Way out !

That's it , that's all !! I am a outta here !

See ya back on the other side of the world in a bit over 28 hours !! That's right ... 28 !! I'm fearing this one a bit !! Been a few years since I've been in a plane for that long ! Oh well ... If that's what it takes to get back directly then who am I to rant about it !? But if I may be permitted one simple question !? What ever happened to the Concord ! One of them blew up , I remember ! But what about all the other ones and well , just fixing it !?? It would have taken me 5 hours with the Concord !! Wow !! Maybe one day they'll get back into speed Vs how many people can we actually fit in plane !! In the mean time ... Farewell Australia !!

Congrats to Shan and Bobby Sherman ! Thanks to all my homies for coming out to play while I was over !! Take good care , buddy Chicken and I'll see ya all in a bit !!

Wish me luck for the ride and Plog ya later , back on the northern hemisphere !! ROCK !


Flora Amalie said...

Have a good (!) trip back.
And hell yes, bring back the damn concord (at affordable prices) already!!

Unknown said...

Have a nice one home mate.......

Julia Seizure said...

wow did u get fancy with the links on that post! is it just me ... or can u no longer change the font and colour of stuff? i'm trying to remember what u showed me but i cant seem to figure that one out......????