Smarts is a given !

What better way to start the work week than with a "one-shot", I ask ya? Well , there are a few better ways to start the week actually (not working is one, finally getting those prints you ordered a month ago and had completely forgotten about, or even cake! Cake is an awesome way to start the week too) but anyways... In EPK-tattooland today, an awesome "one-shot" is a great way to start the week!!

Ladies and gentlemen .... I present to you the Thinking Hat!!
Some people out there might be interested in such a device (I now know a whole lot of American diplomats who should really look into getting one of these)!! Here's the original thinking hat, worn by it's inventor, Dr Thinky Van De Thought, on one of his many demonstrations! The thing is, however, that soon after inventing the said "smart-hat", Dr Van De Thought realized the full potential of the amazing device he had just created and decided not to share it with the rest of the world anymore and to keep it for himself! Therefore vanishing never to be seen again (which is directly linked to why the very existence of the wonderful "brain helping helmet" is mostly unknown to most commoners)! But for your eyes tonight, unveiled in all it's glory .... The myth, the legend ... The incredibly awesome Thinking hat >>>

Red/Black you know the drill ...

A few hours later ...

Once again the magic of Orange+Purple (the new Bluegrey) has proved unmatchable!!! Hope you like!

-However also in the news of the day >>>> Sadness ... Much sadness!

Thank you so much for all the awesome times and the ever lasting laughs growing up, Mister Nielsen! I never got to tell you this but you were in many of my childhood classics! You will be missed very much!

Now if you don't mind... There are only 16 hours left before I have to start work again tomorrow and I have about 150 000 pages of Wikileaked awesomeness left to go through!!!

You can say what you want about that but never ever in our history have we ever been able to find out and learn so much, in such up to date and in depth secret information about how the people who rule this world for us work and function! For anyone who likes to know things, for anyone who likes to understand how the world functions, for anyone who doesn't like to be lied to by the people that decide for them, for anyone interested in the truth about things in the world that surround us, Wikileaks is a never before seen amazing opportunity! The Afghanistan and Iraq war files were incredible but these American administration foreign relations cables are pure gold!! This IS full democracy of knowledge!

So, dear Mister Asange: Even though you kinda sound like a douche, I thank you profoundly for making our world a lot clearer and helping uncover the stupidities and lies of our governments!! The very best of courage to you right now!! Having everyone's secret service desperate to find and stop you must be very stressful and well, just really suck!! But please don't stop and keep doing it as long as you can! The world desperately needs this more than it knows!!

And now my final yet huge thanks to Pfc. Bradley Manning who destroyed his career, will most probably end up cleaning toilets with a toothbrush for the rest of his life in a place probably much darker even than the Guantanamo bay "detainment facility", have a substantial amount of his countrymen call him a traitor and hate him forever and all of that for the sole purpose of giving us all the possibility to know!

Thank you Mister Manning! If you make it out alive one day, you can get a free tat from me anytime!


Break time

Got myself a full day of doodling today and it was very welcomed! I'm just not used to not being able to doodle every day and am not liking it at all! But hell... Just two months left to go of this tattoo madness marathon and I'll be free again! Free to doodle all the time!

Here's a few sketchbook doodles from today, a few days ago and from my last UK trip!

Edinburgh spread scanned >

Copenhagain spread from last week >

London page >

The day's page >

Hope you like these as much as I do!! Have definitely made a sketchbook push lately! Having less time to paint, I tend to concentrate more on one page or a spread and put more time on that, instead of starting a hundred different pieces at the same time! The result is interesting and I think I like it! You might see more of these full sketchbook spreads in the future and maybe less "patches" ... Who knows ...

Back tomorrow with more unbelievably exciting visual adventures !!!
Stay colourful out there!


Monkey Business

Way too damn busy...

The daily doings have become the every second day's doings this week, yes it's true! I have had very little time to Plog but also a very bad picture week! Many of the pieces were just simply impossible to shoot! Just happens some times... Anyways... I'm pretty happy today's doings weren't to camera shy cuz this day's piece is a beaute, let me tell ya! Check out the week's last, the week's "one-shot" piece of the hour!!

