From the rooftops of the Kingdom ...

In Scandinavia (on top of Europe) there's an island that's part of the rainy Kingdom of Denmark , on it is the city of Copenhagen ! In that city there's a street called Vesterbrogade and on that street there's a little factory hidden in the courtyard of other buildings ! And all the way up that little factory there's a factory attic and in that attic there is my Central Command Head Quarters where I plan my many international spy missions and also draw ! Just thought you'd like to know ! And this young lady right down here has absolutely nothing to do with any of that except of course that that's where I just drew her !!

She's a fallen all over !! She just bought too much stuff on the ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX !!!

The later which will open in a few hours !! Go check it out when you get a second and let me know what you think !! It's not perfect but I'll fix it up as I go along !! Will be posting new originals from this year in the weeks to come !!

Also >>>>> By popular demand !! Here's a bit of a snack ! A sandwich and a cupcake and shit loads of espresso for the damsels in the bellow post !!! It's true ... They kinda look malnourished !! But you know ... This star growing business is a full time job and obviously leaves very little time for things like ... Eating ! Still ... Here's a little something for their next break !

Yumm !

Now off to the other blog to make it all pretty and stuff !! Should be all done in about an hour or so ! In the mean time , for all my Dutch homies out there ... Hope ya had a very happy Queen's day in many different shades of orange !!


Anonymous said...

this mut be your april fools joke... queen's day is the 30th of april (c:

Flora Amalie said...

Ah, i feel much better knowing that the gals have eaten a proper meal!

igl said...

eat more meeeeeeeeeat !!!

... it makes ju smaaaart !

Julia Seizure said...

glad the box of goodies arrived safe n sound. dont forget to brush those teeth young man! and dont forget, we know where u live!

Island up north eh?
The world