Space Monkey

Just a random sketch caught flying out of one of my sketchbooks today ! Don't really know why but I love this page !!

Been looking at a lot of old sketches lately for the "Electric Pick Ture Book" ... And some of this old stuff is really cool ! I should recycle and try to do stuff with some of these old sketches !! For every time I have a finished piece , I usually sketch a hundred pages ... Line 10 of them ... And then finish only one ! All these loose pages end up in boxes at the end of the day and can pile up quite quickly ! I think I'm going to have to get rid of a bunch of them !!

I noticed at the Comicon , in San Diego a month ago , that a lot of the artists where selling their sketches and I've been thinking since ... If that's something I could do !! Would people get my sketches ?? I've also noticed some interests from friends and collectors and am now asking you !! Oh ! faithful Plog readers ... Let me know what you think of this "Original sketch pages for sale" thing !! Is it a good idea ??

Anywho ... More work needs be done !

Later skaters !


N 72

Sorry Sorry !!

Haven't been Plogging lots lately !! But have been quite busy , you see ! My dad's been visiting for a few days now ... and , well ... Have had to show 'em around !! The little mermaid , the queen's palace , the boat trips through the canals and whatever's left of Christiania and such and such ... So yeah ! Been busy for the last few days ! But apart from coming to see me outside of France and other interesting firsts ... One first was quite interesting today !! I tattooed my dad !! I know right ! So ... Yeah !! His first tattoo and got him self a sweet piece in deed ! He got him self a 3 hour and 10 minute tattoo of his very own N 72 ... Which is very similar to the D 22 but not quite the same !! Or so I've been told today ! Here it is !!

Quite an interesting situation , the one of tattooing your dad ! Here's how it happened ...

And then ... Outta the blue ... Step mum wanted one too ! Sure I said ... Family tattoo day 'tis !!

Me and Allan agreed that this was a special situation , we opened the sacred vault of the conspiracy and signed our names in blood on the sacred stone of Custom tattooing , sacrificed a lamb or two and than got my ok and a pre pardon from the lord demon supreme of custom work ( which funny enough is covered in tribal ) and did this one ... It had been a while since I had done anything like this ( 10 years ) and damn !! These little tattoos are way harder to pull off than these big ones I've been indulging in !!! So yeah ! that's what happened today ! Funny !!

Tomorrow ... I'll be back at work at the shop at around 4 ish and back on my regular schedule till mid October !

Later !


You guys are crazy !

That's it for October !!!

Uber packed and over booked ! I just sent in a bunch of dates to the first lucky hundred who wrote me today ... Let me know quickly if they fit ya !! However if you haven't gotten around to write me yet ... Then forget about October !

Truly sorry but didn't expect such a mass of new pieces !!

So I will be taking on new submissions also in November to ease the pain.... Write to me next month on the 25th again !! so there's no worries for the new pieces ... Just another month !!

However , after November is booked I will stop again with the new bigger* pieces till March !

*More than a "one shot" !

Later !

In the valley of the dolls !

In order ...

First off ! Here's what's been done did today ! The four season's sleeve came back for some colour and that's just what we did ! Been doing a lot of colouring lately ... Here it is and ........ Yummm !! I love that tree in the back ! Hah !! Liner colour is the new black !!! I luv it !

Also in the news ... Am now ( since today ) booking for October ! For all of you who have a started piece or want a "one shot" , enquire quickly ! Because ... October is also when I open for new bookings ( bigger pieces ) !! I just opened my computer a few minutes ago and checked my e-mails to find 25 new sleeve submission requests !! I have no idea how I'm going to book all these people yet , however , I have decided to also accept new submissions for new pieces in November , to relax my calendar and give ya all a chance !

So for those of you who want new big stuff in October ! I might push you back in November !! All of you who are not in a hurry and don't mind waiting till November to start ! Would be nice !!! For November bookings , write to me on the 25th of September ( next month !! )

After the November booking is complete ... I will , once again , stop taking new bigger pieces until March next year !! So ... Mail me if ya want some !!

And finally : The big announcement !!!!!!!!!

