The road is there

Getting ready to go back home... It's only been a week and I mist it already!! This is new for me, this whole missing my HQ and getting so attached to a physical corner of the world thing! Leaving the French outback tomorrow and getting right back into my busy schedule and well... I can't wait! This whole countryside thing makes me claustrophobic after a few days!! It is nice to see the folks once in a while though!

Wish me luck for the 2 hours of bus, 2 hours of wait at CDG and 12 hours of flight!!
The hour cab ride home will just be wonderful!

While I do just that... Have a look at the ANCOM for two new picture posts!

Catch ya on the other side!!


Tout ce vert

Still alive, still in the boonies...

This whole "vacation" turns out to be way more work than expected but everything has gone well and I have survived a pretty hectic weekend! It's finally time to sit on the front door steps with a Pastis and stare endlessly at all the green that seems to go on forever around me! The contrast with the scenery back home and this one could not be more extreme! So much green... So little noise, so little people...

Should make it back home in the next few days and resume a well to often interrupted Plog schedule with all of that stuff you guys like to see here! Until then... Gimme a few more days of... Nothingness!

Catch ya later!


In & out

Good morning from the old gweilo lands of the West!

After a full day of flying, I find myself in the French countryside for a few days! A little break for a week!

It's kinda nice and new for me to miss my Chinese home a bit but I am totally enjoying this other side of the world escape for a few days! An important wedding, family catch up, the best food the world can offer and lots of it and almost more importantly... 20 celsius with .05% humidity is feeling absolutely amazing!!!!!

I'll be here till middle of next week, taking it light before I make it back home to jump right back to my busy schedule of madness!

Did I mention it was 20 degrees with virtually no humidity??? I haven't seen a day bellow 28 with less than 80% humidity since January this year!!! This is absolutely awesome!!!

More adventure posts from the West asap!



The final push!!

No one thought this day would come! But the world watches in awe as it is reminded that all dictators, all irresponsible governments, all despots will one day inevitably fall! For even the toughest regimes, the most hard-line repressors, the worst enemies of man, even ultra capitalism itself has no weapon against the angry mob ready to take responsibility for itself! The 7.62 is a heavy round indeed!

The best of luck to everyone in Tripoli tonight! Keep your heads down as the world watches and hopes this breath of fresh Gaddafi-less air will bring a new and bright future for this forgotten and too long repressed part of the world!!!

More news tomorrow!!
Now forgive me but I got to pack... Am on the move myself! Catch ya on the other side!

(Shots from REUTERS)


Mort de rire.

O M G!! That was long I know I know!!!! No need to explain the madness of the last few days!! Let's just say it's been mad! But here I am with loads of awesomeness and part one of almost one month's worth of doings!! As usual I must remain evasive but since you all had to wait for soooo long with nothing but "filler" posts for like ever... Here's a little welcome back post for all you tattoo fiends out there!

Here's some stuff I done did a while ago you might have missed....

1- Mister Colt from Macau's clownfish mermaid and octopus friend! This is a piece we had started last year and after a long break got back into with some well deserved colour action... Here's what it looked liked after the second colour sitting, 1 more to go >>>

2- Mister Godwin's family strikes back! Here's another piece from earlier this year and a catch up post of what it looked like after the second colour session!! 1 more to go >>>

3- Here's a sweet, all healed up photo from a few months back when Mister Allen had dropped by to show us how good his space surfing chick looked all healed up and stuff!!

4- Another one you might have missed... Mister Godwin again with part 2 of his market analogies! This time when things don't go so well... Fiction, obviously!! Here's what it looked like after session one! One more to go >>>

More postings, more regularly, more awesome!!
Unbelievable news tomorrow too!!

Stay awesome out there!


All that we know...

Still busy! Still not a second to myself! Still not a second to sit down and be able to doodle!! I'm going to go crazy if I don't find time very soon!!!!!!!!

Until then... Here's a pretty picture!

Hopefully some time to post something with a bit more substance in the days to come!!
Hang tight!


All and all

Everything is good here in the Hong Kong! Have some family over which requires most of my time but I promise many wonderful posts and updates as soon as I get a second! Sunday at the latest!

Stay awesome!!

P.s. Thanks so much to all who have participated actively in this wave of original buying!!! You guys rock!!!!



Thanks!!! You guys rock!!!

More very soon as soon as super soon! Juts got to find a second to post but I do have many cool postables!! Hang in there!!

Did I mention you rocked?


The what-what ... ?

Well well well... Here's one of these posts some of you guys might have been longing for...

Here's a quick selection of some of the stuff you guys might have missed!

1: Miss McQueenie's multi session (because of time, not a lac of trooperness, mind you) foot... The Ukulele rabbit in 3D and it's natural environment... Done and done!!!!



2: Second in this mega tat-a-matic row... Aussie Archy and the leg of doooom aka What happens to the tax man, the accountant, the Danish postoffice worker and other evil people of our world! Another piece from last year... Finally finished in Doom colours and just all around mega doomness!

3: And finally... Another leg finished!!! Pictures aren't too great on this well tanned mister Ben but I promise you better pictures next time I see him... Some of them all healed pictures that aren't too shiny!

Hope this fills your tattoo hungry eyes for the time being... More to come!! However, until then...

-Remember to write soon if you're interested in any of this!!!!

-And to keep an eye out here if you're interested in any of this!!!

You guys rock!
Stay troopers!