On and off !

Spontaneous day off !!

Didn't think I was gonna get another one of those in a while ... But my dude never showed up today so ... After the mandatory hour and a half of waiting , I ran back home for some more book layout work ! So ... It's all good for me , however , a bit irritating when it's so hard for me to find time for everyone's tattoo time , month after month !

So ... Once again , not much new crap to post !! Found this one in a pile of sketches today and thought it would look good here !! So there you have it , a blast from the past , a sketch of an evil alien doom machine !!!

Book news >>>>> Slow but starting to look like something !!

Tomorrow ... Commando school !

1 comment:

Thorofasius said...

IS there a skateboard in there?

Man, can't believe customers dont have the decency to show up on their appointments, that sucks.

Tomorrow... driving a designer white/red and blue van through the streets of Rotterdam :)