Yup... I'm still alive!! No need to worry... Just, as usual, very very busy with a million things except I'm traveling quite a bit too lately so this here fine Plog has been left unattended, I'm afraid!! Worse ever unattendedness ever... Sorry!!! Truly doing my best!

Truth is I got a lot of tattoos and doodles to post but just no time! So you might have to wait a bit longer till I get back into a more "normal" routine to resume a more regular Plogging schedule!!! Just landed from my last top secret super covert spy mission in China and off tomorrow to the Europes for a month of tat-a-matic mega tattoo action!! I'll do my best to try to keep you up with the quite impressive work I got lined up for me out there this time!!!

So yeah... Bear with me a bit longer... Lots to show!!


R'DAM on Tuesday
BERLIN from the 7th till the 24th of February

Red Box...

Still a bunch available! Go get one HERE if you're down with my struggle!! Everyone who wrote back to me after getting theirs has thanked me for making their lives better!! True story!! Thanks for the awesome feedback by the way!!

In mid February, we're looking at starting to invade the local (Asia) big bookshop market with the last batch of our inventory and well... These guys have a big appetite so I'll try to keep you up to date with our inventory but yeah, this hardcover, fancy first edition should go pretty quickly after March! Next editions are all softcover and most probably never hardcover again... Just saying!!

And I will try to bring a few with me on the road on this next Euro trip but they will be almost exclusively for bookshops so... If you want one, you should definitely order it online!!!


Back to the rat race!!

You guys ROCK!!!