That's it - November's packed !

I still have a few spots but am waiting for a few replies to bounce back !! So if I e-mailed you back with more questions you should get a spot if you write back soon !

If , however , you haven't had time to write yet or got a "sorry I'm all booked up" mail , then sorry , I'm all booked up !

A few deals were made with people who have been trying for the last few months to get a spot but for all the others who want to get a bigger piece ( more than a one-shot ) ... Next time to book will be in March 2009 ! ( will be opening that month , as usual , on the 25th of January ! )

And for all my regulars , am sorry that October and November were so hard to get a time in !!! Now that I stopped taking new bigger pieces till March , it'll be back to normal ( not so impossible to get a spot to continue your pieces ) for December !!

Later !

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