An image is worth how many words ?

Hey !

Wassup !?

Truly sorry about this non-visual-plogging thing that's been going on lately ! Well ... It's not really that I have nothing to Plog about but more like nothing to show !! All the tattooing I've been doing lately , even though pretty sweet , has been impossible to take pictures of and I haven't had much time to draw or paint either lately with this book thing !! So yeah ! I could write about how time and time again , liberal economy has proven us , it just does not work and never so flagrantly then in the last few days ! When the big bubbas of Wall street who fiercely lobby and advocate against any form of government regulation and/or involvement in their market are now desperately begging for it's help !! How , in it's irresponsibility , the heads of our "free market" driven society have taken our little world hostage and are pulling it down with them !! Or also how China , the country where nothing really works , has just managed a perfect space odyssey like even the Nasa can't afford to anymore with no technical problem whatsoever ! A proverbial feng shui finger to all that still believe it to be the technically challenged land of low quality and little technological knowledge ! Or how , even though very interested in the outcome of the next American presidential race , I have to repress my mental gag reflex every time I hear about it being so sick of it never ending and the everlasting coverage about it's never ending !! How the elections , last month in Pakistan , were so much more important for the entire world than any American election has been for the last 60 years and took a very reasonable 3 weeks to assemble and complete ! But how interesting is all this without any pictures !? you know !? So I'll just stop babbling and promise some pictures very soon ( probably tomorrow ) !!

In not so related news , However , I would like to add ... "In the valley of elah" and "Before the devil knows you're dead" are two , even though quite grim , very very good movies !! Two thumbs up from the Electric Plog !!

Later , image munchers !

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Unknown said...

I´ll be stopping by with my healed piece one of these days. Hopefully you can get a good shot of it this time ;-)