On the horizon

Operation "Road Runner" is a go!

Departing tomorrow after a very long week of elbowing and struggling through the Aussie visa system, clearly not designed for spontaneous trips! Nevertheless, I managed it, at the very last minute, mind you, but it's all good now!

I always had it planned to go back down there in the next few years (you guys are so damn far from the rest of us) but didn't actually think I'd be able to make it so soon and now I just really can't wait! So many good friends to hang and throw koalas at passing trains with!! Aaaaaa... The good times! It's the little things in life, ya know!?

But enough about play... Here are some official operation "Road Runner" factual facts >>>>

RR Part 1 - Tomorrow...

More precise dates within this big island as soon as I get them!

You Rock!



Yep! just got the news!! On my way out in the next few days to the fair shores of the Antipodean Island continent... (Australia)! So ... I'll be going to, but not solely and not only and/or also not necessarily without only, Melbourne/Brisbane/Sydney! I'm looking at a few weeks to a month trip here (reading the briefing as I'm writing) right now so not everything is planned to perfection so far but as usual I'll update you as soon as I know more myself! I am also planning on hurting the locals in most but not all of these destinations so if you find yourself fitting all of the below criteria, do let me know!!

A) -Presently residing (legally or not) in the above mentioned Australian urban areas and/or can make it to any of these.

B) -Interested in a "one-shot" and nothing bigger than a 6 hour piece.

More information about that as soon as possible! Until then if you're interested in a spot and/or just hanging... Even though I can't give you exact dates just yet... It's always good to give me an early head's up and secure a spot!!



Also, and directly related to, but not entirely only because of, these spontaneous above mentioned events>>>

1) - I have to close the EPTB for a few weeks... Let's say till the 1st of November! I'll update you on that!!!

2) - I'm stopping the COPENHAGEN BOOKINGS until I can manage to find the time to manage managing them! Most probably till the 1st of November! Until then, everyone who has written to me (even if you didn't get an answer just yet) is considered booked and I will keep writing back to figure out your dates and stuff! This "BOOKING STOP" only applies for people who haven't written to me yet!

More news in the days to come!



Operation -ROAD RUNNER-

Ladies and gentlemen, I just got the call and a new operation is under way!!

Mhm... That's right! As much as I'd much rather just stay home and deal with the extraordinary amount of stuff I have to do here, my international man of mystery duties are calling once again!

I don't have a lot of exact dates and destinations due to the highly covert and oh so secretive nature of this operation but I know I'm out by Friday and that it looks like I'm going south!

I'll give you more news in the next few hours as I get it myself but one thing is for sure, wherever I end up, it's high time for some overt tattoo action as well!!!! Let's see what's in the briefing when I get it!

Until then... Stay awesome and keep booking them Copenhagen dates!! There's about only 8 days still unbooked already but with all this extra spy work, I can't wait to close these bookings!

Keep it light!!
You guys ROCK!


Space Butt!


Nuff said... Back to work now!

Don't forget to let me know if you're interested in any Copenhagen dates this January!!! Lots have e-mailed already but there is still room! I will answer everyone if not tomorrow, the following day!!

You guys rock!!

Plog you again with more delicious visuals tomorrow!!



I know I know it's taken me a while but for my defense, I've barely had the time to even breath since I've gotten back from my French work-ation and have been way too busy to even look at my blog!!! So, sorry but... I am in desperate need of a (insert random swear word) break here! But before that happens... I managed to get a few minutes to proper update you guys!!! And I will do all that with some relaxing images of the ever so appeasing Martian landscape! What better way to do it, right!! Ok... I'm glad we agree! Here we go>>>

First and foremost: It's Calendar time!!!

Here are my new and improved working NAmerican dates...

San Diego, CA: 28th of November till the 6th of December / One spot left (still accepting submissions)

New Haven, CT: 11th till the 17th of December / All booked-up

I will also be going to Philly and New York for a bit but will not be working there!

However I've just decided (in the last few days) that my next NAmerican trip might not be so far away as I first thought except that it'll probably end up being way too far out of the way for most if not all of you!! No roads go there after all!!! How intriguing!!! More about that in the months to come!

EU... It's your turn!!

Ok ok here's how it'll all work!

Copenhagen from the 2nd of January till the 31st.

about 14 to 16 spots that I am opening... NOW!
Free for all except that anyone with unfinished business from me obviously gets first pick! Also... Think "one-shot" only please! I do plan on making it back out that way by August but don't want to add too many unfinished pieces!!!! A "one-shot" can be up to 8 hours, send me your ideas and placement/size info and I'll answer ya as soon as I get time to book!

People of the waiting list are expected to get a mail about this in the days to come!!

as usual: pick@electricpick.com

Let me know!


Wow what a discussion that last one was!!! I'm actually pretty happy about the whole thing cuz it's one of the first time someone's objected to my opinion, discussed it, and it ended well! Score! I do enjoy it!

