A classic ...

Once in a while ... A classic comes along and it's nice because I rarely do them ! So here's what I finished an hour ago ! Took me one hour !!! Ya I know ! Like ... Right !! The lines where already done from a previous session ! But still ... One hour of colour later ! It's so hard to give time quotes sometimes ! You never really know ! You can have a good idea but then days like today come along and you just whip out 2 and a half hours of work in one !! Oh well ... Good for him , right ! Got to come back with my magic colour liner in about a month and it's a wrap !

I had something else to post about .... But I forgot about it !! So ... Yeah !

Later !


CoreyGirl said...

that looks amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Talk about a way to redo a classic, almost cliché, tattoo. The best, refreshing, new anchor look I ever saw!

Amazing, just like everything else I've seen on this site!

igl said...

well, i would say that this is a very pretty jolly good achor !
well done son !
a proud igl