Three strikes , you're out !

So yeah ! As promised ... For all those interested ... A technical rant !!

Noticed about a month ago that my white had turned brown on a customer !! Not brown brown but brownish ... Anywho ! Not knowing if it was her skin or the sun or what else it could've been , I thought nothing of it and booked her in for touch-ups ! Then a week ago ... A second one ! All the white that was hit by the sun !! I know it somehow has to do with the sun since only the half exposed to the sun , on his sleeve , was affected ! And finally ... My customer for today !! So ... Found out today that it's fairly easy to touch-up !! Am going to look at it heal under a spyglass but it should be fine !! However !!!!! STARBRIGHT 2 + SUN = POOHP !!! Let it be known !! Had run out a while ago and Allan was nice enough to help me out and let me tryout his white ( ETERNAL INK ) and it is very comparable to Starbright's to work with !! So ... After this misadventure ... I've adopted the ETERNAL WHITE and finally dropped the STARBRIGHT !! I use to love the Bright white ... But since version 2 came out ... It's been a bit different ! And now this !! So ... Beware , out there !!!

Thankfully this kind of stuff doesn't happen often !!! Specially with the white !! I use about 3 to 4 Oz of white a month !!

Another advantage of illustration over tattooing !

Rant >>>> Over !


Unknown said...

Glad you found this out before I came over buddy!

Unknown said...

btw, Mariko is my wife's name.. these post are from Thorofasius :)

Anonymous said...

thanks fer the tip