That sweet bluegreygreenyellowredpinkpurple that I love so !!

Welcome to all !!

The day's tat-doings , behold !!
Today ... The Br'er rabbit and giant flying peach sleeve (you know , the one with the village in the country with almost no lines in the back) ... Yep ? Ok ... Yeah the one with the blue mountains ... Ok ! Anyways ... Today was time to start the bottom half and just that we did !! 5 hours of fancy tat-action magic and there we go ! A nice addition to the already sweet piece ! Mum and Pop cardinal and kids hanging out ... Just chilling !! Here are the shots I managed of the day's session !!

I had been thinking about packing the back back with yellow on this piece forever !! And am so damn happy I did !! It's a bit bloody right now but that yellow in the back is pure "Lightning yellow" (Eternal) and is gonna be hella-bright when it all heals up !! I'm slowly getting more and more into yellow ! Used to only rarely use it or at least only to mix ! But have been thinking more and more with pure yellow lately ! Oh well ... Who knows what the future holds ?? Maybe even some green perhaps ??

Also in the news today >>>>> My dear customer of the day , freshly on his way back from the land of the rising sun (Japan) decided to bring me back a sweet sweet robot (a toy) for my ever growing , ever so damn wonderful shelf collections at the shop !!! Hurra ! Pictures in the days to come !!!

Take care out there and don't eat your hand !! It won't grow back !


Flora Amalie said...

Those are some hella cute birds!!

Martin said...

That is plain beautiful, buddy!

ZAK said...

Holy shizzle!

igl said...

tschilp ... !

Julia Seizure said...

wow, i was JUST about to eat my hand...thanks god for your blog and the awesome advise u freely hand out like a saviour of opposable thumbs! anyways, did u get my e mail with my address? i just replied to the notification from ur message and i dunno if technology works like that........ hmmmmm...... lemme know if i need to send it again! hope all's well buddy. :)

TsT Headquarters said...

I heard that Lightning yellow rise UV index ... I think you should use sunscreen and wear sunglasses if you work with that shit !!!

Terrible les p'tits pitpit

-au Qu├ębec en 2009 ???

CoreyGirl said...

absolutely gorgeous!