Mission accomplished !

My main homie , Choker Stefan , showing his true feelings about his Plog addiction in one of these totally genuine and authentic moments !!

And here it is ... The final piece of work !! Could have spent a few hours more with some additional details and touch-ups on this one but then again ... These pieces are never finished ... And I had a flight to catch pretty much as soon as I put my brush down !! But also like it very much just the way it is ... So here it is ... The new addition to the Ålborg Choker skate shop !! Quite happy about the end result !!

Hope ya Plog readers like it too !! It seems to be a yearly tradition , this flying to Ålborg to paint a wall of the shop , so ... More next year I guess !! Spotted just the perfect wall for a dirty one next time !! Until then ... Here's last year's piece !!

Thanks again for having me over and for all the Thai food , homie Stefan and thanks to the whole Choker army too !!! Enjoy the new colours !

My work here is done ...... Ciao !

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