I've , only lately , finalized the details of this project !!! A very long lasting dream come true !!! For all of you who might be interested ......... Am officially working on a book !! Found me a publisher and all !! Full ligit and stuff !! That's right ... Nothing's too good for me ! So , production on this project will officially start on the 1st of September and should be all done before the end of the year !! I'll be giving more news soon but what I know now is that it should be available in book stores and on the net before the very end of the year or very early next year !!!!! It'll take me an incredible amount of work ( I insisted on doing all of the layout myself ) and should be about 200 pages fat ! Also , it'll be all the work ( Pictures , drawings , sketches , paintings and illustrations , comics and tattoos and all kinds of projects ) I've done in 2005 / 2006 !

So keep an eye on the Plog for more updates if interested !!!

That's it that's all for today ... I'm off to do a few hours of mail answering now !! Later !


! El Presidente !

My two buddies , Marie and Nicknick , from Gbg , Came down for a few days to hang out and get some tattooing done on Thursday ! And that's just what we did !! First , Marie got some more colours ( ice cream colours ) in her gardening angel green house ! The piece was half healed and half fresh all over so you'll have to wait till next time to see pictures of it !!

And yesterday , me and Nicknick had a hard time choosing which one of the already started pieces to finish ... So ... We wisely decided to start a new one instead ! Here's what we came up with about 2 or 3 minutes before we started !!! Beware ... El Presidente !!!!

More colour on this one with a background ( most probably in turquoise ) in a month or so ... Don't really know but it feels like something is wrong in his anatomically perfectly correct skull !! Naaa ... Must be imagining things !! It looks pretty much exactly like a skull should be !

In other news .......... Thank you all for the awesome support with the PUPERMARKET !! Happy to see that you guys like the new shirts as much as I do !! I'll be waiting a tad bit more before a new one comes up but it's in the works !! This new one should be a bit simpler to screen and therefore a bit cheaper and maybe even exportable to the U.S. ! Will keep ya up to date !

Announcement tomorrow !! I promise !


Rest in peace ...

A tad bit grim ...

On Tuesday the 19th of August , this week , 10 more victims where added to our continuous clash of civilizations with the middle east ! 10 French soldiers died in a few hours in Afghanistan ... These 10 people are in no way more important then any one of the thousands who die every year from natural catastrophes or wars and conflicts plaguing our little planet ! However , I just found out that I knew one of them and therefore it touched me a bit more personally ! Had tattooed and hung out a bit , back in the day ! It had been a while since I was in Corsica ! A few many years to say the least ! But it made me think a bit ! I know for a fact that him and all his brothers in arms from back then ... Had dedicated their lives and made a career of conflict and wars , had made their peace with the ultimate cost and were ready to take that ultimate chance ! Far from being responsible for any of the many conflicts they were brought in , over the years , they were however , therefore not innocent victims ! However still , for everyone that cared about them , Family and friends at home and life long 2nd REP buddies in arms , a brutal reminder of how unforgiving the ultimate price is !

Never had I thought these words in a more appropriate way , after a lifetime dedicated to war ... Rest in peace Sergeant R.Penon !

P.s. This was not the great announcement I last posted about !! Will wait for tomorrow with that one !


Zombie nipples ...

... Is what happened yesterday !
The zombie demi-Goddess , lordress* of everything evil ... Decided to come out of the ground and mortify the earth !!! Raaaaaaaaaagh !! True story !! This half sleeve will be back in October for some ... Doom colour ! Stay tuned for more ... If you can stand the horror !!!!! Raaaaaaargh !!!!! ... The h o r r o r !!!

And here are the day's doings ! Bbq Morten came back in for some sweet sweet colour !! It kind of was a last minute decision to bring in all this turquoise and well ... I love it ! It completely made the piece !! The colours kinda match these old postcards with all shades of yellows and oranges and very warm colours and then a dark turquoise as contrast !! Sure you've seen them before ! Anyways ... Wasn't planned that way but turned out super !!! More of these flowers next session in October !!!!

Awesome colours !!!

Tomorrow ? .......... A great announcement !

*= Yes ! I know ... It a new word I just invented ! I think it was needed !


La La Land !

Sorry I skipped a few days ... Been Plog-Slacking lately but have been crazy busy since I got back !! Like , no kidding !! Anywho ... Here's the doings of the last few days ... For your viewing pleasure !!!

Just took that top shot a few hours ago !! No photoshop !!! It was like the whole sky was on fire ! ROCK !

