Shipment has arrived !

Shipment of originals from the old Copenhagen gallery , that is !! Go check them out if you got nothing else better to do on the interwebs on this fine last day of August , of course !

The S.U.V. and the STUCK pieces will be ready to leave for their new homes tomorrow ! The giant vampire chick is also due to get collected from the frame wizard tomorrow ! That vampire chick is already picked and bought but I will definitely post some pictures of it with its brand new pimpin' frame !!!!

More tomorrow !



Today's tattoo action ... Part two of the traveling half sleeve !!

This good man , all the way from Swissland had come to Hong Kong for the first sitting on this here piece ! Part two , in Copenhagen ... A bit closer from home , one might say ! So today we spent the day colouring it all up for about 5 hours ! Here's What it all looked like all done and done !!!

Good travels buddy !!

Still more to Plog ... Still no time to Plog it in !!!

Stay happy !

P.s. Absolutely ! That last one and pretty much all I've been painting lately is for sale ! After they get Plogged here , they are shipped to my framing wizard and back at the shop about a week later and up for grabs on the EPTB !!


In Gold

The day's doodle...

Not quite finished yet with this one ... Not enough contrast between the chick and the background ! Not sure yet what I'll do to it but I also kinda like it like this ! Let's see what happens !

Tomorrow is tattoo day !
I get to finish the traveling half sleeve started in Hong Kong ! Come back and check for this one , it should be a nice one !!

Tuesday is "getting back all my originals from the old gallery" day ! So expect the EPTB to fill up with stuff to look at !!

Stay gold !


Hard light

Yesterday's DOOM session !!

Part two on the rock sleeve !

4 hours well spent if you ask me ! Stay tuned for more on this one in December !

Not much time to blog about anything these days !! Just barely managing to find a few seconds here and there to post the work but am definitely saving up for some "here" and "now" Ploggings ! A few shots of Copenhagentown by night taken in the last few days , to come and maybe even some factual facts post about this part of the world !

Until then stay sane and if you happen to be in Hong Kong tonight ... Say hi for me !


Cordon Bleu !

More tattoos ... More sleeve starting !!!

Yesterday's sleeve starting action live from the office !!

This time ... A kitchen sleeve got started ! We scratched it all and then we made it to about half the lines by the end of the day ! Next appointment on this culinary arm should be in not too long ! More lines and maybe some colour too when we get there ! Until then ... Here's how it all looked like !

Red/Black >>>

Half lined >>>

Tomorrow is the start of a well deserved full weekend of doodlings so stay tuned for some of that action ! Should also have some time to Plog today's doom session of doom tattooing !!

Stay healthy !



Originals update !

You guys rock !!

Opened my computer this morning to notice both the new originals on the EPTB got sold overnight and that's pretty damn rad ! These two sweet pieces will get packed and shipped out on Tuesday ! Both heading to their new respective homes on opposite corners of the world !

For all of you out there who might have been interested in these or other pieces , fear not !! More more more to come ! Some time next week I should definitely manage to finally get back my stuff from last year ! That'll be a bunch in one go and should keep you busy for a little while ! If you however , like the newer stuff more ... There should be a bunch of these popping up randomly yet regularly ! Some maybe even as soon as next week (apart from the last vampire doll who also already got grabbed) !

Thanks to all and stay awesome !
Today's new sleeve ... Plogged tomorrow !


VAF in the house Laaa !

Firstly ... As promised , last Monday's tattoo action >>>

A quickie , one might say ! Barely 2 and a half hours in the making but a final session on a sleeve ! A piece complete !
Buddy shaky legs came all the way down , once again , from Gothenburgtown for his ink needs ... Hopefully not for the last time ! Always good to have you over Gweilo !!!

Here's what happened >>>>

Yep ... Shaky legs is an adult now ! He's getting baby tattoos !

Check out the full thing we had finished last year , minus the baby patch !


Also in the news >>>>

If you happen to be one of those people that get their fancy tickled by my doodles and think that nothing less than the original is good enough for you good folks ... Check out the EPTB ! Finally got two fine pieces up for grabs uploaded a minute ago ! More to come ... I just haven't managed to get my older stuff from the gallery back just yet and some other new ones are still getting framed !! Next week for sure !
Until then let me know what yall think !!!! They do always look so much more bester all pimped up and framed !

