In the Red again

Some random descriptions of awesomeness:

- Free ice cream!

- The perfect coffee!

- A Planet of the Apes movie marathon!

- Your best friends in the whole wide world traveling across the world just to come and visit you!!

More news soon!! Until then, don't take your helmet off if you're hanging out in space!


When it's W W day ...

... This is what happens in MK!

Happy birthday DoubleyooDoubleyoo!

Also in the worldly world news... Yes it's true!
Got to go to Russia soon!

Post ya soon soon again with more unbelievable true adventures and worldly affairs from this world and beyond!!
Pew pew!


The perfect heist!

I got lots to show these days but if you don't mind, let's get the office work out of the way first!
Previous doings here we go ...

Jedi Luke came all the way back up-over to the Hong Kong from the Brisbanetown to visit, hang, have a few pints but also to get some more sweet ink action done! Sweet as mate! Here's what happened>>>

The infamous Triad-Chad finally got immortalized in all his glory in this amazing "almost"one-shot""! Inspired from the time, back in the day, when all the alleys of Kowloon were his, half the Mong Kok police station was on his payroll to look the other way and all the casinos in Macau feared his name! Here we decided to illustrate Chad in all his former glory (Official family tattoos, famous murse, and custom tailored polo shirt), accompanied by his trusted goon/getaway driver, Jimmy Wong Way (not too smart and not such a good getaway driver (one eye left) but very loyal and well, Triad Chad values loyalty above all). Here are the two famous accomplices and they're next perfect Heist! His brother's Casino's safe with blueprint and technical factual fact Die-cut (for your better understanding!!) This is how it all unfolded >>>>


Around 6 hours later...

Good job!

We didn't manage to finish this magical piece but for the record, I just have to clearly stipulate that it was because I quit, not because Luke quit! I just had to specify this as a price to pay for quitting on him but then again... I can only comply not wanting to tarnish the Jedi's reputation!! Then again... Luke loves Hong Kong and will be back anyways!! Keep an eye open over here in the near future for more Triad-Chad colour action!!

Buddy Luke also left the house with a few originals! I'm sorry to the few people who I know really loved that Indian girl ... It's on its way to its new home in Australia as we speak! For the few sad ones out there ... Rest assured ... Lots of new stuff is coming just in time for the EPTB to reopen again soon soon and I think there might just be a few pretty damn cool pieces in that first lot!!

Oh ... And then I sold my soul for a pint of Guinness too!

And finally ... 2 new posts of mine on the ANCOM !



Maasai dreams...

Latest doodle... Part of my head is still in Africa...

The Heart of Darkness still haunts me ...


We do what we can ...

M M More previous workings, here we go!!

A few hours of lines on this new half, this one of many new pieces on the list of new new pieces coming up! Yep, you guessed it... Just your average superhero family doing their best to rid their city from yet another new and evil threat from beyond!! Fallow their adventures soon for a good session of sweet sweet colour action!! Here's last session's doings in shapes and colours, for your visual pleasures >>>>


A few hours later!

In other news-

- Make sure to go check out Ninja Jynt's new ANCOM additions! Yet another visual explosion!!

- The American electoral process has begun... Brace yourselves for an incredibly painfully and unnecessarily long and slow year of dumb headlines!

- And finally, a second for Mr.Tim Hetherington, award winning reporter/documentary film maker who was killed yesterday in Lybia while covering the stagnating rebel advance in Misurata. They all know the risks yet they keep going back for more, so that we can know and see what's really going on anywhere and everywhere! A most humble and honourable of professions in my book! His last masterpiece "RESTREPO" has to be the most precise and exact account of what life is like for the few kids sent over to the war ravaged hills of Afghanistan on the border with Pakistan. The valley of doom! I highly recommend this amazing documentary, to anyone interested in what's really going on out there!

More tomorrow!


Siu Q and the line monster!


I is back! And with some more stuff to show!

To a few of you guys out there's satisfaction, here's the first of previous work doings! For your viewing pleasures!!
Miss Siu Q, after almost a year long wait, finally got started on her highly anticipated 3D Ukulele bunny! Cause everybody knows... A 3D bunny's best friend is obviously his Ukulele!! Obvious really! More bright crazy colour action on this piece in about a month! Check it out >>>

For Allan...

An hour and a half later...

He's playing "Diamond head" right now!

More previous tat-action doings as soon as tomorrow!! True that!
Until then ... I've tried as hard as I could to not endlessly rant away the last crazy few month's worldly affairs rocking our little world since the beginning of the year! This year's proving to be a world changing one already! I'll do my best not to post endless political and worldly affairs posts up here but I might not make it! So forgive me in advance if you fall on a lot of text and no pictures post in the weeks to come! It's just very hard for me to resist these days with all the crazy stories coming up on the world stage!! Unless I illustrate them ... Yeah ... That's a good idea! Maybe I can post it with a related doodle too (yes I do type at the same time as I think about what to write here ...) I think I might just do that... Pair a rant with a related doodle!! Anyway... It's an absolutely perfect time to start reading the news if you've never really done it and are interested in what goes on around you!

Stay informed and post ya tomorrow!!



From the deep end.

Freshly posted a new set from operation "Heart of Darkness" on the ANCOM! Let me know what you think!

Also had a mini session at the office today and should find time to post that along with Monday's new session in the days to come!

Tomorrow might be ... If I'm lucky ... A full day doodle day! Let's see how that goes!

