The Lighthouse...

Title says it all...

Here's my second day's doings back up in Beijing... One of my new favourite pieces!! I'd love to do more of these actually... More "dream houses"... I loved doing this a lot more than I thought so yeah... If you have some kind of dream house/environment thing ya need done... Don't be shy!!! Ok here it is!!

Also in the news... I've just started to figure out some dates and stuff and stuff... You can have a look at the CALENDAR ... And although I'm not 100% sure yet if the next Euro dates are exact... They will be happening those months! So I'm not booking yet but will keep you informed asap!!!

Ok back to work...

New awesome project epic awesomeness to be announced sooooooon!


The Princess of Beijing


How are ya!??
So I was away... Deep into the internetless People's Republic for a while... But now I'm back!! I'm still pretty damn crazy-busy but I'll do my best to post as often as I can with all the new exciting news I have for you and of course my latest day's doings!!!

So no time to chat you for hours... But here's what I did on my first day up there at YZ's tattoo army bunker... Watch out... These hopping vampires aren't a joke!!

Stay fresh!!
More asap!


North bound…

So I'm off to China in a few hours again… Some super secret spy stuff and of course some of that tattoo thing that I do once in a while will be happening!
However… As you might know from my previous trips north of the border… The Electric Plog has been condemned and judged to be counter revolutionary by the People's Republic of China's internet popo ! So… I won't be able to blog from up there till I get back on the 23rd, at the end of the month!

So I'm sorry to say that you'll have to bear with me for a bit while I accumulate some counter revolutionary Ploggables up there for you! It looks like I have a pretty full schedule so it should be worth the wait!! Of course, you can always also digitally follow my adventures on Instagram (@EPHK) for up to the minute, uncensored,  coverage of my daily activities… Or at least up to the day coverage!! 

So yeah… 

Oh and here's a doodle I last did…

Now… This is the first doodle of what will most likely be a lot of doodles I've done about a new epic awesome concept of which I'm not really supposed to talk about just yet! Mhm… How mysterious… But have no fear… I'll be giving you the lowdown on all this epicness as soon as I get back to the HK-HQ at the end of the month! All I can say right now is… Ultimate epic awesomeness!!! I think you'll all (or at least most of you) LOVE this new project!!

Ok gotto run… To China…

Stay street!


Holy Diver!!

Last one in line... This super piece was done while dying from epic fluness (see "Flu Devil)... But yes... I inevitably survived and got this foxy diver done! More on this piece in my next Euro-dventure...

Hellz yeah!
I think that's it with the catch-a-thon for a bit!! But lucky you, I'm on my way to Beijing in the next few days and will most probably come back with more more more of these "tattoos"!!

Stay safe!

Ok back to work!!!