For any enquiries about these two fine pieces or any other originals for sale: pick@electricpick.com


True story !

However ... Also in the news of the day >>>

-Don't take the bus in the Philippines !

-Inception fuckin' rocked !!

-Today's tattooing action posted tomorrow !!!

Stay fresh !


Sleeve week ...

The catch up !!

As promised , last week's tattoo action aka "sleeve week" in living colour (and mostly lines) just to bring you guys back up to speed in my calendar's crazy tattoo season !

First in line "the tree" >>>

An old sleeve started in 2008 (yep , that's a while ago) was finally continued last Monday !
Have a look at the first session , from 2 years ago just to get the idea ! A crazy tree on crack was the main theme here !

Here's what it looked like at the end of this highly anticipated first day of colour !!

More on this sleeve of tree madness in a few months !

Second in line "Rapunzel sleeve" >>>

Thursday's work ... A new sleeve got started and all lined up in one sitting ! That's pretty quick for me ! Have been getting quicker and quicker lately but this has to be a first ! A sleeve all lined up in about 5 hours ! Here's what my Rapunzel looks like ! However please forgive me ... I seem to have forgotten , once again to take the marker shots !!

More colour on this piece very very soon !

And lastly but not leastly .... "the fairy pirate Vs the fishmen from below sleeve"

Yep !

Black and Red >>>

And almost all lined up at the end of the day >>>

Keep an eye on this epic battle till the end to find out who will win this deadly maritime struggle ! Personally ... I happen to be rooting for the Fishmen from below ! But some other people might not share my enthusiasm !

Colours real soon !

Hope this post satisfies your deepest tattoo cravings of the week !
More more more next week !!


So busy laaah ....

Crazy busy !

Yep get use to it ... I think I'll be writing this a lot in the next few months !!

Just finished lining yet another sleeve and have no energy to start cropping and posting stuff tonight ! Sorry guys ! I'm still about a week behind anyways ! But tell ya what ! I'll post ya an unfinished doodle tonight (just so you have something to look at) and I'll find a bit of time to make a mega tattoo catch up post tomorrow ! To get you guys back up to speed on this sleeve week ! How's that ? Yeah ? Cool !

Done deal !

Flying Blue (not the air mile club) ...

P.s. Thanks a lot for all the comments and e-mails about the last piece (vampire chick) ! I'm getting it seriously pimped up at my frame dude right now ! I think it's already sold but I promise a good shot of it all framed and hot and stuff !!!!

Blue's not always so bad !


Deep in the darkness ...

Deep in the shadows ...

Last piece I just came up with a few days ago and by far my new favouritest of them all since I've been back !!! Think I really love this new one a lot !
Let me know what yall think about this last vampire one !

Also ... This piece and a few others just got dropped at my wonderful framing wizard this morning and should be all pretty and good to get posted on the EPTB's new Originals for sale section , in about a week ! Expect a bunch of originals from before I left for Hong Kong and then loads of new stuff too !!

And finally ... E-Shop's finally open again !! Just just managed to update the EPTB and set up all the old inventory from last year ! No new stuff just yet but soon soon enough !! Till then ... You'll have to deal with some older stuff !!

Check a check a check it out ...


Le Tattooing x2!

Last week's second day of le Tattooing !!!

We sadly did not manage to finish this one , I completely forgot once again to take the marker shots and never managed to get a good picture at the end of the day .... But still ... I have something to show !

Le Buddy has promised to return in the not so distant future to finish this new leg patch and ... To also wrap up the lower arm piece we did on the first day !

De-construction ... Living on that planet must , no doubt hella-suck !! Constantly building and destroying shit around you !!! I'd move ! But hey ... Makes for a sweet piece !

Thanks for coming from so far (not that far actually but for some reason , the French will not travel to get tattooed unlike their other European neighbours) so special thanks for coming buddy !

In other news >>>>>>

There are no other news today !

Plog ya later ... Still got some catching up to do ... Lots to Plog !!!!



Doodles doodles ...

This one's from a few weeks ago when I had started Copenhagen-painting again ... After a long break ! Did a few that day but hadn't had a full day off to paint again since today ! Just too damn much tattooing going on nowadays ! Got to balance it out a bit better soon ! Anyways ... Today was a well awaited painting day indeed ! And I went crazy ... Feels great ! There's nothing I love more in the world than painting for no reason ! No deadlines , no tattooing , nothing but me and some surface to fill !