This here smart simian entrepreneur has no morale issues whatsoever with liberal economy in fact he's pretty much embracing the endless capital making opportunities of globalization! The world's more fortunate need bananas and it would be a crying shame to deprive them of such a wonderful thing! -Bananaco.


6 hours later>>>

Premium mechanically hand picked slightly genetically modified and 50% fair trade bananas for the world

Lots more tomorrow!! No time now!! Got to run again!

Happy Fridays and happy thanksgiving recoveries!!



More Blue ... 2.1.

Barely have time to blog anymore!!

Here's a quick express post with yesterday's day's doings!!

Blue flowers part 2.1 but this time with maintenance crew!!


Few hours later!

More on this in a few weeks and more news tomorrow with the daily day's doings and some other weekly world newsly updates!!



Looking up.

The day's session!

Back at work for another work week!
Here's day one's doings of the day>>>

If you're thinking to yourself that these clouds must a hella-hurt ... You're absolutely right! But well worth it if ya ask me or my customer in about a week when she would have forgotten all about the pain!

Also in the news >>> Check out the EPTB for some pre-Euro-closing Christmawhat specialicious season's specials!!

Stay strong!


The tiny paranoid kingdom Vs the imaginary dragon!


I got some news a few days ago and have been regularly thinking about it ever since. I seem to be unable to shake it out of my head and just blindly go back on about my own busyness. So forgive me this outburst for a brief post but I find myself with no other choice than to have to rant this situation out of my system.

The story: My friend's husband is being deported from the said kingdom of Denmark!

The stats: She's Danish, he's American. They have been married for 8 years. Living in Denmark as an immigrant he has had to prove himself regularly, like in most other countries, to the said kingdom's local authorities and seems to have done an exemplary job at it. No criminal record, no involvement with anything that could potentially jeopardize his stay. Strictly abiding to all the requested demands. Got himself a good job and has been fulfilling his local economic contribution obligations (taxes) and cultural ones (obligatory language lessons) without any problems whatsoever. Pretty much an example of integration and a model immigrant. Except for the fact that this last week, he made the crucial mistake of completely forgetting, for the first time, about a regular check-up appointment with the kingdom's immigration authorities. The penalty for such an offense here in Denmark -Pack your shit, you have 48 hours to get out! We don't wanna hear about it! Ciao!

After so long. After such a good score sheet. No possibility of compromise (in this case re-scheduling the appointment) possible.

I've done my research in the last few days and the truth is that this shit happens pretty much on a regular basis over here. This one situation touches me more because it's about my friend but very similar stories keep popping up. Last month's top score was a family with kids being split up. I can't help but think (as a human being with a personal moral code and not as a box on a shelf) -Throwing out a mother and separating her from her kids within 48 hours for a missed appointment -Who the fuck does that?

So here's my rant, my outrage in words, my finger pointing, my immigrant's slap in the face not to the Danish citizens by birth who voted for Pia and her DF (the local protectionist xenophobe extreme right party which is actually part of the governing coalition here) who came up with these, and many other non-thought through, immigration laws. For they voted for what they believe in, whether what they believe in is responsible, an educated choice or politically relevant at all in today's world, is, sadly, the inevitable shortcomings of democracy and their birthright. But no! My rant is directed at all those (and I speak from experience knowing many) who would have leaned left, but who take their everyday luxurious pampered Danish way of life for granted and had better things to do than to go vote on the last election day (and probably other election days before that). Who by not voting allowed the crazies' votes to count more than they should have. Allowing the crazies seats in parliament. Not really caring much when the majority craving leading party struck an alliance (for the second time) with the said crazies enabling Pia and her posse to access power, to hijack the country's administration and the possibility to make up and push through ridiculous and nationally self destructive immigration laws such as the one above explained.

