No molestar por favor

The day's doodle !

This little cadet is on the lookout ! Keeping it safe for all of us to sleep soundly at night !!

Tomorrow ... Some of that sweet tatzappin !! It's been a while !!

P.s. Will be working at Guru tattoo all week !! If you're in the hood , drop by to say hi !

Guru Tattoo
1122 Garnet Ave.
San Diego CA 92109
(858) 270-1070

Later !



( sound my brain makes from the overwhelming art overload witnessed in the last few days !! )

Welcome to San Diego !!

From the Comicon , absolutely !!! But mostly just meeting all these awesome artists and getting to hang out with them !!! Friends of friends and just really cool folks !!! I've had more awesome input and constructive art talk with artist I respect and look up to , in the last two days then I've had in the last few years !!! However much I love my little rainy island and definitely do not plan on moving any time soon , I still realize how isolated I am artistically speaking from all these art homies and how talking and exchanging with artist who's work you respect and who respect yours is so important and how much I need and miss it !!! Since I've been here , the routine so far has been ... Discovering awesome new stuff and meeting my favourite comic book artists all day ( while trying to not get engulfed by the massive crowd of 200 000 comic book geek , random mascots and your average storm trooper patrol ! ) and hanging out , drinking beers out on the driveway with some super artists in the evenings and nights !!!

Here are a few links you got to check out of good old , back in the day homies and some brand new , awesome homies !! Check them out when you get a second !!!!! The Craiger ... The Jesse ... The Kevin ... The Adam ... ! Rock'n !!!!!!

Here are a few shots from the last few days at the show !!!! Huge I tell ya !!!!!!!!

Oh and of course ... The mandatory comicon shot !!! An event for the whole family !!

P.s. Still booking for September ... You just don't know about it !! Will be answering everyone with dates for September in about two days !!! Internet , when on the road , is harder to get than I always assume !!!

Later !!


Fresh off the boat !

Pictures to come !!!

So yeah !! Landed last night in this fine little place !!! Hot but dry !! It's awesome ! Found my motel and went to hook up with my buddy Jesse and some local homies!! This place is cool ... Lots of fake looking Mexican buildings and real looking palm trees !!!

Today ... Me and Jesse are a going to the Comicon !!! That's right ... The San Diego one !!!

So ... Pretty hard to find internet right now !! So give me a few days for all replies ! I'm still booking dates , ( since yesterday ) for the month of September ( back in Copenhagen ) You just wont get an answer until the next few days !!

And now if you forgive me ... I'm ...

Mucho pictures to come !

Later !


Aight !

My last full day here's local folks sketchings ! Once again , walked around town and drew lots ... Here are a few of today's pieces ! Had my last true Philly cheese steak sandwich and my last breakfast at "The Morning Glory" ... Met a cool illustrator and had way more Guinness than anyone should reasonably indulge in , so early in the day !! And am now getting ready for part 2 of the trip !! Since I won't be back here till next year , I'm a bit sad that I haven't taken nearly as many pictures as I wanted to !! But maybe San Diego has a few good shots in exchange !

Here are some doodles ! The "Bean Cafe" on south street ( at least my vision of it ) and Shevunduh here's giving some dudes some attitude about disrespecting her or her friend ... I don't really know ? But it was loud !!

Tomorrow ... 2 , three hour flights and I'll be landing for the first time on the west coast of this , way too big country !! Yes ! I decided it was too big !! I grew up a few years in Canada ( back in the day ) and that was big too but no one really lives there so you never really had a reason to go anywhere else in the country ! So the States are either gonna have to empty out half the country or squeeze it up a bit !! You know ... Literally downsize ! Anywhays ... I'll save this idea for my next speech at the U.N. !!

In the mean time ... If you ever drop by Philly one of these days ... Check out my top spots and let me know ! No.1 bar = The Tattooed Mum ! No.1 Cheesecake = Darling's ! No.1 Cheesesteak = Geno's and the No.1 Breakfast place = The Morning Glory / Famous 4th street diner !



Philly Folks !

Some more of the Philly city folks doodled yesterday !!

And by the way ... All of these people are real !! They're folks I've seen in the last few days and decided to draw !!

Must remember to drop by to get my Robo-beer flyers !!

Later !

South Philly to downtown ...

Here are a few of yesterday's downtown Philly shots !!