None were finished today however at least 6 amazing A3s are well on their way to be so ... Keep an eye out over here in the next week ! As soon as I can find another few minutes to myself , I'll be able to finish a few of these awesome new pieces !!!

Also ... I'll be doing my best to bring the EPTB back online sometime this week too !!!



Le Tattooing !

More more more tattoos for yall !

This time from last Thursday's session !
Buddy came all the way from la France to get some ink done ! 2 days of it to be precise ! Here's what day one looked like !
The calm and serenity of green ...

You know the drill ... Red for me/Black for le buddy !!

And 5 hours later >>>

Merveilleux ! Another "one shot" in the bank !!

More tats still to come ! Stay busy !


And out of nowhere they came ...

Still up !
I know I know ... I should go to bed but if I go to bed too soon , I'll be back up at like 1 am and well that's just retarded when you live in a town that has a very strict schedule ! So decided to try and last a bit longer . Not much just a bit more longer . Am really feeling it though . I use to do this skipping a night thing almost every week way back in the day ! Tattoo all day , draw all night and back at tattoo work the next day and could barely feel it at all ! Nowadays ... Not so tough I'm afraid . Must be getting old ... I feel like a zombie . Anyways ... Enough self pity , but since I'm trying to stay up a bit longer , thought I could start catching up a bit on the week's Ploggables >>>

Talking about zombies ... Here's last Monday's undead tat-session !

All the way from Ålborg (Olbo) , Mr. Buddy came up to the capital to continue downwards from the voodoo half (4th from the top) I had finished just before leaving for HK , last year . I'm however afraid that this time , it seems as though I might have completely forgotten to take a picture of the Red and Black marker lines , Allan's favourite part indeed ... It happens !

Goat headed zombie kings , dirty voodoo undead rituals and a party of boy scouts stuck , I'm afraid , at the wrong place at the wrong time ! Here's what that looked like on Monday night , at the end of a lines & black session >>>>

Colours in not so long .

More catching up tomorrow !!! Cool tats too !

P.s. Yep , that there voodoo symbols is indeed some reel life voodoo symbols ! True story !

Insane-o !

These last few weeks have been insane busy indeed ! Exponentially so !! From no days off to no nights off ! So forgive my Plog silence of the last few days but I haven't been able to find a second to myself !!

It's 7:30 in the morning right now and I just spent the night cropping pages (the very last day (or night) of work on "the book" is finally done!!) All the pages are squeezed in a drive , ready to fly to Hong Kong and good to go for the printers !!!! After a very long night of final final book making it's finally out of my hands !

I have about a week's worth of awesome Ploggables waiting inline but I'm afraid I'll have to make you wait a bit longer !! Have a hard time keeping my eyes open and opening Photoshop to crop stuff is the last thing I need right now ! I'll definitely try to post some of the last few days awesome new tattoo action sometime tonight though so keep an eye out !!

That's it for me ... I'm outta here ! Have a great day , I'm going to bed as soon as I can !


Hard waiting !!

Last weekend's tattoo party action !!

Last weekend , Austrian homies were in the house and all the way from Graz they came to hang , feed us world class alpine chocolate and to get some old ink done and done !! So we hung ... We ate chocolate and we tattooed the weekend away ! Here's what it looked like after I was done with them !!

My buddy IGL finally got his neck finished ! Started in 2007 ... This piece was itching to get done !!! The robo-matic-all terrain -auto-scooter ... Finally complete and in glorious green !

Then ... Bernie's turn ! Another old piece done !!! The pink cat factory with quality inspector included !!

All wrapped up in a day of blood, sweat and tears !

Always good to have faraway homies in town !!!!

Stay tuned for more more more coming up real soon !!!


65 years ago ...

Round 2...

80,000 People

Cuz once wasn't enough ?


The power of Rock !

Last Friday's tat-action for your viewing pleasures !!

A new sleeve was started indeed ! The power of ROCK was unleashed ! We drew ... We talked about demons and we lined the day away !! Here's what it actually looks like when you listen to your favourite records upside down !! You unleash the beast !!! Don't try this at home >>>

Red for me / Black for buddy !