Until then, don't get lost if you're in the bush!


Like fishes in the ocean

Finally a few minutes to myself, a few minutes to sit down and take a break from the running around!

None of the millions of things that needs be done have been completely completed just yet but things are moving forward and at a steady pace! Been keeping me running around town for the last few weeks since I got back and as much as I'm very happy to finally put all these plans into play... I can't wait for a full day of painting or just chilling!! Would be nice soon!! But enough ranting... Things are going super awesome and that's the important!!

-I might have found a new home and that's got me super mega stoked!! After just over 11 years of not having a proper home, anywhere... This whole, having a place to put your bags down, a place to call home, is something I'm starting to really look forward to!! More about that as it unfolds!

-I've been slowly booking up at the office too... Slowly and well well spaced out but you can start expecting some super sweet weekly week's doings on a pretty regular basis from now on! Lot's of new awesome pieces to come!

-Book busyness is still a number one priority in more than one way too! Forgive me for staying vague on this subject but things are happening about that and I just don't want to jinx the possible absolutely awesome outcome of said situation! More about that in the weeks to come!!!

-Every few days, me and my photo wizard homie, have a little meeting where I give him a handful of rolls and he gives me the last batch he developed! So every few days I've been having a mini Christmas of super shots! I really can't wait to post all of them on the ANCOM as soon as I can find time but rest assured there are many awesome shots to come very soon! Hope you liked the last batches too by the way!! Some proper NatGeo shots in there!!

-Some sweet mega awesome merch. projects are happening as we speak ... Keep an eye open if you like awesomeness!!!

And finally, I'm truly doing my best to post as regularly as possible but it's just very hard to find time while I'm getting settled and busy running around all the time! I should finally start having more time in the next week or so!! Until then... I'll do my best to post as often as I can!

More asap, until then... Remember to always ...


Glares and suntans...


Lots of other stuff has been keeping me crazy busy and running around in between but I'll keep you up to date with the developments as they happen for sure... For now, let's just say I don't have time to be bored!

Here's some previous doings. Mr. Ben finally got some colour on his MK leg piece from last year. Here's a quick look at what it looked like after a few hours of magical bluegrey... However, please forgive the not so good pictures of the last few days! I seem to have been struck by a bad streak of suntanned folks and haven't figured out the best light spot at the shop yet either! Here's a quick, before last session sneak peek >>>>

More exciting news in the days to come... Until then, have a look on the ANCOM once in a while... I'll be starting to post some shots from operation "Heart of Darkness" from time to time starting in 5 minutes!!



The Marlin in the blue

Hello hello dearest Plog followers! Yep, today's the day... Some sweet office workings you might have missed for your viewing pleasures indeed!! It's been hard to find time to blog lately with all this stuff to take care of but I finally started posting at the office again after my 2 month break and well... I thought you might want to know about it!

Aaaaaaall the way from Spain, Mr. Tyler came down for 2 days with just enough time for a "One shot half sleeve"! Completely forgot to take the Red/Black marker shots so .... Sorry Allan, I promise I'll have them up for the next piece!! But I'm sure the rest of you will figure it out .... Here it is, yesterday's day's doings, the Marlin in the blue after 6 hours >>>>

And just because it's you... Keep an eye open right here for more previous doings as soon as tomorrow -True that!

Until then ... Make sure to absolutely go and check out Ninja JYNT's not 1, not 2, not 3 but 6 new analog-a-licious new posts on the always growing and full of awesomeness ANALOG COMMANDO !! Absolutely wonderful shots for more and more of your visual pleasures!!
I'm afraid, however, that I'll still need a day or two to get my first batch of African delight uploaded on there! But be patient... It's absolutely worth it, I tell ya!

Catch ya later...
Stay fresh!



A little something from the Hong Kong office for your viewing pleasures... Much much more to come!

Stay fresh!


The Dragon has spoken!

Good day to all!!

Been busy busy the last few days, lots to do and lots to plan! Lot's to get started and lots to get moving! Everything couldn't be going better so far though so ... I am not complaining! It's absolutely magical to be back here and I'm savouring every minute of it! I do really love this place!

Many very interesting things and super projects coming up so keep a wide open eye on this part of the world wide webs in the weeks, months to come!! First things first however, and start doing your tattoo observing push-ups cuz I know it's been a while and you might be out of practice! 2 mega sessions coming up in the days to come!

Until then... Here are a few extra news bits>>>>

1- Go check out and support, if you can, this great project and all for the just cause! It's been on the talk for a while and they finally just landed and if you're lucky... They might have a few left just for you!! Check out the Uncle man's latest and back the cause! A win win situation if you ask me!!

2- I'm officially starting to get some of my ... 86 rolls (yes 86!! For those of you who though I might have over done it with all the film I brought over... I actually ran out of slides! So ... Yeah! 86) developed tomorrow so start expecting some new mega magic on the ANCOM before the end of the week!

3- The Eckel is in Thailand... I hope he's managing to find good vegan food!!! If you see him in the streets of Bangkok, say hi from me!!

More asap as I slowly manage to slowly settle down!
Stay rockin'


Touch down!

After a very long and hard 24 hours of flying, I finally make it back!!! Soooooo good to be back! indescribable in fact!
Got to run already but you can bet on some more Ploggings as soon as tomorrow!

Stay happy out there!!!!!!!!