Finally got to hook up with my buddy Mandy yesterday !! And today ... The best cheesecake on our side of the earth , has been promised !! Apart from that ... Am starting to think of perhaps having to get ready to leave soon !! I would gladly stay here for another week or two but something absolutely awesome awaits for me on the other side of this country !!!!!!!!! The No:1 international , absolute bestest ever conceived by man , awesomest event to grace our human world !!!! The San Diego Comicon !!! If you're not familiar with awesomeness ... This is it !!

More details soon !!

Have a cheesecake !


On the road to sweets ...

3 things !! 1: There's a U.S. air force recruitment center in my hotel lobby !!!!! The guys that work there are always looking at me and smiling when I come in and out of the hotel !! I'm scared ! 2: I found the best place in the world for cheese cake !!!!!! ( where I had my delish. breakfast this morning pictured in the above photo ) and they have a 4 page ( 50 pieces per page ) desert menu !!!!! No kidding !!!! ( check illustration below for an exact ( realistic ) reenactment of exactly what will happen tomorrow ( with moving floors and floating everything ( I swear !! ))) And 3: Tomorrow I go to the shop of stupid toys to get some new crap for the shop shelves !!! Here's what I got drawn today !! A bit of over-rendering is good sometimes !!!


Philly-doodling ...

Today's doings ... Had a super day of walking around and sketching and stuff and stuff !! They say the temperature is 91 and I'm thinking it might as well be celsius !! Apart from that , found me a sweet breakfast place and a super coffee place that's not a Starbucks ( it was hard this morning to go and hunt for it without having had the few regulatory morning double espressos and to smell the franchised-coffee from every street corner !) But I made it !! Then just strolled down South street till I bumped in to the Tattooed mom and her cold pints of Guinness ! Stayed there for a bit ( see post below ) and drew some more !! Here's some of what I did today !!

This is my cab driver from yesterday's ride from the airport to downtown !! Almost a portrait , I swear !!!!!

This is a piece from the kitchen of "The Morning Glory" My new breakfast place !!

This the city !! ( not really Philly but kinda ) !

More tomorrow !!


So yeah ! I'm hanging out at one of my favourite bars in Philly ( the Tattooed Mom ) and am just sipping away at the sweet sweet Guinness while sketching in the sketchbook under the air conditioning magic ! When suddenly ... The waiter dude goes "Hey man ! How's it going !? That's pretty nice stuff you're drawing there ! We're having this event next weekend and the boss asked me to find someone to draw a flyer , ya know ! Nothing complicated just a doodle !" and then continues "We're gonna have people make robots out of PBR* cans and well ... A flyer with a can or a robot would be nice man!" ... So , thinking that's pretty funny , that I was drawing anyways and that I happen to have all my drawing stuff with me , I went " Sure man " ... Drew for a bit and landed me 3 pints of Guinness , a Tattooed Mum T-shirt and an awesome Mondo Cheese steak sandwich for a half hour of drawing !! Nice one ! But more importantly , I'm really happy to leave something behind !! Specially at one of my favourite bars so far from home ! I'll drop by again in a few days to pick up a flyer !!

Here's an other picture ... Hard to take a shot in a bar !

Tomorrow , more pictures !! + My buddy Mandy makes it back from the Korean front !

*PBR=Local brewski !



Where the flags run free !!

Now , the thing with America , is that you'll notice , when you get there , that it's overwhelmingly populated by Americans ! True story !! I had read this in a book of facts , a while ago and not only was it filled with facts but I now realize , it also read the truth ! It's just funny and kinda nice to hear the different words and accents and manners used by different people !

Just made it happily to Philly today and am pretty damn happy about that !! I really love Philadelphia and the next few days will be dedicated to enjoying this little NAmerican jewel I so rarely get to see !! Tomorrow ... The obligatory Philly cheese steak sandwich is in order ! And then ... Photos and Drawings all over !!

Random street corner !


On the other side !

Is where I've been hanging for the last 2 days !!

Now ... Back to civilization !

P.s.38k/s sucks ass !!


I'm outta here !

Leaving tomorrow at 0500 !! Who ever thought of that as as good a time as any to start an 8 hour flight should be dismembered by the full plane load of passengers from my flight ( including me ) who will be told , tomorrow morning once in front of the boarding gate doors , that there is a few hours delay with the flight !!

Catch ya on the flip side !


Fête Nat.

To all my compatriots who have , like me , groomed their favourite beret , properly ironed their best black and white striped shirt and saved their best piece of camembert for today ! A happy 14th of July !!

