Alpine-mecha-doom !!

That's right !! That's what the good people of the Evian tattoo convention are gonna be stuck with to promote their show next year !! Quite like it ! A super job for a day's worth !! Actually had it sketched and roughly lined last night and finished it all today ! Hope they like it cuz I do !! A nice ( yellow with a bit of red or green ... No no , with a bit of red ) fancy old righting on the top as a header ! Maybe some kind of framing too ! Hum .... You tell me what an alpine mega-destructo-robo needs !

For a second when I was sketching it , last night ... I thought of fitting the robot with a pair of Lederhosen !! Would have been awesome , however ... A tad bit to "germanic" not very french and a tad more "Sponge Bob" then I wanted it to look ! But I'm keeping the idea for an other piece cuz ... A robot in Lederhosen sounds good to me !

Rock !


igl said...

sounds good enough 4 me 2 !!!
watch out for miss pinki at the evian show ! she will be dressed with a "dirndl", i´ll looking forward for a styrian original "krochsteirische lederhosn".

Unknown said...

Awesome I say, awesome