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That's it ladies and gentlemen...

   If awesomeness is something you're down with... The Turbo Drome super epic poster print flash sale starts in two hours!!

   Check it out!!!



Pffff... Hell yeah!!

From the CR web:

Ladies and gentlemen, behold, EPHK's latest Turbo Drome artwork beautifully transformed into a one of a kind poster/print duo. Created for all you Turbo Drome fans out there. We liked these so much that we decided to put them up on the web-shop and share them with you as soon as we saw them, however, we'll be trying something very different and a bit more exclusive this time. Here's how this is going to work:

These two beautiful prints will only be available (Individually or together) once and only for 48 hours. 

There will only be 20 available of each of these.

We might reprint different versions of these in some kind of Turbo Drome anthology one fine day but never as prints with these proportions and/or size.


25.5 x 51cm  (10" x 20")
Super high quality Giclee print on matt Fine Art heavy paper.
Hand signed and numbered (1/20 of each).

And although these are pretty exclusive since we will never reprint them and they are limited to a very small run, we have managed to keep them extremely well priced for this once in a lifetime event at:

$40 US + shipping.

So now that you have all the facts, join us this Friday for this super exclusive Turbo print flash sale. 

The sale will start this THURSDAY the 23rd of January at 23:00 Hong Kong time (GMT +8) and will last 48 hours until SATURDAY the 25th of January at 23:00 HKT (GMT +8).

Sweet, right?? Check it out >>>>>>


Who likes shiny butts??

I like shiny butts...

Here are a few of them half photo, half painted, half computerized doodles I like to do once in a while... Yeah I know, these pieces have 3 halves each... That's why they're special!! If you find yourself staring for too long then that's because you have a problem... Just like me!!

Viva shiny!

Working on a super limited poster print run with these and they look super epic!!!! Check out the Clandestine Republic web-site in the next few days for all the info about that!!! Is definitely going to be a ONCE in a LIFETIME opportunity!!!!

Right? Yeah!
Ok gotto run!!
Catch ya later!!!


The T-TENS and the madness of time finding...

Aaaargh! Sorry guys... The hecticness is back in my life!

Haven't had much time lately!!
We're hard at work on Wendy's book project!!! Gonna rock so hard!!! Have a look for yourselves if you're interested in such awesomeness!!! HERE !!!

Also working pretty hard on Turbo Drome (No Way Out - Part 2) these days... That is also gonna kick some serious ass!!!!

Here's some reference work (The deadly T-TENS speed bike sisterhood, intent on bringing down the Go Turbos in Part 2 of the Turbo Drome saga) I did for my buddy Ben Newman who has just started work on the new book's cover B...

Don't miss part 2!! It'll kick so much ass and I truly believe that the work I am doing for this next masterpiece to be my all time best work ever ever!!! True story!!! Few details HERE!!!

Ok gotto run again but I should have a few tats for you soon!




How much pink is too much pink?? Apparently there's no such concept... Here's what I had the pleasure of grinding into my buddy Wendy's leg last October!!

More awesome epicness coming right up!!

Oh and by the way, Wendy's doing an epic book with us (CR) and it's gonna be awesome!
Read all the awesome news about it on the CR website now!!!!!!

Ok bye!



Happy new year everyone!!
Hope you had a great time crossing into the future!!

I don't know if you're at all interested in my book making career bidness I've been spending all my time on for the last few years but if you are... Check the CLANDESTINE REPUBLIC web site for our 2014 calendar of awesomeness to come!! Lots of epicness!!!


More stufffffffff asap!!