Second session on this leg, first session on that side!
Destructoghon smashes!!

More on this leg in March!!

Until then... More more more stuff asap!!!



The Northern Front...

Yay yay yay.. More stuffs!!!

So this buddy came down from the Finlands to get this half girl half tank chick doodled into his arm! Loved working on this!! Really like stuff like that! I did my best to go around all the 80's black and gray metal spider skulls and friends and managed to fit her in just right!!

Hope you like!!

More stuffs soon!!!!


Oh and I'm still booking for March in the Europes!! Let me know if that tickles your fancy or what!!

Oh and buy my books... They totally rock! Everyone says so!!!!

Ok ciao!



And then... I turned my buddy Ana into a space explorer...

And then... Here's another one with her drew...

This is actually kind of a test for a super awesome top secret project!
I should be able to start talking about that by the time Spring comes around!
Ok more tats asap!

Hope you all had a great Christmas!!!


Is that a torpedo in your pocket??

This was so much fun!!!

And yes, that's a trildo!

Hey you know what???


Hope you're about to have an awesome one!!
Catch ya later!!



March is the when...

Berlin and Rotterdam are the where!!

I finally figured out the dates for my next Euro-Tattoo-Trip and am officially starting to book them!
Let me know if you're down with any of this!!

Rotterdam: First week of March (2 to 3 dates available / 1 reserved already).

Berlin: Second, third and possibly also the forth week of March (10 to 15 available dates / 5 reserved).

If you're one of the "Reserved" spots, write to me soon so we can figure out your sessions!!
If you're not one of the "Reserved" spots... You should also write to me soon for the exact same reasons!!

If you're in Copenhagen and are waiting for me to show back up there you should know that it has become extremely complicated to organize, way too expensive and way way out of the way for me to go back up there, so far! I do plan on making it back up there one day but I just can't afford it at the moment!

Ask away: pick@electricpick.com

More stuff tomorrow!!!


Space and Stuff...

Number two in Rotterdam round of my last Euro trip... 

The invasion has begun...

SO this is a cool piece! We did the lines like years ago and then finally managed to meet up again to continue last October! So it's kind of a hybrid piece... I don't draw chicks like that anymore but it was a lot of fun to fill in (And touch-up the old lines too, of course). So yeah...

More asap!

Oh snap! Christmas is soon!!!


The R'DAM show...

So here we go for more... Yeah... You thought I might have quit by now? Not yet... Not yet...

Here's the very flexible vampire queen of... I don't know where... Just a flexible vampire chick!

Just realized now that most of my pictures look a bit weird from the last batch! But only on the blog... Weird!! Like there's a weird blueish tint to them... No? Anyways... You get the idea!

More asap!! Yup I got a lot to catch up on!

Hope you're enjoying my return to the blog!!

Might have some super cool doodles to show too after I tat-a-catch up and if I have time between two pages of Turbo Drome 2! Did you get number 1?? You should... It rocks!!

Ok gotto run!

Stay real!



Happy holidays to all of you out there!!!!!


Radioactive mermaid...

Right? I guess that's all I could think of for a title for this one!
This was session 2 of... 3?

Hope you like!!

More in a flash!!



Not finished on this one yet but starting to look mighty good already... More in March!!

Intergalactic explorer posing in his intergalactic trophy room!!

More asap!



Cloudhugging rocks!!!!

This thing is so awesome!!!!



Lots of day's doings were done last October on my last Euro-tat-trip and well... You haven't seen any of it! Well you might have seen it on instagram but my tattoo shots really totally always suck when I shoot them with my iPhoney... And the stupid square thing... And it's so small... So yeah... This is way better!!!

Here's what happened in Berlin on my first work day up there!!!

Love this thing!!!!

More comin' right up!!



Been foreveeeeeeeerrrrrrr...

How are ya? Well if you're reading this it's cuz you're still checking this blog from time to time. It's been quite the dead blog lately but I haven't given up on it yet!

In fact I am planning to one day soon revamp this part of the internets, squeeze all my blogs into one, fill it with a portfolio and all and make it the official ELECTRICPICK.COM!!

But one thing at a time, shall we... I've been away for so long cuz I just don't have the time!! Books are taking all my time! If you have one or two of them then you understand the amount of time required to put so much epicness into one book! If you don't have any yet, well, it's about time! They fuckin' rock!!

But regardless... It's been a lot of work and no time for anything else up to now! But as expected... With the Christmas orders slowing down for the year... I find myself with a few micro-seconds left and I decided to use them on the blog this time...

So while I'm working on Turbo Drome Part 2 this Christmas, I might actually be able to keep this blog a bit more interesting too!!

I'll start by catching you guys up with so much tattooing I haven't been able to post yet!!!

It all starts tomorrow and you should be able to expect at least one post every day or two until you're caught up!!

I hope all you guys are doing good out there!!!

Post you right back tomorrow!!!!