Bubble head !

What's up with the bubble heads ?

... More of the day's doodles !

No idea , really ! It just came out that way today ! Think it's from one of those two robot tattoos I last did in Richmond last month ! The one with the robot saving the damsel in distress ! I had quickly sketched on the head before I tattooed it with just a circle and instead of coming back and tattooing all the details in the face , I just kept it minimal . Thought it came out so much better for that piece !! So ... I guess today was some left overs from that !

This first one ... Well ... She likes her radio , I guess ! Don't really know what the story's all about but ... Wherever she's off too , she's enjoying the ride ! And this one right under ... Well she just won the race that's what she just did !!! It was a close one though , but she never doubted she'd get the big fancy trophy !! Good job Number 3 !!

Nice to be drawing again !!

Double rock !

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igl said...

pink, pink, pink, did she win the strassenbahn- granprix ?