Midnight call !

That's it ... I just got the awaited call !

The covert world of shadows and international intrigue needs my super spy services again ! I can't say to much about it all right now but I have been told that none other than the super misfit organization known as SPECTRE is involved and it's gonna be big !! I've also been asked to prepare for the thick and humid jungles of Sweden ! So ... Who knows ? An illegal Snus plantation to raid , an H&M underground sweatshop bunker to bust or maybe even a conspiracy to destabilize their monarchy to uncover ?

I'll be back in a few days ... In the mean time , please forgive my Plog-absence and wish me luck !

Rock !


Bizlidy !

Here's the day's tat-action doings !

The Br'er rabbit came back for some sweet sweet colours ! We continued the crazy yellow (which might look a bit bloody here) and did all of the main scene ! Looks damn good if ya ask me ! Next session in July when we'll attach both stories (Rabbit on the bottom and the peach on top) and make them a sleeve !! We'll probably add some houses in the town , inside the arm and then it should be all good to go ! After the touch-ups , that is !! Here it is .... The day's session , for your viewing pleasure !!

Magic yellow Rocks !

Also just thought of something today ! If any of you out there in NAmerica want one of my T-shirts or prints , while I'm out there , let me know and I'll bring em to ya ! Whether you get tattooed or not .... You'll be mad saving on the shipping !

More action tomorrow !!
Rock !


Damn right , I'm on a mission !!

One of the day's doodles !! In my flying office ... It's kind of like an escape pod that comes out from the roof of my C.C.H.Q.! I used to use it more often back in the days when I had just moved to Denmark ... Nowadays I take the bus ... That thing uses way to much gas and is way to bad for the environment !! And it also really freaks out people !! For emergencies only now !!

However , on an other note , been very busy this week (as usual) but add a few dreadful deadlines for a few imposing bills and I turn into a stress ball with an unhealthy mix of "bummed-out fever" for realising that I'm always broke and defiance for not wanting to give up anything I put on my plate (which is directly linked to the said first problem) ! Ya ... So ... Anyways ... Am having one of those weeks this week and I can't wait for it to be over and start a new week !!

However , still ... Here's a few answers to a few questions I've had lately >>>>>

-Absolutely ! There are a few more spots left for the next NAmerican trip !
-Indeed ! Free-hand work only since 1998 !
-2 kinds , that's it ! Real tight 9 liners for lines and some colour too - and 9 mags for colour and shading !
-I've switched completely to Eternal Ink about a year ago and I work in CMYK+W (some dark blue/some red/black/lots of yellow and lots more white) However , have been cheating lately and started using a bit of purple and green too !!
-2 days a week ! The rest of the time I also work but on Illustration stuff (which is way more work for way less dough) and on my book anytime I can ! (when there are no special spy assignments of course)
-Yes , very much so !!! Breakfast is the best meal ever and I more often than not have one at the end of the day (best served with a pint of Guinness)
-Waiting list for new tattoo pieces in Copenhagen is approx. 9 months to a year now !
-Oh and absolutely , Simon ! I'll take home baked bribes anytime !!!!

Also in the news >>>>>>> Just got news from station "S" that an important spy operation is imminent !!! Don't know when and don't know where and can't write too much about it now either but something big that's for sure !! Might miss a few Plog days sometime in the weeks to come ! More news soon !

P.s. Just so you know , top one wasn't mine !! One of these is enough !!

Tats tomorrow ... And maybe a breakfast after work too !!
Rock !!


strato-militaro-intimidation as a desperate means !

Fancy shmancy title today , eh !! You impressed !?

You'll have to forgive me , I've been reading about Africa all day again ! This time about it's post colonial history and much coveted resources ! I thought I knew quite a bit on the subject already but I found out a lot more today !! I like finding out stuff (must be spy reflex) ! However , worry no longer !! I'll spare you the endless politico-post !!

This post is not about the state of the world but about tomorrow !! What's tomorrow , you might ask ?? It's the day I open July and August for bookings !

And that means : 1 : that all regulars and pieces that need continuing should normally write me for a spot ! However , I'll be traveling quite a bit during these two months , in fact I'll be out and about all of these two months ! So ... No Copenhagen spots to give this time ! Next call on the 25th of July for spots in September/October ! Lots of spots then and a new batch of new pieces will be started too !

