No background !

... What's up with that !! ... Right ?

Well ... For his excuse , it was better not to have one , I agree ! But only because of the rest of the sleeve's general composition !! So here ya go ... It had been a while since I posted one of these tattoos I do !! This sweet little mermaid's knocking on that skull to see if anybody's home !! Did this super piece in about 4 hours ( tattoo time ) and had loads of fun on it !! These flippers rock !!!! And once again ... Going crazy with the colours , always makes a piece better ... When I mean crazy , I do mean bright but not primary-colour bright !! Quite the opposite ! It's important to respect the tonal value and over all contrast , of course , but just going all out with dirty colours that you don't even have names for is awesome !! So yeah ... Enough mumbling ... Here's the day's hottie !!

I should publish an other technical post soon ! About colours and stuff !! I've had a bit of a demand for it !! Not that what I do is what others should do but it's always nice to see how other people work !

Anywho ... Rock on and post ya later !!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Very nice piece and, I love the flippers.