Down in the pit .

Farewell February !


Hot stuff !!

Yep ! It's coming alright !! Summer is starting to creep up on this megalopolis ... Slowly ... Slowly ! But already , the air has doubled in thickness , the humidity is hard to believe ! The walls sweat and the alleys are starting to stink a bit more than usual !! "It's only the beginning" my friends tell me !! I've seen Summers in China before but never this far south !! Wish me luck , it sounds like the Summers here are pretty intense ! I now realize I've always been here in Hong Kong during Winter , the past few years !!

My new best friend , I fear , will have to be my ever so eco-non friendly AC !! Until raining season comes around during the real Summer !! I'm afraid there's a serious risk of me just melting !! That one day , this fine Summer , my doorman might come up to my flat , worried from not having had a "morning" afternoon chat with me for a few days , and might find nothing more than a puddle at my desk ! A puddle of me !!

Hoping of course that this is a worst case scenario , I'll still keep my fingers crossed !

Still working on merch and new paintings for the gallery !! But will be back on book making duties as soon as next week !! Yep ... The same damn book !!! It's the final round though so ... Good news about that should be Plogged very soon !!

Stay awesome !


___>: ERROR< !

Quick hello from the fish market ... (as in for your aquarium , not for your frying pan)

(Sensia 400)

Just wanted to shoot a quick line to all of whom might have written me in the last 24 hours ! My inbox has randomly decided , in an outburst of mental despair , a probable cry for help , to eliminate all of the 33 day's messages before my eyes !! Still can't work out exactly what happened since it has never happened quite like this before but it has indeed , I now accept , just happened !! Barely had the time to see a few [subjects] and notice that most of them where actually real e-mails and not the always awaited "manliness enhancement best kept secret drug" mails or "I loving you. Please must visit me at RussiaBrides.com" mails or even the always very interesting "I am manager of Nigeria bank of the whole world and beyond and have a Bagazillion Euros for you. Please give me your bank info" ones !! So ... If you happen to be one of those who has written to me in the last 24 hours (the real mail one's only , please)... Please write back to me ! My inbox is sorry ... She won't admit it just yet but she eventually will !

Thanks for the time !

More , slightly interesting Ploggings to come !!


Under the highway !

Not much to declare today , ladies and gentlemen !!

Locked myself in all day to paint and ... Well ... It doesn't always work ! So ... A big long day of not much to plog about today !! Perhaps more tomorrow , I hope !!

In other more productive news however , it looks like the new T├Ątowier Magazin (from Germany) has just dropped and it looks like there might be a sweet article on myself in it too !! Some of my latest pictures and lots of German words , written one after the other all over the pages , hopefully saying good things about me !

Pick it up if you've got access to such literature and let me know what it looks like !!

Plog ya tomorrow !! Until then , here's a question sent to me by Henrich Von Toplerfelt from Utrecht in the Netherlands :

Dear Electric .
What , in your opinion , would you say is the most awesomest winter olympic sport ever ?

Well thank you for the question , Henrich ! It is a very good one indeed ! However I would have to say none of the above since not only am I dreadfully not interested in the said event but also , to my personal knowledge , Winter Olympics aren't even real Olympics now are they !

As usual , please send any questions to : pick@electricpick.com and I'll be more than happy to answer them !

Later !

One last time .... For Yellow Pants !!


Rock !!!



Some red ...

For all of you tattoo lovers out there ... Here's an update for ya ! Just so you know !! Have personally been pushing back a lot of work for the last few months , to my greatest pleasure ! However did have a few shots planned for February but they just didn't work out ! Changing tattoo spots made it difficult to plan some of them who will sadly have to wait a few more weeks and one of my other sure shots got grounded on his ship (the USS Nimitz) so ... Looks like I won't have any tattoo work to show you guys in February after all !! Fear not , however , Plog tattoo lovers ! March looks like a much better month for you !! Got a few solidly planned and a great new spot to do them in !!! More news on that as soon as I have it !!

Just wanted to keep you in the know about it all and let you know that I hadn't quit the said trade just yet !!

Plog you some more soon soon !!

Shades of grey !

Winter harbour shots !

more news tonight ... Just wanted to say hi !


Top round !

Just a quick scan from the sketchbook !

More tomorrow !!

Stay awesome yall !


More corners !!

Just another page ...

Got to love them rounded corner buildings !!

This is my quick version of a corner around Kwun Tong in east Kowloon ! The busy life ... Pretty much everywhere in this city !! It all goes quiet only for 2 or 3 days a year ... For the Chinese new year , which is now ! It's nice to take a quick break for a few days from all the hustle and bustle this city knows best ! But then again , that's why I'm here ... And today's day 3 and I'm hoping it gets back to normal tomorrow !!!

More soon !! And thanks for dropping me a few lines on this last piece !!!!

Take it light !



Done !! Finally got this one all wrapped up and finished !! Bigger than I usually do them and also mostly painted too (usually these pieces are a lot more illustrated) Huh ! A few firsts , or not really firsts but a few rarities , let's say !! This bubba's 29.5cm wide and 50.5cm high and is ... Up to now ... I truly believe ... My new bestest favouritest one !!!

Let me know what you guys think !! Love to get everyone's opinion on this one !!

Rock !!! More to come but until then ... I'll just be doodling , planing my new secret merch endeavour which I sadly doubt will be T-shirts this time around and be waiting here for the Nimitz !

Later e-skaters !!



To all my friends from Beijing to Hong Kong , through Shanghai , Seoul and Busan ... A very happy new year !!

