Midnight Plogging !

From the middle of the night , good day to all !!

First of all , please forgive my severe lack of constant Plogging of the last few days !! Have been hella-busy lately and have had a hard time finding time for anything other than work and a bit of sleep !! However , I happen to have lots to plog about so ... Here we go !!

For those of you interested ... Yesterday's tattoo day's doings are as follows !!

Had two pieces to touch-up and get all finished and stuff !! First one in was this little planet piece I did a few months ago ! Needed a bit of a re-nip in the darker areas and that's what we did !! Now keep in mind that these are far from being the final pictures ... Just something to show for the Plog !! Cuz it'll look way better when it's all healed with no glare and crap !!

The second one was none other than the ever so famous ROBOTO !! And yes , absolutely !!! Roboto got completely finished yesterday !! As usual ... Impossible to take a good shot of but all finished , none the less !! So keep an eye out for these two in about a month when I finally get the full pretty shots I need for the folio !! In the mean time ... An other close up !

From the middle of the night , sleep tight and farewell for now ! I'll be Plogging ya sooner than you think !!

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Julia Seizure said...

i know i know i've been a lame blogger this week, been crazy at the shop with renovations, so no tattoos til yesterday were done.... anyways, back open so more blogs to come. maybe even 2 today!