However still (I love writing that) : 2 : Anyone interested in a spot for my U.S. trip should write to me starting tomorrow !!
Here's how it goes :
5 spots in San Diego (20-21st & 27-28-29th of July)
2 spots in Los Angeles (1-2nd of August)
4 spots in San Francisco (5-6th & 10-11th of August)

Sorry to say I've had no choice but to cancel Richmond ,VA !! Super sorry but there just isn't enough time for all I want to do this time around and travel arrangements got way way too complicated !!

Anyone interested in a U.S. spot should send me : Idea , Size and placement (One shots please please !!) and if I get booked up if you want to be on the cancelation list for that spot (Phone number) !

I'll take a 120 U.S. deposit through Paypal from everyone after we got the appointment sorted !

Please let me know if you have any questions at all : pick@electricpick.com !
M m more stuff later !!


A sky for the Baron !

Here's yesterday's story !!

The Red Baron came back for a sky and that's just what he got ! Now now ... Don't get all excited !! We didn't finish it just yet ! We still got some contrast and blending to do on what we did yesterday (cloudy stuff and sky) !! The new zeppelin is most probably gonna get some kind of colour outline ! The French planes are yet to be filled in and also the ground part ! So ... Another session to come before the flying ace is complete !! But for now ... Have a look at the session's worth ! 4 hour's worth !

Love the turquoise !!

And imagine my surprise when ... In with the Baron came a bag of homemade m m muffins ! Delishhh ! Home baked goods are always more than welcomed at the Conspiracy !! Hurra !

More Plog action tonight , Until then ... Stay safe !


The autistic bottle and the bipolar bear ...

... Are two very real facts of the cruelty of mother nature !

However , that won't stop the animal kingdom from taking back the planet !! Here's what today's session looks like ! A lot of different shades of brown and a bit of green too ! This raging Pan-riot will be continued in July for a pre-final session !!

Also in the news today ... Just found out that I'm officially all out of Large T-shirts from the last batch of "Show your colours" shirts !! Also found out (almost simultaneously) that I have a few XL's ... Not much but a few of each !! Imagine my surprise !! So if you're into that sort of thing ... Then check out Da Box or let me know !!

And lastly but not leastly (can you say that ? Cuz if you can't ... Booya !!! I just invented a new word !!! So smart !) Anyways ... Wanted to say thanks to all the good (Very good) people out there who have rushed to the new prints !!!!!!!!! Hope you like them as much as I do and send me a picture when you get them all framed up and looking good !! Would be nice to post on the Plog !!!

Take care out there and see ya tomorrow for some more tattoo stuff posting to find out what happens in the next chapter of the wonderful adventures of Baron Manfred von Richthofen !!



Astro Jebus day !

Happy Astro Jebus day to all !!

Now I just hope the stores will open again before next Monday !!! You gots to stop with all these Jebus days , guys !!! It's getting worst than in Utah or SKorea (never been to Utah by the way - Just a cliché I love using) !!

But in other news ... Here's what happened today >>>>>>>>

The Hollywood ish/L.A. ish rock dude sleeve came back for some more !! We had it all scratched up and half lined last time but last time was a while ago and well ... The scratches faded quicker than I had thought !! But no problem , mate ! Let's just draw it up again ! So first shot is a few minutes of marker action (Guess it's becoming a new habit to post these but I like the way it looks with the red and black lines) !! And then a few hours of work later with the lines all done up and some black in the sky ! Orange lines for the downtown quarter ... Yes sir ! See ... Cuz ... This is my new master plan for this piece ... The city's gonna super glow like woo !!! Yes indeed ! "You're crazy Nick !!!!" you might be thinking !? Well ... It's gonna look awesome when I'm done with it , let me tell ya !!!! Next time .... You wait and see ... Next time !!!

Red for me - Black for him !

Lines and lines and black !

More tat-a-thon tomorrow ! Stay tuned , don't play golf under a thunderstorm and remember to open your store tomorrow ... Please !!! Pretty please !

Rock !


M M Movies !

Look what I just found !!

