place this little part of the world and am quite happy to understand everyone here ... Not like home but kinda ! My people , ya know ! Anyways ... Should have more time to take some sweet shots in the next few days so stay tuned !

Tomorrow ... some sick tattooing and all out crew rock'n !!!

If you're in the hood ... Drop by to say hi !

Later , fondue eaters !


A giant peach !

... Is what the second part of the Br'er rabbit sleeve is all about ! That's what was done today ! Here's a few lines from today's hour and 15 minute session !

And while I was tattooing today ... This homie dropped by with a wonderfully healed mermaid !! Always nice to see your stuff come back exactly like you sent it !!! So bright and ... Wow ... Speechless !! It's just really nice to see !!

Tomorrow .... The whole crew's outta here ! Off to the French Alps to hurt some locals !! Evian here we come !


Doom season !

Ok ok ... Remember what I said yesterday ? Well as if that wasn't terrifying enough !!! Here's what awaits man kind if we do survive the animal's wrath !! Yep !! Ready ... ? Ok here it goes ... Step by step !!

First the Markers then the scratches and finally as far as we got with the lines for today !!

See ... It all went wrong !! We screwed up again !! (boy we really suck !! I mean ... All the sleeves I've been working on lately are about how we suck and are all gonna die from it !! A bit grim !) So yeah ! Pollution and over industrialization is our doom on this piece !! Bio chemical wasteland doom !!! Needless to express in too much detail how much I enjoyed drawing and scratching these hundreds of pipes and giant industrial complexes !! This stuff is like porn to me !! Over manufactured landscaped constructivism !! Can't wait till next time !

More crazy radioactive colours on this one in March !! Stay tuned !

Tomorrow ... In my never ending line-o-thon ... Part two of the br'er rabbit (going for the upper half !) And after that ... Off to Evian !!

Later , Doom lovers !


Fauna strike !

Back at the office of pain ... And here's what I came up with today !

A new sleeve was started and hang on to your computer chair cuz this one tells of the very serious and quite dramatic outcome of our very existence !! Yep ... Mhm ! The end of our human reign , all together !! True ! See ... What happened is , we had it coming !! Plans were drawn a long time ago but their endless forgiveness had spared us !! However , there's a time when one must draw a line and well ... Too much is just too much !!! So yeah ! All the animals , rallied , prepared and finally struck !! Pay back time !! Taking back the space and making sure we don't come back !!! That's right ... Start running !! The price of gas at the pump and the credit crunch are the last of your worries now !! Quite dramatic , I'm sure you can agree , but then again ... One must do what one must do !!

Here it is ... Got through 3 and a half hours of scratches and lines for today ! An other 4 hours of lining in December should get us ready for some deep , dramatic , end of the world colours !!

Stay tuned ... For tomorrow , a new sleeve will get started !!

In the mean time ... Start stocking your backyard underground atomic bunker with ramen noodles !! These animals don't look like quitters ! Stay safe !

Web-mad !

There ya go !!
Just finished the last little touches on this last site update ! Took me most of the day but it's done now and I can go to bed !!! Hurra ! So ... Enjoy the new stuff ... It's all over the place (Tattoos , illustration , sketches ... etc) However , of course , if you happen to be a regular at the Electric Plog ... You might have seen most of this new stuff when it came out ! But I was pretty pleased to see I had more than doubled my tattoos for 08 and it was nice to see them all at once !

Let me know what ya think !! It's always nice to get some feedback !!! ELECTRICPICKDOTCOM

Tomorrow I'll be starting a 3 day tattoo stretch before we all leave for the Evian show next weekend ! So some sweet tattoo shots in the next few days can be expected !

And finally ... To all my Canadian homies from Vancouver to Montreal ( I don't know anyone east of that ) and to me mum whom I know has just started following this here Electric Plog ... A very happy Thanksgiving !

Later , turkey stuffing munchers !


Souble Daturdays !

Shazzam ! That was a long Saturday !! Started at 2 finished at 2 ! Sometimes , I guess a tattooer's got to do what a tattooer's got to do !! So true !

So yeah ! ... Started this new one first ! 4 hrs and a half of lines later ! The space Buddha was born ! A sweet new one , if you ask me !! We're gonna use every excuse on this one to go all out , crazy bright , super colour mad !! So yeah ! The space Buddha just landed on this weird planet to do his happy Buddha thing !! ( he should come and visit ours ) !

This dude wanted a Buddha on his arm and I guess he didn't suspect some space magic !! Much better this way ! Colours in December for this piece !

P.s. Yes !!! That's his space ship in the back !!


Party mix tape !

Today's happenings !!

Miss Linn , here , got her first ever and on the ribs none the less !! 3 and a half hours of grinding ... Good job missy ! Ah ... One shots ! Always nice to finish something once in a while !! However , I have no idea what's on the tape !! Allan would like it to be one side James Bond themes and the other side party mix ! I think Black sabbath on both sides is best ... But at the end of the day ... I guess it's her call ! Not ours !

Tune in for more of that tattoo fad , tomorrow , when I'll be starting a new half sleeve and maybe ... Just maybe ... Finishing Wookee's sleeve of robo-luv'n !!

Until then , stay classy out there !

Later !


HMS Thunder child 06 !

An old classic !

Had forgotten about this one !! But Malle , at the shop , asked me for all my WOTW stuff for a new Myspace folder , the other day ... That's right !! All about our WOTW !!! Sweet ! So ... Found this one for the folder and decided it would look good here too !!

Ahhhh ... The sad but true story of the HMS Thunder child !!

Tomorrow ... More book layout stuff !!

Later , martian tripod underestimaters !!


Colour power !

In the valley of the zombies !!!!!

Today's tattzappings !! Missy , here , came down from Jyllandland for a second shot and some colours on her ultimate zombie of doom half sleeve of doomness !! ! After a bunch of tattoos all over ... Today was the first colour she ever got ! So ... Good job , sister , for choosing the bright side of the force !

Yes !! Skulls of doooooom , in the sky !!!! R a a a a a a ... The horror ... the ... h o r r o r ...

Tomorrow ... Some more of that book layout stuff !! Until then ... Stay safe and eat some vegetables !


Br'er rabbit and the tar baby !

Finally some of that tattoo thing !!

Here's the day's doings ! An old story reactualized ! What ?? You never heard of this story !? Check it out !!

Tomorrow ... Zombie colours !


Shrimp-a-licious !

A shrimp !

Just had some sushi ... Maybe that's what this is about !

Well ... My Friday guy was sick And thought I had a Saturday guy too but my calendar was wrong !! Again so ... Ended up not working much this week after all !! It's all good for the book though !

Back at the office on Monday ! Drop by with some coffee if you're in the hood !


Ahh ... Paris !

Still nothing new to post ... However , some stuff still !

Here are a few shots I just dug out from the 2005 box ! Been working on my book all day and I must tell you , it's weird to go back in the past !! Checking all this old stuff out and trying to pick what I keep and what I don't !! These shots are from early 05 when I was working in Paris ! Nice ones too ! Some of my favorites of that year !! Always had a weird thing for tracks and urban industrial stuff !!

Tomorrow back at the office of ink , blood and tears ! Might have a few new pictures for yall !!

Later !