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Yup... Mhm... Been busy... let's just say that 100 doodles in 100 Red Boxes is a lot of doodles... I know myself by now and I know I tend to overwork and over-doodle many said doodles! So I knew this VIP Red Box mission of mine was going to be no different and instead of fighting it, I just decided to embrace it! However... That means a steady 2 weeks of 24/7 doodling! I'm not complaining about it but am asking people to understand the gigantic workload and to be patient!! I'm pumping out about 10 a day now and for practical reasons have decided to ship them all when they will all be done (early next week). The time we spend packing them is time I can't use to doodle them!

So yeah... VIP RED BOXES are all leaving next week (well ahead of any international "Last run dates" therefore securing everyone's VIP Red Box under the tree!!!)

Every other copies sold on the web-shop are shipped every few days! Expect 7 to 14 working days shipping time!!

And it's always nice to hear from you when you get them! Either to me or to Clandestine Republic, let us know what you think about it all!!!


I'd like to personally thank everyone who's getting my book!!! It's really awesome to see all these Red Boxes leave for the 4 corners of the world and I just know you'll be super stoked when you get them!!

Thanks for the support!! You guys ROCK!!!

Once again... Hong Kong Postoffice Christmas 2012 Last Run Dates


And finally... I just got 2 last minute cancelations in Berlin for mid February!! Anyone interested? Let me know at: pick@electricpick.com and we can start talking ideas/deposits and whatnot...

I'll do my best to blog as much as I can but I must warn you, the Plogging schedule is one of the last things I have time for right now!!

Ok got to go doodle some Red Boxes!!

You Rock!!!


3... 2... 1...

So yeah... Sorry about the Plogglessness of the last few days but you've probably guessed it... I been busy at the office (the other office)!! Getting ready for all this Red Box awesomeness! 

We finally got the delivery we had been waiting for and are finally ready, after all the work involved in this epic project, to sell it!

We open for all orders tomorrow (the 19th of November) and we will be shipping the next day, everyday (yeah you bet, this is Hong Kong... 7 day postoffice land)!

The VIP pre orders will ship at around 10 per day starting tomorrow (unless I can do more than 10 doodles a day, of course)... I'll be going down the list from #1 and shipping the furthest first!

I'm guessing I can take care of all the VIP pre-orders within the next 10 days!!

Also... Here's what a wrapped, packed and ready to fly, Red Box looks like!!!

You can order this masterpiece of contemporary awesome amazingness through:


Also... For all of you wanting to order this mega awesomeness for Christmas... Here's the Hong Kong Postoffice's "Last Run Dates" to guaranty a Red Box under your tree this year! Please do take a quick look just to make sure!!! Be sure you order from us at the very latest 1 day before these dates!!

Ok got to go... Get my book it'll rock your socks off!!!

You rock!



It's true it's true... The RED BOX is real!!

Here are some stats and all you need to know to make your christmas perfect this year... Yeah not like last year!!

RB-1 [RED BOX season 1] First Edition

Hard cover
240 pages with 2 gatefolds
21 x 21 cm (that's like 8" something by 8" something, for you people)
Full colour

That's 205 ish pages of RED BOX + an extra 35 ish pages of extra awesomeness
including awesome epic extra pages from none other than:

Jesse Smith
Ben Newman
Davee Blows
Tom Haubrick
Uncle Allan
Honkey Kong

ISBN: 978-988-16928-1-8

465 HKD and that is:  60 US / 47 EU / 38 UK

Available starting from Monday the 19th of November (Monday coming up).

Anywhere... We ship to the world!!

Between 10 to 15 US to most of the civilized world!

Free shipping to anywhere in Hong Kong!

Clandestine Republic also offers a free "Customs Deceiving" service for those of you who live in countries serviced by organized criminal post offices (i.e. North Korea, Zimbabwe, Denmark...)


You can order this epic saga through:


Get this epic brick of ultimate awesomeness... It'll change your life! No really!!

Ok got to run!

Don't hesitate to ask me about this or anything else: pick@electricpick.com

You ROCK!!!


RRRrrraaaarrgh... Objection sustained!

I would totally hire a bear lawyer too! Wouldn't you?

...However this is a stock market analogy I'm afraid, not one of Barrister Boris' infamous defense of the blind, court cases!

More tomorrow!

Ok got to run... oh but hey, did you hear??


Get my book it rocks!!!


Bunny love...

Here's a shot I forgot to post of a second session on this rib piece I've been working on!!

I should have a few more of these forgotten shots in the days to come!!

Ok got to run!!


Oh Emm Gee

Launch date: 19th of November!!!

More info in the days to come... Just had to post this...

Ok got to run!!!


I promise... 188-197


So like... A lot of news today!!!!

first of all I'd like to congratulate the thin majority of Americans for reelecting Mister Obama!! 

Doesn't concretely mean much to me personally except of course that the other choice was a pretty damn horrible one! And I do have a lot of American friends out there and I'm happy for them!!! Cuz when the economy's not going well, it seems like common sense to me to spend what little money you have trying to make it better as opposed to buying bombs to drop on other people!!

So what it means for me and the rest of the 7 billion people of the Earth is 80%to 90% less chances of being bombed by America in the next 4 years and well, thank you, we appreciate it!!

In other almost as globally amazing news... 

Today is, indeed, the official season finale of the incredible Red Box epic saga... Now it's obviously not the end of the story... But it is the end of the first season... The end of Red Box Wednesdays for a little while!! I really hope you've enjoyed the ride for these last 50 wednesdays in a row!!! I really hope you liked where this went!!!! And if you did, well then I really hope you're gonna get your very own copy of the first edition of this mega awesome epic saga's first part!!!!

Talking about the book... I just got a mail from the printer's saying they will be ready early!!! So yeah! Start making room in your bookshelf!!! The Real Red Box is almost here!!!!!! 

I'll put up more news about all this in the next few days... But for now... Here's the long anticipated season finale of the first season of the Red Box!!!!!!!

10 pages... It will sadly go a bit quicker than I would have hoped since there isn't that much dialogue but still some epic spreads!!!

I... I... I really hope you like this!!!

Please let me know!!!!

Ok... Here we go...

PAGE 188

PAGE 189

PAGE 190

PAGE 191


PAGE 194-195

PAGE 196-197



I... I... I'm speechless!! So emotional!!

Words fail me...

Let me know what you think!!!

Thanks for following!! You guys rock!!

Ok got to run... More ploggables in the next two days!!


Hunan Vampire

Just got the fancy scans from my fancy print wizard...

Prints are also set up... Am about to update the print shop now but here's the what's what about these huge mega awesome new giclée prints!!!

This top one is the "Hunan Vampire"
there are two runs...

1) 24" x 30" Limited run of 10 for 1300 HKD a pop (131EU/105UK/167US/)

2) 16" x 20" Limited run of 60 for 800 HKD a pop (80EU/64UK/103US)

And the evil Chinese Vampire with evil Chinese vampire legs up to her evil Chinese vampire neck is getting her own run too:

1) 16" x 26" Limited run of 60 for 1000 HKD a pop (100EU/80UK/130US)

Should have these two on the print shop in a few minutes!!

Let me know if you're interested!!



Don't miss it!!!!




Don't miss it!!!


The Lost Cowboy!

Not much to blog about but wanted to let you in on some day's doings action...

Did this a few days ago but had once again forgotten my camera at home... So forgive the weird shots, I used a camera I had no idea how to use...

Hopefully you'll get the idea!

Ok... Got to run... So much to do... And so much to paint!!!

Also... Just a friendly reminder...