What a great idea!!!

Here it is from the CR web-site:

"It's that time of year again, already, creeping up slowly just around the corner and here's a little something we came up with that might make it a bit easier this year. 

Instead of the usual, slightly insulting, after the holidays sales we're all use to seeing by now, from "Boxing day" to all sorts of "after Christmas" specials, we've decided to try to help out instead of trying to make you feel stupid for buying something that turns up cheaper a few weeks after you needed it. Firstly, we've all decided Clandestine Republic would never have after Christmas sales, as a general thing but rather give you a bit of a discount before, when you actually need it. Being a very small independent business, we really can't afford to offer these kinds of deals on any or all of our inventory but books that were released last year are totally fare game, we all agreed. So here's our first ever Clandestine Republic Pre-Christmas sale and how it all works.

This year, the first edition, special hardcover RED BOX season 1 will be available for pre-Christmas orders from the 1st of November till the 1st of December for $50 US and will be shipped for free, anywhere in the world. 

That's a $24 US discount. 

Christmas Red Boxes will also be wrapped and ready to put under the tree and all that we ask is that you make very clear in your orders, who the book will be for, helping us avoid lengthy e-mailing confirmation delays.

 I really can't think of anything that would make a better Christmas present for anyone this year. 

These types of Pre-Christmas deals, I strongly believe, can also totally be expected in the future. "




Also... A bunch of tattoos from my last tattoo trip in the next few weeks!!! Yeah... For real!!