Am going through lots and lots of old stuff again (book making) and ran into this a few hours ago ! A mini m m movie , filmed when I was last down in SKorea for my buddies Miss June and Mister Jeremy aka Phoenix XIV's wedding !! This m m movies is a true story based on real life events and was filmed with a hand held camera to amplify the realisticness of the true events !! Oh and I'm the lead role too !!

In other news .... Photoshop , Illustrator , InDesign and gigs of old stuff have been my only companions for the last few days so I'm shutting it all down in a sec to go and see some long lost friends (Phil whom I haven't seen since last Saturday and Guinness since just as long !) at the pub !!

Plog ya tomorrow with some tat-magic action straight from the office of grinding !!

Later !!


HMS Verysmall (S32)

Guess the British Navy's had to downsize a bit ... With the current economic crisis and all !!

One of the day's doodles ... Don't ask !! I guess I like to draw chicks on stuff ! And then I really like all that "Cold war nuclear Submarine" stuff too so , it was only a mater of time till I drew a girl on one of these ! I get phases ... Stuff I like comes out and I draw it everywhere for a while !! Trumpets were pretty big a few months ago and trams are also a big pointer once in a while !! Oh well ... Might start seeing a few of these submarines for a while !! Maybe even one near you !?

Today's activities included drawing , eating , having lots of coffee and very soon , sleeping !! A wonderful day of doing nothing productive !! However , back to work on the book tomorrow for a long day of page making !! Wish me luck !!

Until then ... Don't drink and drive !! Later !


Section "A"

From the home office , today !!

A bunch of stuff was successfully achieved today !

First of all , I'm pleased to say that the new and improved Central Command Head Quarters , where I work , doodle and conduct my many international secret intelligence and counter intelligence operations has been completed !! No pictures today but as soon as last batch of laundry is all dry and it all looks good and pro , I promise a shot or two ! Also in the news today ... I have finally managed to upload and have the new prints ready on the E.P.T.B. !! Check 'em out when you get a second !! An actual picture of them is on the way !! And finally ... Here's something I got in my mail a few days ago ! It's always nice when people take time to do these !! Thanks Craig !

Will be booking for this spot , all the other NAmerican spots (San Diego/Los Angeles/San Francisco/Richmond,VA) and the Rotterdam week , next Monday so get your e-mails ready if you're into that sort of thing !!

More news tomorrow , now back to work !


Zero vision !

Welcome welcome !

The last few days have been pretty busy with running around town , super secret spy operation stuff and birthday parties !! Not much time for anything else , I'm afraid !! However , (this was supposed to be posted yesterday) the new "Cloud hugger" and "Messenger" prints have arrived from the printer's and they look mighty fine let me tell ya !!! Have just had the time to unpack them quickly and have a glance at them but I must say I'm impressed !! The paper is absolutely awesome and well ... They look good ! Will have them on the E.P.T.B. later tonight or tomorrow at the latest !! Here's a look at 'em !

Both of them are limited to 50 pieces / Will obviously never reprint them / Will be hand signed and numbered and are available from the E.P.T.B. or at the shop , live !!
Price is 250 DKK (At the moment that's about : Euro=34 .. UK=30 .. US=45 .. HK=350)

Let me know what you think and check out the Picture Box tomorrow if ya want one !!

More news tomorrow ! Until then ... Show your colours !!!


Sad whale !

Good day good day !

Today's happenings include a few things !! True story ! First ... The earth came back for a final glance !! Healed up perfect after a few touch-ups and all good to go ! Here's a quick final shot of it for your viewing pleasure !!

And here's the work of the day !! The angel sleeve came back for yet another shot of colour ! From the ... Well ... The future !! Yes it's true ! My customer of the day is actually from the future , however , it's a long story and has absolutely nothing to do with this here story so ... Forget I ever mentioned it ... !!
This sleeve is a sweet one indeed !! Every session changes this piece more and more !! I love the soft colours and the overall soft everything about it !! The day's session includes that ribbon thing , a few remixes and softening of some background spots and some hair too !! One more session of colour and detail work to finalize this piece and then a last last one for some touch-ups !! Here are a few close-ups ... Having a hard time taking a picture of it , that's all I could manage for today's post !

