However more still !


If you live in the greater Copenhagen metropolitan area and/or were planning a visit to the Conspiracy to get some work done or just to drop by with some coffee ( double espresso / black for me thanks ) ! And also wanted to buy one of the two last "Show your colours" T-shirts that are only available at the Electric Pupermarket and were bummed out to find out that they were only available at the Electric Pupermarket !!!!! You might be pleased to know that I have managed to bring 10 of each back to the shop ! That's all I've been able to bring back so let me know if you want me to keep you one !! The hard work of ordering it on the e-shop + none the less , the shipping , can now be spared for you lucky few !!!

P.s. This might not happen again since , I've just found out , the shirts are doing good !!

P.p.s. Thank you , to all of you who have indulged in e-ordering the shirts up to now !!!! I see it as a nice big tap on the back and all the money made from the shirts , you should know , even though is not going to help save the baby seals in Canada , never the less , goes to make more new cool super shirts ! Some dirty ones too !

You rock !

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Anonymous said...

hey, i have a spot with u on october 15th. hang on to a shirt for me if u have any left, either one, size large. cheers. craig.