It's easy to say that it's Pia and her paranoid friends' fault but truly it's not! Every society has it's crazies, every society everywhere in the world has people desperate for attention who need to shout their opinions about political realities they obviously can't quite entirely grasp! These people are everywhere but it is who listens and agrees with the shallow populist speeches, who votes for and who doesn't vote against that enables these people to acquire positions where they're actually paid to come up with new laws such as the one above witnessed!

Given, this is my personal opinion. It is, however, backed by numerous facts about today's global realities, the facts that in every European country the population is aging rapidly and that to continue to secure today's quality of life, Denmark like many other European nations will have to accept very quickly the cold hard fact that it is actually desperate for immigrants! Right-wing populist anti-immigration rhetoric is, ultimately without foundation and inevitably nationally destructive.

If however, I'm horribly wrong, 100% of voters voted and the outcome of the last election represents exactly what today's Denmark wants in a rare show of democratic success! Then please forgive my mindless uneducated ranting and start fucking and making lots and lots of Danish babies quick cuz if you only want to be around your own, you're gonna need a lot more of your own very very soon!

My advice to my friend however is: Get the hell out of here as soon as you can! Why would one fight to stay somewhere where they're not wanted. There are so many other wonderful places in the world where the local authorities would be willing, with a slap on the wrist perhaps, to re-schedule an appointment!

Rant >>>> Over.


And every day...

What up !?

Back, as previously promised, for your daily tat-doing visual input !
Did I mention this wasn't gonna last? Cuz that's the only thing keeping me going ... Yep ... mhm! Ok ok... Enough with the whining and more of the day's doings!

Today's power session was dedicated to this delicious "kitchen in action" sleeve of the moment!! We pretty much finished all the colour on the top part and well ... It looks fantastic! Judge for yourselves >>>>


What a week!! Off tomorrow and not that much other stuff to do so ... Yeah! A very needed doodle day indeed! Was about to blow up from non-doodleness and well ... Apart from the mess it would have produced, that would have sucked for me!

More news tomorrow!!


I get up!

The day's doings ... Yep ... More tattooings!

I hope you guys are getting your fill of tattoo posts from these crazy days!! Enjoy it while it lasts cuz in about two months now, when I move back out ... Well ... Let's just say that I am very much looking forward to slowing the hell down!!! Like way down!! So yeah, enjoy it while it lasts and before I get to my usual schedule of tattooing once every week or two weeks!!

Anyways... Here's the day's tree ! Weekly session number two ... Second sit after last Monday's ... One last shot in mid December and this whole sleeve is done done!

Take it light ... I got to run again!
Plog ya right back tomorrow with more daily tat-doings!


The happy part

The day's doings, if you will!!

Here's the final final session on this Hoover rider! Done and done! One hour's worth of finishing the happy parts and touch-ups here and there!

Got to run again! But just wanted to make sure you got your daily tat-doing visual stimulation!!


Don't bleed on me!

Here you go ... Your daily dose of visual EPHK tat-doings!

Today was dedicated to one of my many favourite things in the known universe ... Zombieness ! That's right, the undead that are still alive thing! Apart from the fact that the weirdest and most hard to believe thing in zombie movies nowadays is that the people in these movies always seem to live in a world where they have never heard of anything related to the said subject! Always surprised and always doing the stupidest things just like if they lived in a world where there was no zombie movies and had never heard of such a concept! Let's all agree that most of us out there, would know pretty much almost exactly what to do and what not to do by now if such a situation ever occurred! Anyways ... Here are 3 wonderful zombie things that made my day!

1-The day's doings!! This zombie goat-headed undead lord from bellow finally got his colours today! Live and bold, with real life voodoo magic pictograms and all! Now this shot is a bit bloody and was very hard to take but it's been a while since you've seen this piece so here you go>>>> (Bottom part of the Voodoo half-sleeve from a while back)

2-This just got me all worked up and really excited !!!

3-And finally ... Pretty much one of the most awesome things I've heard about in the last few months!! Go ahead ... Make fun! But the day this comes out, you've lost me!! My waiting list will triple in waiting time!


Zombie tip of the day (Just in case ... You never know)... Use your head, remove theirs !

Laters zkaters


M M Monday...

Right back at the office!