I do use this part of the WWW more and more to express my opinion about worldly affairs and don't think it's gonna change anytime soon but anyone is always welcomed to come and add their side or opinion to anything!! I only ask you weigh your words enough to invite discussion! Do it!

And finally...

It's been 6 months since I landed here in wonderful Hong Kong this year and it's been 6 long months of ... Lots of mystery!! All of it covert and highly secretive as you might have noticed by the severe lack of general info on this blog! Today is a semi-special day directly related to said situation and it is the first day of the next 2 months... After which I will most likely be able to empty my great big bag of secrets and return to a more overt blogging schedule! Be patient!!

You all rock!!!

More ploggings of the graphic nature in the days to come!!!

(*All images from NASA)


Don't hate the playa, hate the game!

Still out there! Still running around! Got a homie in town too for a while so time to post gets thinner! But worry not! Very exciting news and dates are just around the corner!!!

Also in the news... A PUBLIC DISCLAIMER!!!

Haters, finger pointers, shit starters and enemies of the critical mind should really not, for their own good, be checking and reading this blog!! There are plenty of crazies' blogs out there!! go read theirs please!!



The day after the day! The first day of a new era. The day everyone realized what had just happened the day before and the day we were all faced with the civilization divide between the West and the Middle East! As Americans cried, and American haters rejoiced, the whole world knew it was in for some rough times! Inevitably, this decade that redefined the post cold war era, from both sides of the spectrum, absolutely and without remorse exceeded all expectations in inexcusable horrors, useless waist of life, and all around inhumanity!

10 years and absolutely nothing to be proud of!

Hoping the next 10 can only be better and ran by smarter people!



Day's doodle… The world keeps turning!

More operational news tomorrow!


Who plays Cricket?

... Heroes play Cricket!

Here's a little treat for you tattoo fiends! A piece I've done a while back that you might have missed!! A sweet "one-shot" on South African Ross from the bru-crew! I've been looking through my old stuff and I think you guys have missed a few of these... Will try to catch you up as soon as I find some time!!

More news tomorrow!!

Stay epic!


In the wind...

Ladies and gentlemen... Specially the ones in NAmerica interested in getting some sweet tats from me... Here's some news for ya!

Ok so... Even though I will be visiting New York and Philly this year, I won't be working there! Sorry! Just not enough time!

Also... The HOPE GALLERY spots in New Haven, CT are all booked up! So no more North East workings for me! If you're still interested you should definitely still let me know but it'll be for the cancelation list!

Also... I have 2 spots left for San Diego! Let me know if you're interested in them before the end of the month!!

There ya have it! My dates for this NAmerican trip have also changed just a tad bit but am waiting to have everybody booked in before I make them all official and stuff!!

As usual please don't hesitate to ask about anything: pick@electricpick.com

And finally! I will announce my EUropean dates in the days to come with guidelines and rules and such and such! Nothing too complicated just got to give priority to the few unfinished pieces before I start with everyone else! There will be waiting list spots and even new new spots!! Anyways... More about that later!!

Until then...

...Stay awesome!!!



Some of you out there might most definitely be aware of this now long time and persisting disturbing deviant obsession/fetish of mine for shiny pants and, independently but not necessarily incompatibly, snack noodles! Yep! Judge me all you want that's just the way it is! Shiny pants rock and snack noodles are the best snack in a bag one can buy!! So if I had a Tumblr account, which is something I'm not against just have very little time for and therefore will most probably never endeavor to start... That's absolutely what it would be called and obviously what it would be all about! Mhmm!

So if you're a fan of the shiny shiny pants and/or the delicious snack noodles... Here's Miss Amissa, first of surprisingly many to sign up for this sparkly and chicken flavoured adventure and who maybe secretly also enjoys shiny pants and snack noodles a bit too much too!!

Today's promised calendar and news update has unfortunately been delayed due to shiny pants... Tomorrow most probably!!!

Catch ya tomorrow!
Stay awesome!!!!


Raining feathers

Proper news and calendar update tomorrow!

Until then... Mucho new art pieces are coming together as we speak!! Hopefully I might even find time to finish half of them some time soon and squeeze some of them on the EPTB!! Stay tuned for some Supersonic action!!



Right of passage

Back home but not without a fight!

I've made it back to my beloved corner of the world and right back into this mad schedule!! I'm still keeping it low for a while but I do promise many many many lovely posts in the days to come! With lots of that stuff you like to see!

I'll also update my traveling schedule tomorrow and give you some interesting day's news asap too!!

So yeah... Stay tuned for a very full month of September!!

As I struggled my way through immigration yesterday at some ungodly hour of the AM... A thought came to my mind! Those who work and live where they are from are spoiled!!! If you're one of these people... Enjoy it and don't take it too much for granted!!! Being an immigrant can be such a bitch!