More shots from HK , here we go !!
Once again an other roll unfolds !! The magic of film continues in this post ... More of the shots from my last Hong Kong trip !! Slide + Canon + red light + market streets , behold !!

Hope you like !! A few films left in the weeks to come and a lot of work to show too !! Been working on the book all day so nothing much else to show for today but some sweet shots !! Might have a doodle or two for tomorrow !!

Also just posted my schedule of attendance at the Conspiracy for next month right over here ! Check it out !! And for all pieces already started , I will also be starting to book May and June tomorrow !! If anybody out there needs an extra session , be sure to let me know !!

Now back to work if you don't mind !! I gots me a book to layout !

Later !

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Anonymous said...

I love your photos man!! keep em coming dude!