The cold is under control and that's a good thing cuz I got me another busy busy week ahead!!

Here's the day's doings... "A cyber fairy princess? -Sure ... Why not" ... Who are we to judge? Well here it is! Almost kind of a "One-shot" but not really! Well, it is but then it's part of a sleeve so ... Yeah! Whatever ...


And a few hours later! Just another typical cyber fairy princess ... Chilling out!

More on this sleeve on Thursday!

In other news... Thanks so much you guys! The traffic on the ANALOG COMMANDO has been off the charts! Hope you guys like the shots ! Keep keeping an eye out there too cuz there's been , in the last few days, what seems like a constant flow of new analog photo postings!! Check it out!

Ok ... Got to run!


Chim chimney chim chimney chim chim charoo...

Finally a few seconds to myself ...

... Here are, finally brought to you, the last few weeks' NEWS from the FRONT >>>>

-First in the news of the day... I'm so very very sorry (trust me I am devastated) to have no other choice but to announce that for common understanding and coordination reasons on the "publishing level" ... My super mega power book (the Electric Pick Ture Book) will not be available as soon as previously mentioned (end of November)! It truly breaks my heart after 2 years of work and finally finishing it and knowing it's awesome potential to have to delay it again! The new official release date will be announced soon but won't be before 2011!

Terribly sorry!

-Secondly... I have absolutely no more spots available for tattooing in Copenhagen! "one-shot" or not! The deal's sealed and unless we've been chatting on the interwebs before now, I'm sorry to say I'm done for 2010! If you're not on the European waiting list, come to Hong Kong or wait a while more!

-Number 3... I have just added a bunch of new originals for sale on the ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX. If you fancy one of my newer originals and you don't mind them being unframed (just can't find the time) go check em out!

-4th on the list... This has been a project very dear to me for a while now! I've secretly organized it on whatever spare time I could find in the last 5 months! Like all other things I do it has been pushed back and delayed for months but I can finally say that, even though it's not all 100% just yet... It's still good to go! Officially opening now! If you like analog photography from around the world, here's a new special venture of mine and friends, a new special space on the world wide webs!! Go check out the ANALOG COMMANDO and tell me what you think!!!

-And finally... Here's a re-blog of the latest news from the European Parliament's blog in Brussels:

"For reasons of global financial hardship and current economic realities
this year's holiday season's festivities are canceled.

Christmas, the new year's celebrations and other local cultural festivities related are hereby canceled for the period starting from the 1st of December 2010 and until the 15th of January 2011.

All European citizens are to comply and not take part in any holiday festivities whatsoever for the full duration of that period.

All European citizens are therefore absolutely obliged not to purchase anything, in any case whatsoever, in relation to these festivities. Failure to comply will result in full prosecution and/or dismemberment*

(*where local laws permit)."

Ok that's it for today! Got to run!

Plog ya back tomorrow!!


From deep under the sea !

Hey what d'ya know ... More tattoos!

Here's the day's doings aka the week's last! My transition from "free spirit" to "regular work week" is being rejected by my body! I've really tried but after just one week ... Well ... My body's refusing it! True story ! Just got me a nasty ass cold from it! I'll try to soldier on for the next two months but I'm telling ya ... It ain't easy !

Here it is ... Another session on the "fairy pirates Vs the fishmen from bellow"! We finished the proper lines on the upper half and almost finished the power-green stormy skies >>>

More on this one in 2 weeks!

And now ... Got to run!



! BANG ! not KABLAMO...

News of the day !!

Yep... You guessed it! Been tat-action zzzapping all day! Here's the day's tatdoings >>>>

Now I'm pretty happy about this one piece, right here, for two good reasons ... First, cuz it turned out really sweet!! But also, secondly, cuz the "Harley Quinn" character has been drawn many times by many different artists over the years (quite overly tattooed too) and I'd been looking forward to do my own version of it today! Most of the Batman characters are just that kind of characters too ... The kind any artist can do his own version of! A lot of other characters from other stories and comics just don't translate as well if stylized too much! I must admit , I stayed pretty close to the classic one but did have a lot of fun! Anyways ... Here's what today's "one-shot" ended up looking like !!