Even though the participants are fewer and fewer each year , in the world of tank parades ... The competition is still stiff with players like NKorea and random other militaristic despotic regimes ! Makes you wonder why we still do it !! Oh well ... Everyone knows that a party's not a party without an armoured division !!

Bonne fête !

In a million bits !

And then some !!

This little devil came back for some colours today and got 5 hours worth of it !! Almost finished it ( 1 and a half hour left ) ! 'twas a hard day , today !! Just got me a good case of Summer flu !! The worst kind , if you ask me ! They last for weeks and weeks and every time you cough you feel like you die a bit for a few seconds and get to feel where every one of your internal organs are situated !! Ok ok ... I'll spare you the details !!

Having chosen and regularly having to fight to preserve a life alone ... There isn't that many people I can whine about such things to !! That's where you come in handy !! And for some reason ... A cold or the flu is just intolerable ... I don't know what it is , maybe it's a guy thing but I'd honestly much rather get shot ( in the arm and just with a bb gun perhaps ) then have to deal with a few weeks of this flu !! Ok ... Enough self pity !!

This last tattoo session was the last one at "home" ... Next pieces will be in San Diego !! So ... Hope you can wait a bit cuz all you'll be getting for the next week and a bit are some "on the road" pictures , illustration and sketches !

Now ... Back home to pack and cough myself to bed !


Never swim with scissors !!

Here are the day's happenings !!

This young lady got her fare share for 4 hours today ! A damn good start on this new leg piece !! Colours when I get back from the States in August !! Had a real busy day today !! A lot to do before the trip ... You'd think you'd get better at it with time and that there would be no reason for petty stress for a little trip like this !! But for some reason ... I always start thinking of what I need to bring and can't forget and cash for the trip and remember to do this before you leave and what ever else .... You'd think one would get a routine for these trip preps from 10 years of being on a trip every month ! But ... I guess not !

Tomorrow ... Trip stuff to arrange !


The Angels in the heavens ...

... Is not what Mr.Shaky legs was thinking about for almost 6 hrs yesterday !!! But here's what we were busy doing on him !! Next time ... We start colour on the dudes and dudettes !!

I've been starting the packing routine for my next trip next week and ... However I had realized this a while ago , I still have to rant about it just a bit ... This technology thing is starting to be very unpractical !! I now have more adapters and chargers and Usb this and Usb that and battery packs and wires for this and wires for that for all my crap than the drawing kits I bring with me !!! It used to be much more simple !! Technology was supposed to make my life easier but it didn't really !! It just gave me the opportunity to do more things and then made me have to make lists of all the crap I can't forget to pack and bring with me if I wanna do all these things !! Oh! And I have to remember the U.S. power adapters too !!

Alright ... Enough of this ... I sound like Andy Rooney now !! Tomorrow ? Is another day of tat-grinding !!


Beware ...

... The horrrrrrible pirates !!

Yesterday's doings !!! Commando Jesper got a good start at some colours for his bunch of dirty , evil , no good pirates !! Will we ever be able to sleep soundly again ... I mean ... Knowing that this horrible bunch is out there , loose and ready to terrorize us at any instant !!??!!

Ok ... I stop now !

Good night !


SYC 1 & 2 !

The Pupermarket is online and the shirts are flying out !!

Here's the two new pictures for the shirts on the site ( thanks Allan ) and my web wizard finally found time to make the merch section on my web-site work with the Pupermarket !!! So all is good in EPLand tonight !!!

If you like what you see and wish you had some too , to look as good as Allan up here >>>>> Go check em out at the PUPERMARKET !!

Check them out at the ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX too starting from the first of April 09 !!!


Princess cookies !

C to the open to the H to the agen !

Just landed back on my little island from my week of dutch adventures on Pancake street !! And managed to find a few minutes to scan some of my Dutch doodles !! Here are a few of what I managed to work on ... While waiting for coffees and between customers !! Got a bunch of unfinished ones too but have no idea when I'll find time to finish them !! Now I have a heavy duty week of tat-crunching ahead of me before I leave again for the new world this next week !! Wish me luck !!

Don't ask about this last one !! No really !

Also working on the web-shop this week !!! Should look a bit better in a few days !!!

And no ... I don't actually have any of the shirts with me at the shop !! So ... The only way to get them is through the PUPERMARKET !! And shipped only to the Union ( the European one ) !

Hope you like !