Back from computerlessness !

Finally !!
Had a few little technical problems to take care of with the new mac ! All is resolved ... Well almost ! Enough for me to start posting again !!! And just for the record : Me and my mac 1 / Adobe 0 !!! That's right !

Here's what happened today !! Miss Hanna H ( that's right the famous photographer ( the one in my blog links right here on the right )) Came over and got tattoo baptized with flying colours !! Good job missy !

2 hours worth and a smile !

In other news ... Did some touch-ups on the infamous Batman piece this morning , however once again , the pictures are impossible to take of that piece !! I'll have to wait till it's completely healed for a good shot at it ! However , here's a quick , bloody , full of glare , "just for the Plog" shot !

Am now glad to be back on the regular posting schedule !!! Plogging rocks !

Later , Plog readers !

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Anonymous said...

The batman piece is simply unbelievable! Have really been waiting for colours on that one, the result is better than you could possibly imagine!