Done and done ... 5 hours later (with a bit of fairy dust to help)

Sweet stuff indeed! Let me know what ya think!!

However, still no time to blog some more ... Got to run already!

So ... Later skaters !

92 years ago ...

We finally ended, here in Europe, our disproportionate and never before seen atrocities... For a while at least!

Today is for those who fell then and ever after!


And again ...

More more more of this tattoo thing ...

I really wish I could just sit down for about half an hour and write about all the other news updates ... But I just finished this big session today and I got to run already ! Let's see if I actually survive the next 2 months !!

Until then ... Here's the day's tattooings ! The LA rock sleeve got all it's (uper half) signs up and bright! Check it out!

More tomorrow ! And if I still can't manage to find some after work time to post about all the other stuff ... I guess I might be able to find time on Saturday !

Stay busy ... But take a break once in a while !
Ok ...

... Back to work!


Down she goes ...

Here's your daily day's tattoo session adventures in shape and colour >>>

Today's doings well ... I don't really have to explain this one! It's pretty much exactly what it looks like! A sinking pirate ship!
I just just now realize that I completely forgot to take the red/black marker sketch shots from the start ... Sorry Allan! I know how much you like those! But yeah ... Here's what it all looked like done and done about an hour ago !!

Lots lots lots more news in the days to come + your regular supply of Electric Pattoo picture viewables !!


Back on the mark !

Here's a quick update of my last work session back up in Edinbarrah, a few days ago!

Tattoo delivery part 4 >>>> Another sweet piece from a while back all done and done !! Once again ... Half healed/half fresh but you get the idea !!

Awesome colours !!

More pretty much very soon as I tat this cold Denmarkian Winter away ...


Midday express

Freshly just landed back in the rainy island kingdom of Denmarkia !

Got to run already but I'll be back asap with some sweet P P Ploggings !

+ I'm back at office work tomorrow (in a big ... Big empty office) and starting a seriously Schizophrenic schedule of Tat-a-matic non-stop action which will last for the next two months! So for all of you who happen to still be into this tattoo fad thing ... Keep a regular eye over here!



Downtown express ...

On the road again!
Got lots too blog (including last night's scotch tattoo session) but no time to start cropping shots !! Got to run !

Destination Londontown part 2 ...

Catch ya at the bottom with hopefully a bit more time to spare !


Remember remember ...

Happy burning Guy Fawkes day to all !!

Haggis on the go!

Still up here ... Still alive and pretty busy all the way up here!

I've been enjoying lots of awesome masterpiece photography days and sweet sweet doodle days lately ! But between those days and the tourist days, I've also spared some time for some highlanding, fully tartaned and bagpiping tat-zzzzzappin' !! True story ! Here's today's scotch doings >>>

Paris' apocalypse ... The empty capital half-sleeve is all done and done !! Started a while ago in Copenhagen ... Finished a few hours ago in Edinburgh ! Check it out (excuse the bloody half healed/half fresh shots) >>>

RED !! This is one piece that did change a lot from the original go and I just love where it ended up ! We never had a clear view of what the sky could look like and I'm pretty damn happy about the epic, tragic and doom red sky we went with!

More of just that sooner than you think !

Until then ... Here's a happy camper !!
Happy "Finally got our painting" day to the Art Skull crew !!!

Stay proud !



Another great day in Scot man's land !

Today was a hook-up with local homies and geek paint party day !!
I've been running around for most of this trip with never a minute to sit down and doodle ! And well I was well overdue ! Stuff piles up in my head ... Ideas that need to come out on paper ! Specially when I'm traveling and seeing all these new things around me !! So today was a well needed full day of doodling action !

Doodled a few here and there but did manage to finish this new spread in my current sketchbook ! The first page of the Scottish part of the trip (can you tell?) ...

Here's a wee better close up !!

More of these to come !!

Tomorrow ... ? No idea ... Let's see what happens !

Happy Novembers !