"Kisses from angels"

More stuff happened today but I'll save some of the news for tomorrow's post !! Can't have it all at once !! So Plog ya later with more news and maybe some illustration too if I can find the time for it (been really busy with some super spy stuff lately ... More news on that soon !)

Take care out there and if you ever happened to be questioning yourself one fine evening , sipping your cognac , facing the fireplace in your favourite couch on a cool cloudy spring night about the possibility of time travel ... Well it works !! Trust me !! I know a guy who does it like all the time ! Later !

Rock !


The space guitar ...

... Is not a myth !!

However , here's what happened today >>>>>

Started a new half sleeve and did them lines up and down all day !! See ... What's happening here is that this is the actual lab where music is made !! True story ! See ... It would be stupid to assume that music can be made from scratching strings or pressing some keys on a piano !! That's just plain silly ! You see , the actual sounds have to be recorded and therefore made somewhere ! True ! And this is the place where real life monsters and creatures of all sorts are squeezed and pressed to make the actual sounds that are later built in to instruments !! Yes ... True ! You didn't know that ? Well now you do ! Here's how we started it !

25 minutes of marker action ! Red for me ... Black for him !

And at the end of the day ... After almost 5 hours of lining and power lining !

That light at the top and the music notes will be only colour so ... No lines yet !! Next session on this here fine piece will be in early July so check it out if you wanna see it all coloured and stuff !!

In other news of the day ! I just found out from a safe source (me being a spy and all) that apparently , none other than the Rotterdam police department appear to be followers of the Electric Plog !! Damn right ! Interesting news indeed !! So with this new information in mind ... To all the Plog following dutch boys and girls in blue out there ... Ik heet u van harte welkom !!

More tat-action-reaction-magna-mega-super-stuff and stuff tomorrow !

Rock !

Daily feed !

Headlines of the day !!

"Prints in motion: Printer" True story !! My 2 brand spanking new prints will be ready and all good to go live at the shop on Monday and available for e-purchase on the EPTB on Tuesday !! boooooya !

"Rotterdam gets visit date" Also a true story !! Have finally figured out a good week to go and visit my Dutch friends in the R'dam !! Will be there in September from the 1st till the 6th !! Limited dates will be available and anyone is welcomed to enquire at this time but will only start booking these dates from the 25th of May !! Also ... I have a few people in line with priorities so it should get booked hella-quick !

"Inbox a big mess: Inbox" Also a true story !! Have been lagging a bit behind lately and apologies for the delay !! Will only get time tomorrow night to sort the mess , however , I promise everyone a response by tomorrow night at the latest (CET) !!

"World's smallest gummy bear, not a legend" Also very true !! I just found the world's smallest ever gummy bear a second ago in my bag of gummy bears !! However I could not resist the temptation and ate it , thereby regrettably destroying all evidence of it !!

I'll be back at the office tomorrow ... A new piece gets started and more more news gets posted !!
Until then ... Keep it real and keep it straße !!
Rock !


In the court of the statistical king !

This is what happens when I can't sleep at night !! I make silly doodles !!! I think I might really like this one tomorrow morning though !! Don't really know what the charts are about but it sure looks important from here !!

Had a long day of frustration from not being able to produce anything remotely good and then ... When it's time to end the day and my sneaky mistress Insomnia comes along , I come up with this ! Hah !!

Tomorrow's an other day , however , it'll be mostly dedicated to book making so ... Wish me productive luck !!!

Good night to all and remember ... 60% !!!!!!!


By the beach ...

Here ya go ! That's it that's all !! A good day's work , among other doodles of course !! But not too shabby ! I would have loved to paint the back but my bed is screaming and well ... Photoshop is cool too ... I here the kids all do it nowadays !! And I think (not sure yet) but I think I like it alright just like this !!

So that's it from the factory for me today ... More tomorrow !!

Until then ... Stay safe and ladies ... Please be nice with the ice cream guy !



Good day to all !!

Been hard at work all day on a few little things , trying to get some illustration done before the next few book making days ! Here's a little doodle that has nothing to do with anything ... However , I have been hard at work most of the day on this one little deadline I got myself into ! Deadline's for tomorrow so ... No choice but to keep going till it's done !! As soon as I got it all wrapped up , I'll post it right here ! Keep an eye on the Plog later tonight/tomorrow morning if ya like doodles of chicks , that is !

