Grudge Sludge goo !

You were asking me , the other day .... What do I get for 7 hours worth of lines ?

Well here's yesterday's work at the office !! A full 7 hours worth of crazy factory pipes (I love pipes !!) and industrial mess madness galore !! And yes !! You guessed it right ! 7 hours is one more hour than 6 and that means my yesterday's customer made it well into the ranks of the few ... The elite ... The ones who have gained the ever so desired title of "Trooper" !! Good job buddy ! Here's what it all looks like right now ! Doom from industrialization !! Beware ...

More of this future masterpiece in May ... With some colours this time !! So keep an eye out here to see what I have in mind for this piece !

Also in the news >>>> The ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX will officially open on the first of April !! It's pretty much finished except for a few little things I can't seem to find time to do so ... First of April it is !

Also also in the news >>>> I will start booking the next U.S. trip dates on the 25th of May !! You're always welcomed to enquire about it at anytime through : pick@electricpick.com ! And a last thing about this trip ... It will probably be my last one to NAmerica for a few years !! So let me know if interested in a spot this Summer !!

And finally ... Also also also in the news today >>>> It's Spring today ! So Happy Spring to all !


Jesse Smith said...

Wow Pick, that shit is sooo dope! Well done homie!!

Anonymous said...

no!!!!! u missed a line!!!! i knew it!!! thanks for tha prints, see u in JUNE!

De Hoed said...

Poor painfull arm... well, no pain no gain. Looks super cool buddy!

Anonymous said...

that is great really cool

Julia Seizure said...

hey dude. sent u a box of goodness todat. lemme know when it arrives. the print arrived today, and i would be over the moon ... if i hadnt had the day i've had! (check my blog :( )
anyways, i do love it, it's the 2nd coolest thing i own (after milo!) hope all's treating ya better than life's been treating me!