And at the end of the day ... Most lines done >>>

Keep an eye out for this sleeve of ultimate Rock doomness !!

Strike-right !


65 years ago ...

140,000 People

And if you have 5 minutes to waste ... Check this out !!!!! Absolutely mind boggling !



Space and beyond ...

Yesterday's tattoo action indeed ! Buddy Zak came down from Stockholmtown for this new instalment on his growing space sleeve ! And that's just what he got !!! He came in asking me for a robot/chick ... And this is what I came up with ! A robo-chick indeed but not just !! You see... She is communicating with the planets , the cosmos , the universe !! Making one with the intergalactic void ... The ultimate mind in transgalactic communication action , understanding all that is and will be !!!! Pretty heavy shit , right !? Here's what it all looked like !!!!

Red for me/ Black for Zak >>>>

And 4 and a half hours later >>>>

Hurra for "one shots" !! Another one in the bank of finished pieces !

In other tattoo-related news ... It also seems that , in the wave of tattoo-coverage I have enjoyed for the last few months , I happened to have gotten one of these full pages filled with my work and stuff in the last TAM-zine ! Check it out !!

Stay tuned for more non-stop tattoo action tomorrow !!



Been painting and doodling like there's no tomorrow , lately !! And it feels absolutely awesome to be back in painting land ! 2 full days of just that was just what I needed !! Done a few of these A3 pieces in the last few days and here's the first of the series !! For some reason ... Red seems to be the main colour of choice right now ... Let's see how long that lasts !

Let me know what you think about this one ... I think I really like it ! I got more of these to post however tomorrow's the first day of a tattoo marathon so ... Might take me a while before I can post them ! Gotta make some room for the tattoos too !

Stay rockin ! And yes , all these loose pieces (not attached to my sketchbook) are always up for grabs ! Gimme a week or two and I'll have them and some older stuff up on the ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX ! New awesome merch projects coming too !!

Rock !


Bankers can't dance !

... Sad but true !

However ... Here's , I'm guessing , a highly anticipated post !! The first in a very long series of regular back in Europe tattoo posts ! For those of you out there who like that tattoo thing ... Here ya go ! Looks like I'll be pretty damn busy tattooing in the months to come ! Lots of people from all over Europe have been waiting patiently for their turn and finally , the time has come !

Here's the fruit of my first day at the office of pain , blood and tears !! As usual ... Red for me / Black for buddy !! This time around ... We filled up a gap , wrapping up the lower arm left from the last session and avoiding this older , previously done "lightning cloudy tape thing" patch !!

And the almost finished piece at the end of the day >>>>

Back in action !!! More tat-zzzzappppings starting on Thursday and pretty much everyday till next Tuesday !! Stay tuned for some tattoo marathon action reaction !!!!

Also in the tattoo news of the day >>>>

When last in Hong Kong , I dedicated a post to Magazine season ... And I just got the last of the 3 zines I had then talked about (the Polish one) in my hands ! The zine looks real good and my few pages are absolutely awesome !!! They squeezed in lots of pictures and as soon as I find someone who speaks Polish I'll be able to see if what they say about me is good or bad !! If you have access to such literature ... Take a look and let me know !!

Plog ya right back !!
EPHK >>>> Over and out !


Preparing for the show ...

... The back to Conspiracy-work show !

Tomorrow's my first day back at the Copenhagen office indeed and what an office ! The new shop is an amazing place , some of you out there will get to witness it very soon as for the others , you can expect a few posts dedicated solely to the awesomest tat-shop I've ever had the pleasure of working in ever !!!! True story ! Stay tuned for more about that soon !!

Everything else however , has proven incredibly hard to organize since I've been back ! Giving me almost no time for Plogging and getting settled ! So forgive the abstract photo recycling posts of the last few days but yeah ... I've been running around like a headless chicken since I've landed !! Gimme a few days to organize and I should be back on track !

+Technicals >>>>>>For all those whom it may concern ...
The Conspiracy inc. has indeed moved since the last time I was working in Denmark so , just to make sure :

Conspiracy Inc.
Schleppegrellsgade 7
2200 København N

Phone: (+45) 33 36 22 77

+Also >>>>>>Attendance schedule ...
For all scheduled appointments and for quick "live"chats :

Most Thursdays

Always after 2pm

Tomorrow ... ?
Back at Copenhagen-tattooing-work !