So yeah ... This first one is about a very dramatic and serious true story !! We started this one yesterday and should get it all done and all coloured up next month !! Go go rabbits go !!!

And this here , my friends , is the final , completed , finalized ... and also all finished Simian Smith the Space captain , half sleeve !!! It was sad to see 'em go ! True story !! You work on something for a while and you love it ... And when it's done ... It goes away !!! Sad !!! That has to be a big advantage the Tattooers working in street shops , crunching out impersonal pieces all day have over tattooers that do their own original work !!

Here it is !!! The final battle of the blue ape !! Absolutely Love this piece !!!

La La Land sounds great right now !! Later !


And finally ...

... To complete this trip posting action ... Backed by popular demand ... Some last NAmerican sketches and doodles I just got around to scan !!

Some west coast folks ... And , last , the valley of the ghetto bird !! Enjoy ...

Double-Robo-Wamo-Friday !

However !!!! Before I left the U.S. ... Stuff had happened !! I'm sure you heard about it ... Mhm Yep ! So here's a bit of a recap !!!

Last time on the Electric Plog :

I must admit , I had had a bit of a hard time arranging my calendar stuff for the Richmond part of the trip ! After being stood up the first day ( Thursday ) ... I realized ( on Friday morning ) that my calendar was a bit more of a mess than I thought and found myself with two appointments ( just for the record , none of which had been booked on Thursday ) ... At the same time ! So , after learning they both wanted robots !!! I know , awesome !! I decided to make a Double-Robo-Wamo-Friday ...

This homie came down from Buffalo , NY for this awesome super dramatic piece !!! Truly love this one !!! We had fun ( mostly me ) for 4 hours , on this awesome piece !! See , what happened is , This young space cadet took a bit of a wrong turn in an asteroid field and done crashed her astro-rocket down on this unforgiving planet ! Kablamo !! Passed out ... However , Lucky for her , this robot can't resist a damsel in distress and decided to help out !!

Not all robots are bad !

And number 2 ... 3 hours worth ! Magna-bot , here , either got stuck , got lost in the big city ( lives on a dirt road ) or just got outta bed on the wrong side this morning but ... He's obviously having a shit day ! There's no telling what will happen next !! Watch out people of TokyoShanghaiHongKong !! ( Name of the city )

Good job Mr.Mook !!

And just for the record !!

She's gonna be just fine !!

Hjem sweet hjem

Just landed back in one piece ! Hurra ! Packed my crap in Richmond this morning , got me another SSSS at the airport ( Secondary Security Screening Selectee ) lucky me ! And made it back to my little rainy island that , sure enough was the only part of the world I had flown over that had lots of thick , grey , rainy clouds ( the ones that shake the plane a bunch ) ... Happy to be back and am completely fucked from the jet lag !! Hadn't quite gotten over the west coast east coast one yet !

Enough of this rambling !! Happy to be back and will be back at my post at the Conspiracy to fulfill my regulatory duties tomorrow ... So , for the bunch of you from Copenhagen who wanted to have a chat with me for new appointments ( For October ) ... Drop by whenever ( 2 till late ) ! Bring the coffee , 'twould be super !! ( Double espresso / black )

Later !


up up and away !

That's it for me ... I'm outta here and on my way home tomorrow !!

Once again I got cool shots of tattoos and illustrations that I'll have to post when I have time again ( as soon as I get back ) and stay tuned for awesome pictures of my Richmond double-robo-wamo-Friday shots !!!

Wish me luck for the ride and see ya on the other side !


Last time , on the Electric Plog ...

Back on the east coast in my buddy Jesse's town of Richmond Virginia ! Got up early this morning ( I don't know if you can get jet-lag from 3 hours difference but damn it was hard to get out of bed this morning ) ! Get to the shop and ... My dude never showed up !! Bailed on me !! Choked on a big fat piece of Adolf Quitler ! Oh well ... Once again I feel bad for the 4 good people of Richmond who I couldn't find room to squeeze in ! However it gives me time to post all this stuff I didn't have time to post in the last few days !! Blogging action ( kind of like on these Tv shows when they say "Last time on ..." ) >>> So ... Before I left Cali. ... Stuff happened ... Here's a bit of a recap. ... In order :

The beach is just there for the mood ... You know ? To get your in situation !!