To celebrate ... Here's a finished doodle (finally managed to finish one) ! Right now it's just a nice piece but it'll become much more than that in the days to come !! You just wait and see !! Don't know if I'll actually send this one to the gallery in Copenhagen or if it'll find a home here in HK but it's getting framed , that's for sure !!

Stay tuned for more finished doodles very very soon !!

Until then and once again , Happy new year !! If however , you are one of these people who happen to not actually be in Asia at the moment ... Here's a little something to help you get in the mood and celebrate !! Thank me later !!


Productiviting ...

... Is always nice !!

Locked myself in today and just went crazy painting mad till just about a minute ago !! Got nothing finished , of course , but did get a bunch of new big pieces started ! Another paint crazy day tomorrow and some stuff should start showing up !! I promise !!
It's the best thing in the world , let me tell ya !! I mean , it doesn't always work the way you want to but when it does ... Chilling at home alone painting all day is the best thing I know !! Take a little break for a quick coffee , another break for some street food ... Then back up and back to work ! Pulling out weird new shit as it comes !! As you can tell from my day's satisfaction ... I have very high expectations for these pieces and will be posting as soon as a few are done !!

Who knows where they'll end up ... ?? At the gallery in Copenhagen , as a print perhaps maybe even on a shirt !! I'll let you know when I know !!

Yes , it's true !! My wallpaper at home is delicious !! How lucky am I !!

Stay tuned for some sweet Plogging tomorrow !! Also , more news about my new secret Merch idea in the days to come !!



Ninja strike ... In 3D !!

Yesterday's foggy harbour !

Yesterday night's reclamation ...

Keep an eye open for this lethal little 3D dude !! Can pretty much nunchuck anyone's ass back to 2D-land and seems to be on a one man mission to do just that !!!

Stay ready !!


For Yellow Pants !!


Yellow pants is better !!!

Hurra !

City doodles ...

Don't ask !! Just another page in the sketchbook !! Between bigger pieces being finished and a lot of picture taking ... Boy oh boy do have something sweet coming this way soon !! I won't say much more but you'll probably know all about this little new merch project in the week to come !!

Today ... Awesome picture day !!!


Market town !

Here's a few shots from a few weeks ago !! Hong Kong in pink !! This is mostly shot in the West Jordan fruit market in Kowloon and with a SENSIA 100/Cross processed which as you can inevitably notice makes everything look kind of pink !! Yep ... True story ! So here's a photo Plog , all in pink , for your viewing pleasures , of more of my hood on my side of town ... Enjoy and expect some sweet doodles very soon !! Got some big ones coming !! Including a hella-awesome little merch project for the days to come !!

Last two shots are from my flat !! A view from my kitchen that I do indeed enjoy !! More soon !! Until then ... Stay away from stinky tofu !!


For Yellow Pants !!


Get better quick !!

More Ploggables in just a minute !!



Where I be at !

Here's a little doodle , a little slice of me life ... Here's the Hong Kong EP Central Command Headquarters ! For your doodle viewing pleasures !! Where I work on doodles , paintings and some book making too and of course , where I will soon start planning my Asian super secret spy missions too !!

I've just started this new label "Factual facts" which should grow slowly with a bunch of actual technical factual facts about how everything works and stuff , doodled for your learning pleasures ! So for you knowledge seeking people of the Plog , for you e-buddies with an insatiable thirst for true factual facts and technical exactness ... More to come !!

Apart from all that ... Life is very very good here in Hong Kong !! Come visit if you're ever in the hood !

Tomorrow ... Pictures perhaps ... Doodles maybe even ! Until then , have fun out there !!!


Tourist day !

Back online !!

Today's a tourist day , you see ! My buddy Dr. Philt is in town from Montreal to come and visit me for a while and we is out to show him around town today !! After his near mental collapse epileptic seizure of overwhelming Mong Kok Culture-shockness last night ... We is gonna go on the other side and show him what the future looks like on the HK side of the harbour (just like Blade Runner without the flying cars) !!

So ... What this means for you is it'll most probably be another photo taking day today and you get a random doodle to look at , another sketchbook piece , that is not really related to anything but just there to feed your eyes !!

But , as usual , much more to come ... Specially now that I'm back online again !! Damn internet !! Worst than my coffee addiction , let me tell ya !!



From the streets !

MK-Green !

Sorry sorry ! Been having some internet problems lately !! True story !! Hard to blog when you get that kind of trouble !! But I should be back on track at the latest by tomorrow !!

Promise promise !!

Until then ... Stay awesome-o !!


Round corners !!

Another page in the book !!

Been busy with some picture taking yesterday , but more importantly ... Found out about the magical Holga shop !! Hah ! Yep , it wasn't an urban legend !! I found the mini Holga shop !! The mini hidden place that sells all of the Holga stuff straight from the factory before the Lomo people can find out about the new stuff and put their dirty hands on them (and their dirty price tag too) !! So expect some fancy shmancy shots soon !!!

More soon , good people , more soon !!! Shots and doodles waiting in line to get Plogged !

Rock !


Collect them all !

Here ya go !!
A little extra piece of the same piece !! Now ... No more walls for a while !! Lots more work than one may think this wall painting busyness !! Specially working in about 200% humidity ! Paint takes ages to dry and keeps on leaking down !! Could of taken me 5 hours max , ended up taking 10 ! Oh well , now back to the drawing board and the sketchbook !!

Tomorrow's a super mega picture taking day so prepare to get a picture overload in the weeks to come !! But also , much doodles are to be finished soon too !!

Now ? ... Back to work !!