Hurra hurra !

Back behind my desk and contemplating the task at hand !!

Forgive the Plog-break of the last few days but not doing anything productive for these couple of days has been very nice !! Very nice in deed !! Am happy to be back at the H.Q. and happy to have all these many projects to start/continue working on ... Projects I've been thinking about for a few months now !! Was a little hectic before I left and then some more hectic while I was gone !! But now that I'm back it's good to look at all this stuff to do with a new , refreshed and inspired eye !! So behold ... Much to come !!

Will be continuing the ever lasting work , page by page , on my magna-masterpiece-book !! Have decided to invest a lot of time in the months to come on some new prints and crap and other related sellable doings , a new venue to show it all which will also have an easier and much more accessible way to see what original work is available and how to acquire it and stuff and stuff !! Tattoo wise a few bigger pieces will be finished this month and few new ones started too ! I'll be waiting a few weeks to get as much new stuff as possible finished and then a huge new update on my site will be in order !

Also in the news >>>>> The wonderful Conspiracy inc. tat-action parlour , my lovely tattoo H.Q. also known as the tattoo Mecca of the north has now acquired it's very own blog !!! True story !! An other step in our ever growing grand mischievous master plan to take over the internets !! I will be posting shop related news as travel and booking dates and will slowly fill it up with some of my quality tattoo work !! Check it out once in a while and let us know what you think !!

More , more , much more soon as I start to organize the piles on my desk !!

Good to be back and Plog ya later , Ploggers of the world !!

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