The Sunday night drawing party with the Konger !!! Awesome !!!!! We managed to start 4 colab. pieces ( and finished none ) that will rock the west coast art scene all together , once finished ! True story ! Won't show this awesome shit till it's done but will show you this shot though and promise that these pieces are actively being worked on by both parties and are kind of dirty !! From the Guru second floor art patio ...

So ... Last day at Guru ... Here's the Zombie mermaid piece one ( from Monday ) Finished ... All in good time !! I ( we ) decided to trow in an extra vampire mermaid in there for no extra cost !! Sweet piece in deed ! Think this one might also grow in to a sleeve next year !! The fishbone sticking out of her tail and the brain bits are awesome !!

Finally ... Before I took of , I found this on the Tattooed mom's myspace page as their main picture thing !! Nice tap on the back ! The PBR robo destructo is loved !!

Nice recap !! Think it's all there ! Now here's a Zombie mermaid close-up ...

Next news ... From the ghostprint gallery in Richmond !!

Later !

From above !

I hate flying !! Specially in small planes !! The smaller , the shakier ! ( that's why I can't wait to try the A380 !! ) But once in a while you look out the window and you see this and everything stops for a second ... And then you realize how small and vulnerable your plane is in this turbulence that never ends !! I know nothing about flying but it seems you get turbulence mostly when you go through clouds !! Why ? What's going on in there ?? Stupid question right ? Cuz if someone did explain to me how it all works ... It would still make no sense to me !!

They just look so fluffy !

Somewhere over the mid west ... On my way east !


On the way out !

Farewell San Diego , Farewell California !

So much to post and no time to post it in ! I got to pack and go to bed quick to wake up real early tomorrow to get back to the other coast ! So ... You'll have to give me a day or two for the next posts !! But I got lots to show so ... It's worth it !! San Diego is a cool place and it was nice to see this side of the Pacific !! But I miss my Island !! It rocks , my little rainy island ... In it's own way ! So ... Farewell to old and new bros and a day of flying for me tomorrow !!!

Once again ... How's all the new stuff I'm bringing back gonna fit ??

Later , Taco munchers !


The Day out !

A few shots from today !! Me and my new bro , mister Hathorn spent the day cruising around and shit ! You know !!

Tonight ... We go doodle the night away !! 2 , 8 packs of Guinness are ready and the pencils are sharpened !

Tomorrow ... I'll be Sick tatzaping a Zombie mermaid ... Rad bro !!

The Poopoo platter !

Breakfast of champions ! Me and Mister HK Hathorn indulged and then regretted for the following 5 hours !

Just a slice of life ...


But also ...

... Am now finally back on top of my e-mails again ! So please indulge ... Made it trough the very long and dark tunnel of internet connectionless !!

Few more spots for booking in September left !! I know a bunch of you haven't booked yet so ... Let me know before I'm all booked up !!

Next 25th will be open for new big pieces submissions too !! So keep an eye on the 25th this month and get ready to write me an e-mail with all you wanted to get ... if you got a piece you're looking to start then !

Later surfers !

Taco orgy !

One can only indulge in Mexican food so much !!

Here's yesterday's piece !! Done and done !! A sweet one indeed ... My first finished west coast piece ! Quite happy about this one ! Honourable mentions for Mr. C.Dog here who made it , half an hour short of being a trooper ! It's the intention that counts !! We'll be building this one up to a sleeve next year !!

Captain Scarlet and her commie space patrol squadron on the job ! Protecting the good people from the Capitalist space menace !! Good job Captain Scarlet !

More of my magical mash potatoes were cooked and enjoyed last night !! Just had to write that ! Cause ... Mash potatoes aint Mexican food and that's good some times ! Stay tuned for shots of my Monday piece !! Should be another sweet one ! And Tuesday ... Back out to the East coast for a few last days !

Mission Bay

The weather is awesome here !! For all of you out there that enjoy the sun and such Summery things , that is ... I must admit , however , that I'm starting to get used to it !! It's just dry ! 0 humidity is quite nice on a sunny day ... A refreshing breeze and ... Funny , overly polite people ! It grows on ya !

First day at Guru ! A beautiful shop with 9 solid portfolios ! That's nice to see once in a while !! Here's my first west coast piece I done did on Wednesday ! To be continued next year with some crazy colour action !!

Medusa in action !! A monster .... Or a bitter chick with her load of hard luck !?