Show my colours !

Mission 1 report >>>>>>The colour factory !

Today's doings include ..... A magical visit to the T-shirt gurus ! That's right ! The doors of their temple were wide open for me and the high priests of the order of silkscreening explained to me most of their silkscreening special super secret tricks and colour separation ultra confidential techniques ( well ... Most of them , at least , for they wouldn't be that secret if they just went ahead and told anybody , now would they !! ) Anyways ... Here's some super secret snap shots I managed to steal from this temple of colours !!!

That's right ... This last one is the god machine !! 12 screens !! For when nothing's too good for ya !

My colours !!!! ( one of the 7 films )

And then ... Looking at all this stuff in awe ... I , unintentionally , wandered away and ended up at the complete back of the workshop !! Looking at stuff and stuff ... Trying to find my way out of this city of t-shirt boxes ... I found this !!!!!!!! Don't know if I should do something about that !

So ... Now I have a much better idea how to send a proper file to them and also that most of my friends who do silkscreening would give an arm to have a workshop/temple like this !! Also ... A challenge was made with the priests !! That's right , a challenge !!! More about this very soon !!!

Enjoy your colours >>>>>> Over !

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