Now please forgive me ... But I got a long night of work ahead of me !! Plog ya later !


Down at the harbour !!

The day's work >>>>>

Today , at the office , I started a new piece ! And well , that hasn't happened in a while so I decided to take pictures throughout the session and post them all on this post ... A step by step , if you like ! No reason why ... Just felt like it !

First , however , you must know that if you're not from around here (The rainy island kingdom) , that this is a scene in the Copenhagen harbour !! All buildings pictured are official buildings and in the right order too !! So , with no further delay , now that that's cleared up , here's the step by step picture action of the day's tat-action super session !!

First the doodle ! 20 minutes (Red for me / Black for the customer)

Then the scratches !! 24 minutes (That's when some people , never admitting it , sometimes are a bit scared)

Then the lines ! About 3 hours (Usually people start to be more confident after they see a few of these lines)

And then , just a bit of black !! About half an hour (This is a cool part where everything turns to 3D)

Stay tuned for the final installments of this series of the Copenhagen harbour creature Vs John , sometime near the end of June !!

More doodles tomorrow !! Later !


Rock steady !

Right back at the office today !!

Here's what happened !! The devil chick crew that hangs out under the bridge dropped by for some cool colour action !! An oil drum was the perfect excuse for a hard light and I've been into pure yellow lately so ... It was obvious !! Here's almost 5 hours worth of yellow and oh ... That wonderful mess of colours when your done dipping all over your ink caps !! That has to be the best colours always ! At least I think so !!! You see ... I work only in CMYK+ White with my colours so it always starts out pretty clean but after a while all the whites and yellows get all dirty from the inks that you mixed them with to get your secondary tones and you end up with spontaneous rough dirty colours that mix so well with each other !! So yeah ! That's exactly what happened for the whole background today !!! Here it is ...

Love that ... Purplegreypeachpinkredolivebrowntanwhite !! Specially with some blue grey next to it !!

A new one gets started tomorrow so keep an eye on the Plog tomorrow night , if you're in to that sort of thing !!



Satellite phone !!

... Wish I had one !! Wouldn't know what to do with it but it sure sounds cool !!

But in other news ... Here's the day's doodle !!

I'm def. not a pro in these situations but I think he's in love !!

Will she ever notice him ?? I think he's heading for some rough times but hey ... You never know ! Maybe she has a thing for mini dudes !!

However , in the rest of the world ... Today's book making has not been as productive as yesterday's !! Hope tomorrow will be better !!

Laters skaters !!

And remember Allan ... Applications/Utility/Disk Utility !!


Poppins !?

Don't ask !!

That's what the morning doodle ended up looking like and ... Well ... Even though it really make me think of none other than miss Mary Poppins , it is not intentional !!! Hope Disney doesn't try to sue me !! Anywho ... Sorry for the lac of Ploggings lately but as you might have guessed , I've been book making busy !! And today has to be the most productive day I've ever had on this damn book !! So am feeling quite nice about that !! Two more days of just that but should be able to find a bit of time , here and there for some doodles too !!

Stay happy , stay fluless !!



First of shmay !

Well well ...

Just had me one of them shitty days !! You know ... The one's where everything goes wrong and everything sucks !! Nothing big , but holy crap ... Every other little thing !!!! From a city populated by retards (First of May) to old junky customers coming out of nowhere (2 years gone missing) to argue with you why you won't finish their sleeve for free after they have brought you nothing but trouble (cops / sketchy money schemes and constant no-shows) ... Add to that a calendar cluster fuck ... And yeah !!! ... I'll save you from my endless rants right now and just stop with this day asap !!! Am running back into bed to quickly get on with tomorrow !!! However ... Before I disappear for the day ... I would like to bring to your attention some more developments in the last discussed "Flu" situation !!!!

Will be monitoring the situation and bringing you up to date as soon as I get an update !! Keep an eye open tonight and hide something sharp under your pillow !! Apparently the zombie "flu" is on every continent now !!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's an other free tip if it ever came to that for you : Get up the staircase , then destroy it !

Later !