F'ck'n Jylland man !

For some strange , inexplicable reason , I now find myself in Ålborg !!

And will be here for the next few days , at least till Friday night !! I'm on a special mission you see ... Mission code named : ********* ! This mission consists of 3 primary objectives ! First : Will be redecorating the infamous Choker skate shop with my dirty doodles !! Second : Will be visiting the Danish T-shirt making mecca !! Not so much to spy on their revolutionary new techniques but just to consolidate a working partnership ! ( they're the ones behind the impossible printing of the last batch of "Show your colours" T-shirts , for the Pupermarket , that just turned out awesome !! ) and finally : Get my mind of the fact that the German Rhine valley has stollen my darling for a week still !

Will be Plogging with regular updates of my above mission hopefully on a regular basis !!

Wish me luck ! >>>>>>>>>>> Over !

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Unknown said...

Well, damn. I am sitting here in Aalborg as well. Here until saturday...... Boring work and does not sound as cool as your plans. Hope I get to stop by the Choker shop, never been there...