From Geneva with love !

The garden of Eden ...

For just over 4 hours , that's what I did today ! Today's victim , straight from the land of chocolate and bank accounts , lasted all he could and it's all good , mate !! Sometimes , a half sleeve is not something you can do in one sit and that's ok !! More this Summer !!

So ... As you can see ... Stars and moon not by me ! We decided (he did) to re-nip the moon and make it fit ! No problem ! However that means that it's a night scene and lots of black to go !! I love black !! Always put a lot of it and like most "traditional tattooers" and "single pass liners" I also believe that most of the time (not always) the more black the better the piece ages ! However , I cover my black with my colour so ... When a piece like this is not done and half coloured it looks weird where we haven't done the colour yet , compared to where we have !! So ... This piece will change a bit before it's all done but here's a shot ... For your viewing pleasure , of what we managed so far !!

That blue is a popp'n and that golden skin tone is a beautiful !! Will bring that up again soon !! Anyone out there want a golden chick tattoo ??

Stay safe out there and remember , boys and girls , a well balanced breakfast is important before you go get tattooed !!

Tomorrow >>>>> My other job (the international high espionage super spy counter intelligence one) call's me again !! Wish me luck !!

Later !


Anonymous said...

wow really cool love that girl

Anonymous said...

yeah yeah, i get it. you can do nice tattoos. la-di-dah!
...i hate you.

Anonymous said...

That skull looks.... odd!

Anonymous said...