Barely 80-83

Made it!!!

Wow… Posting in Beijing is epic, let me tell ya!! I'd like you to appreciate the dedication involved here…! Cuz like my blog is, for some reason, blocked up here! I'm guessing the local authorities see it as an enemy of the revolution or just plain don't like my space skanks and/or take on current events? Or maybe just the fact that I have, a take, on current events?? What current events? Is there any current events?? Anyways… This clearly explains why in the last 5 years I've gotten just about 1 or 2 hits from China on my blog… But Red Box Wednesday is Red Box Wednesday and there's no going around it and not even the Chinese People's Internet Police can change that (sorry guys)… so here's what I did!! I know this guy (local spy buddy) who, for a carton of fancy smokes let me use his 56k bypass-line… So it only took me about 3 hours to upload these 4 pages but Red Box Wednesday has been saved!!! A revolution within the revolution? I'm teasing them now… They will read this for sure!!

So please enjoy today's 4 Red Box pages a bit more than usual… Take your time reading them…. Enjoy the shades of grey and read it again later!!!

Hope you like!





Final screening??? F+??? When will our two friends finally make it through this tortuous immigration process??? What an adventure!!!

Ok got to go…

As usual, check the whole thing from the start by checking the top left tab entitled "RED BOX"!

Red Box could not be stopped… But every other post totally can and will be… There's just no way I'm spending another 3 hours to post a picture so you'll have to wait till I get back home on the 4th to see my local day's doings, I'm afraid!! Sorry!

Take it light and enjoy your internet out there!!!!

FOR THE CHINESE PEOPLE'S INTERNET ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALS: None of the events above portrayed are in any way shape or form related to the Chinese administration. This is a fictional account portraying the shortcomings of GLOBAL immigration services. Don't be sad. I love you. Yeah you.


Border Run!

-"There's a dragon in my rice!"

On my way out again as soon as tomorrow morning… Going up North to the capital for about a week!

Haven't been up there in a long long time… Since 2005 and I can't wait to see it again!! It's probably completely different now... Beijing is a city constantly growing and expanding and I remember it kinda looked different at the end of my 3 month trip back in 2005... So I'm expecting a new city!! Beijing is truly one of a kind too with a lot going on and a lot of people to show you the way!! The whole trip is just a quick little fact finding mission but I have also thought about you guys… Mhm… And how you've been so very deprived of sweet day's doings lately! So I decided to bring my travel kit and go say hi to my good buddy YZ and bring you back a few shots, just for you! Yep! That's how I roll!

So expect a few day's doings while I'm outta town and I'll be enjoying some Beijing weather which should be (one can only hope) much more human and not so horribly hot and humid!

More very soon!
Stay awesome!



It's wednesday… !!!

I've been slaving away at these pages lately… Trying to get ahead, ya know? Cuz like this whole last minute "oh shit it's Wednesday today" thing is not always fun… So yeah… been on these and a bunch more for the last few days!!! And let's just say, trust me when I say you're in for an emotional roller coaster of emotions!!!! You'll be hooked in the weeks to come if you aren't already!!!! Mhm… True story!

But enough about the future… Here's the present!! It's Red Box Wednesday today and here are your weekly pages… 4 today!! Enjoy…





Disturbing… What's wrong with that dude??? Anyways… Let's find out what happens next week, shall we!

As usual check out the full thing HERE!!!

More Ploggables this week fosho!!!!!

Take it light… Don't stress… Have a break!


Keep on truckin'

Terribly sorry for the lack of Ploggables lately...

Just too much happening and not enough time to take care of all of it...

But here's my latest day's doings awesome project of awesomeness!!! Round one!

I always loved these trucks and never ever thought anyone would ever ask me to do one!!! This is epic and so much fun!! More colour on this in about a month!!!

Until then... I'll do my best to try to post more awesomeness in the days to come!

Take it light!


70% ods 72-75

Made it again just in time… 4 new delicious Red Box pages for your weekly delight!!!





Aaah! The joys of administration… Something tells me our two friends aren't done getting through the City's immigration just yet!!! Cross your fingers for them… Looks like it might not be as easy as they thought!

As usual check the whole thing out from scratch HERE!

More next Wednesday… Until then take care out there!!


Mk Fu-Done!

No time for words today... Too busy... But I did manage a few seconds to post this finished Mong Kok Fu-Bus & Star ferry Dragon turttle friend half-sleeve! Half healed/ half fresh shots so you know how that goes... Ok got to run...




OOOOooooo… SnaaapPP! Just managed again! Just finished a late late night of Red Boxing… I might not make 5 for next week though… Just saying… I need a little break from this madness! So you can definitely expect your Red Box pages next Wednesday like every other Wednesday… Just might not be as many as 5 pages next week!

Ok! Enough complaining… Here's your weekly dose! Hope you like these as much as I do!!!!






Hope you like the Screwlevator!!!

And HERE's where you can check out the whole thing from scratch!

More stuff in the next few days!!!!

Stay awesome!!



And last in line of this tat-a-catch-up day's doings postings...

My buddy Jynt got some colour on his epic side piece! Pit to knee... I don't know what you call a piece like that... A half body?? Anyways... Here's what a few hours of (Apparently painful) colour looked like when we got done!!

Looking good!!!!

Got to run... Still sick... Still busy... Almost finished with that big painting though... Maybe tomorrow, after I finish some Red Box pages for tonight!



Bush fire escape...

Round 2 of last week's bush fire colour!!

More tomorrow... Sorry for the short post but I'm sick as a dog (Damn AC!!!) and got to run to the other side of town already!!



3D rabbit saves the day...

Here's John's piece!

We did a sinking boat on him a few years back (when I was leaving Denmark) and well... He wanted more! So he flew from New York for like 20 hours, landed Friday morning, got tattooed all day and left the same day back home to New York!! Definitely earning himself the new and very inspiring title of "Customer of the year" Thanks again for crossing over from the opposite side for a 3D rabbit, dude!!!

Truly humbling dedication!

Here's what we did on his first and only day to Asia!

That 3D rabbit never gets old!!! A new classic!!

More tomorrow! Yep mhm...

Stay spontaneous!!!


The bush fire...

Finally found a second to sit down and Plog ya something!!

The truth is I've got a bunch of tat-shots for you... Just haven't had a second to post them just yet!! So here's my plan... I'm gonna try to post everyday for the next few days to try to get you up to date with my daily day's doings!!!

Here's a sleeve I started on my buddy Ross from the SC in TST... A fully fledged ALLIANCE member and a great tattooer!! Coming back to me for seconds too after his Safa cricket warrior from last year!! We started this about a month ago... The African bush fire sleeve! Here's round one of the colour!! Have a look!

If my plan works and I manage to post daily tattoos for the next few days, you should see round 2 of this epic sleeve in 2 days!! Ok got to run!!



The Fugees (not the band) 62-66

RED BOX day here we go!

I made it again and managed 5 pages for you this week too! Yep,that's right... 5 pages!! Awesome right!?
Anyways... Here's your weekly Red Box session... Enjoy and let me know what ya think!!!

P.s. This week with a special guest star too... Mhmm... Let me know if you figure him out!






Unbelievable!! Just unbelievable!!! A bit grim there at the end but such is life, I guess... And who is that guy anyways?? I've seen him somewhere before...
Oh well! Hope you liked this week's session! Come back next week for more!!!!

Check this all out from the start HERE!

Tats tomorrow or Friday... Got a lot backed up for you!