Scratch and sniff ...

Some more random sketchings !!

Here are a few random doodles of the last few days ! Been busy tattooing all week but all my pictures didn't turn out that great !! So this is the perfect opportunity to close that tattoo/illustration post gap ! I've also officially managed to start the Evian convention poster gig ( for the 09 show ) and should have it done in the next few days ! It'll be an instant classic !

Also in the news >>>> My good buddy Jesse Smith is officially on his way to the good side of the pond again ( last week of October / first week of November ) and to make sure you get your spot with him at the Conspiracy in Copenhagen while he's visiting ... You should e-hook up with him at kaoticenzymes@gmail.com !!!!

Make sure you do ... He's a busy little guy !

More doodles tomorrow !! Until then ... Don't let the bed bugs bite ya !

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Anonymous said...

Is she waiting to go to the candy planet???