An other trumpet !

Hey I think I have a new thing for trumpets !! They've been creeping up in some compositions lately and now this !! Just googled one to see what they actually look like and I must say , I'm pretty impressed !! An interesting piece of work !! Anyways ... It had been a while since I drew at all ... A few weeks and well , that's a few weeks to many ! So I decided , today , to finally start on this poster gig I've been dragging for weeks ! Got all my stuff ready , my brushes out and Kablamo !! This came out ! It's too bad cuz it has absolutely nothing to do with the poster I was supposed to do ! But am pretty happy to have broken this 3 week drawing spell !

Here she is ! On her way to the concert !

Maybe to the yazz club instead ! Who knows !?

Later !

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